Battlestar Galactica Online: The future of GSA?

Recently, i and a few other GSA have been playing a new game, BsGO.

BsGO is a MMO open world/galaxy space sim that Rinzler showed me, and has an excellent clan system. I say we colonize it- Maybe even make it our primary game. And of course, invite our enemys to it so we can have 50 vs 50 space battles.

If you wish to try it out, use this link. And, follow these instructions:

  1. Ensure that your server is Aquaria. To change server, click the server name in the upper right area after creating an account.
  2. Make sure that your faction is Colonial. If your an enemy of GSA, and reading this, make sure your faction is Cyclon
  3. Set up your ship, obviously. Note: there are 2 avionic systems; BAMS is easier to use and has more camera modes, CAMS is mostly better due to lateral movement, aside from some small changes.
  4. Meet me in the chat so i can let you into GSA. (Note: GSA was taken, were named “Galactic Security Alliance”).
  5. Kill things in massive groups.
  6. Profit.

Comment questions below.

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Me and Jon-Sempai totes trashed the biggest ship in the game last night by ourselves, 3pro5ai



[Jonb7]: Actually thats incorrect. The largest enemy ships are twice (or thrice… or… quice?) the size of what we fought.

 [Jeep] You said the Nidhog was the biggest….

[Jonb7]: I said it was one of the biggest. Its the biggest line, and 3rd biggest Cyclon ship. The 2nd biggest is the carrier, officially named “Surtur” and twice the size of a Nidhogg. The biggest is the Basestar, which is the size of a space station.