Updated laws page + Updated laws & regs


I was looking over the laws page, and it came to my attention that it needed a few touch ups. I did a general check for any errors and fixed any small thing I found, and also made some additions.

As follows is the previous state of the page; (Note that only text color is changed. Notes will be present.)

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Site Updates

57. Authors/Editors on the GSA site can suggest laws for a vote for themselves, they do not need approval.

This law is being removed because too much confusion has come from it. This law isn’t really needed because any member can already suggest a law; they can contact one of the FG on pb2 via our account or on xat.

But to keep people from going ballistic and thinking I’m taking a right away, I’m going to add this to the Post Regulations

9. Any member with author can post a suggestion for a law, but in no way can it be a vote.

Post any questions you have in the comments, I or another FG will try to answer them for you. Thanks!

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