Gamenight Carnage report

Writing on behalf of the game night hosted by Jeep.

Alright. Game night is back!

Lets get straight to the report, shall we.

Gamenight’s return has been a success. We had a moderate crowd of players. Gamenight spanned 5 rounds.

Round 1

Blue---ail Zone
Blue—Rail zone

For round 1, the participants chose a quality Rail Wars map. Plenty of chaos ensued.

Round 1 score:
1. Jeepdino: 183
2. LoneWolf: 156
3. TheRoyalZealot: 72
4. Plurus Porynm: 56
5. JayaRaya: 16

Round 2

noir line-infection
Noir Line-infection

While COOP dosn’t bring many points, we had a blast on this Infection gametype, for round 2.

Round 2 score:
1. Jeepdino: 21
2. PlurusPorynm: 4
3/4. JayaRaya: 2
3/4. Jonb7: 2

Round 3


At round 3, a somewhat brief game of snipers on a quality map was played.

way better than crappy over rated stryde.
Round 3 score:
1. Jeepdino: 80
2. LoneWolf: 42
3. JayaRaya: 29

Round 4


Next up, we went for a classic. And it was absolute anarchy. So many spawn kills. So many teleport deaths. And even a few defib kills.

Round 4 score:
1. Jeepdino: 81
2. SpiderSonic: 53
3. Jonb7: 51
4. LoneWolf: 48
5. JayaRaya: 44
6. PlurusPorynm: 23

Round 5


And, for the final round, another wonderful classic. This map has definitely aged well. Absolute chaos ensued.

Round 5 score:
1. Jeepdino: 110
2. JayaRaya: 54
3. SpiderSonic: 47
4. Jonb7: 21


I must say, I’m very happy that game night has returned. After a few failures, Game Night is back, and soon to be going better than ever.

While this game night was a little brief, it went very well, all in all, and everyone had a great time.

1. Jeepdino: 475
2. LoneWolf: 246
3. JayaRaya: 145
4. SpiderSonic: 100
5. PlurusPorynm: 83
6. Jonb7: 74
7. TheRoyalZealot: 72

Total kills: 1,195

Jeep Dino has stolen the title of Champion from Axel, who has been our longest reigning champion of game night.

I’d like to thank all of our participants. It was a nice come back for the event. And of course, I’d like to thank Jeep for hosting, while I’ve still been experiencing technical issues. And of course, much love to the map makers, who truly make this game what it is.

~I hope to see you all again soon.

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Game Night

GSA will be hosting our weekly game night tonight. As Jon is still in-dispose, I will be hosting this specific session tonight. It will be a few hours before I’m capable of getting online, but it will happen tonight. The following is the playlist prepared for tonight’s gaming:

Round 1:
blue---rail zone

Round 2:
Noir Line-Infection

Round 3:

Round 4:

Round 5:

Round 6:
blue---elite arena

Round 7:
Silent Phoenix-OS

Architects guild concepts + Need editor. Hoes.

Today, i was considering on what to do with the Architects division, and have come up with a few concepts.


First of all however, i need editor. ._.

So, as for the concepts;

First of all, the ranking system must be changed, as it is simply incomplete.

There should be some type of promotion system within the guild, however, it must be based upon trust and loyalty more than skill/LDR/etc, though it may have factors of both. Need to think carefully about this.

There should also be laws specific to the division; punishments for revealing higher tier tech to low tier people, etc.

god i sound fascist…

And, finally, a bit of a unique concept; The apprentice system. How this would work is, we find particularly skilled new map makers. We first teach them the basics of advanced design, and anything they dont yet know. In turn, they co-develop technology with us. These people could also become GSA recruits.

With this system, our map makers could potentially acquire new tech at a quicker pace, and perhaps gain new members. In addition, this could overall benefit the community by giving a new generation of map makers the experience they need to make good maps.

And of course, ill complete the maps list.


Tell me what you think in the comments. 😛

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Im back, Sorta… Maybe

Kso, been inactive a couple days, long story but, due to financial problems and greedy people i dont currently have good internet. Im using some temporary crappy limited internet at the moment, and may or may not be able to get on chat or do anything. I should get everything sorted out in a month or two, and find something decent to use (Any suggestions?).

Until then, you probably wont be hearing much from me.

Oh and, maps delayed. ;-;

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Architects division: Major update time

So, first of all, Aj took away my editor and now I cant organize the Architects page. *cough* Someone give it back, please?

So, onto the point, the actual purpose of this post: My plans for the Architects Guild  Division

The Architects Guild is basically useless, anyone can make maps, even out of the guild. So, im making it an official division. (With permission, i guess?)(Rinz kinda told me to do it. :P)

Now, the Architects Division wont be JUST for maps either, instead, it will be based around the overall mechanics and workings of maps. All Architects will understand how each feature works, and in this way, they will be able to quickly adapt to advanced enemy systems in bases. This will be useful especially in the war with UH, as Jason is notorious for his complex bases.

With this knowledge of maps, Architects can lead raids on the mentioned technical bases, guiding inferior soldiers to bypass defense mechanisms, disabling and bugging traps, and simply giving basic intel.

Also, i plan to add ranks to the Architects Division. Higher ranks will allow access to some technology that will otherwise be kept classified.

To tie in with that, I plan to make a collaborative Architects Division account on Pb2, so that technology can be shared between the higher ranked architects.

[Edit]: Forgot to mention this: Im playing and approving ALL maps that were previously on the list. Only maps that are at least decent will be added. Excellent or well known maps will be more noticeable. (I.e. err arr swamp base.)


With these changes, GSA will benefit greatly. The previously useless Architects Guild will be put to use, GSA will have better maps, and at the same time have even more military force.

Oh and, a small note, the old Architects were called the “Guild”. With the reform, im renaming it the Architects Division.

[Edit]: Off topic comments will be deleted. *Coughblackbirdgetalifecough*

[Edit]: Reforming members list. Leave a comment if you want to join the Division.

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Always watching. Laser eyes.

Map Making Contest [UPDATED!]

Whoever makes the GREAT, NEW GSA base map will be promoted one rank unless your rank is very high.


1. You can’t use a map that was already there (create it from scratch or continue an under construction base).

2. The map ID must be author name-something with GSA in it

3. There must be at least 2 use buttons, that when activated, will give information on how to join GSA (Go to, fill out registration form, etc.)

4. There should not be an easy way to spawn in, like on ph3x-base or alexwang32-gmb, but entrance shouldn’t be as complicated as Upper Heaven’s main base.

5. Weapons should be limited to 1-6 only.  Please limit gun modding, because I don’t want crazy explosions or super fast bullets everywhere.

6. The rest of it is up to you, but make sure it has a chance of becoming popular.



Update: Aj, I’m taking over your post a little bit.

OK, once all the competitors complete their maps and Aj decides to start it, a new post will be made with the voting for this competition.


Current competitors are:






Shenko- not in GSA but very kindly donated a base (shenko-fort)

Note: If you would like to participate in this competition, leave a comment.

Note: its not necessary to include the ID until the voting post.

Good luck, and may the best Forger win~

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Architects guild status

So, i havent worked on the architects page, and i really need to finish it since its completely gone now almost… Ill be starting tomorrow, and try to finish it before i complete the Derelict prologues.

So, since no one really knows about it, ill give a run down of what im actually doing, and why it takes so long.

Im making the architects page as good as it can be, it will be organized, and easy to find maps, so, heres what i have to do to ensure that:

I have to play and review EVERY map, to check which category it goes in, and to make sure it is high quality enough for our (new!) standards.

I have to keep them in alphabetical order. (Which i organized them in with some software)

And lastly, i have to determine which are the best and most well known to highlight.

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Edit: I suddenly cant edit the page. Halp.