Official return

A while back I declared myself officially inactive. While I’ve been back a while, I am now declaring myself active again. (This post is partially because I forgot to make this post.)

Anyways, pretty soon I’ll be working up some devious new plans. I’ll get back to you on that.


Leaving, for a time.

Currently my Pc is FUBAR. I’m making this post from mobile to officially mark myself inactive until further notice.

It will hopefully not be too long till I return. Until then, keep things in order as always.

And as always, be wary.

Oh, also- As for game night, the next scheduled was luckily already pushed up to March 3rd. If I’m not there, someone else should see that it goes on. Be sure to re ord the score, and each joining player for KTSC.

I trust that in my absence, all shall remain well and peaceful.

And, with a little hope, I say that my return shall bring good surprises.

~Stay toasty

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…They only go missing in action

So, many of you may have presumed I died- Which, you can now see I have not.

Anyways, a quick update; I’ll be gone a while longer, but I’ll probably be back by at least January. Until then, I may stop by on public wifi and check by the chat.

Speaking of which, I’m having some difficulty with the transition- We should probably put up a guide on the site. For one, I cant figure out how to save our server- Is there anything simpler than being re-invited every time?

Oh, and, I was able to download quite a bit of my Steam queue, so once I get back, I may be able to help with keeping that active. Which, by the way, it appears as if no one has been doing… 😛


Anyways, don’t fall apart before I get back.

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Also, finally got an image of my old Halo emblem to use on the site.


Inactive-ish and stuff (+Tank beats everything.)

Just a quick note, for the next few days i probably wont be on the chat as much. I might be around the site and stuff, but otherwise, im going to be mostly inactive. Might be on steam occasionally.

It’ll be back to normal soon, hopefully. Until then, c’ya.

Also, once i get back, i might have completed some stuff-

Oh, and, one last thing…


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P.s. why is there an entire category for “inactive”? Shouldn’t that be a tag?

P.s. I reorganized signatures in our media gallery- All duplicates are erased, and all of them have been named properly.

Im back, Sorta… Maybe

Kso, been inactive a couple days, long story but, due to financial problems and greedy people i dont currently have good internet. Im using some temporary crappy limited internet at the moment, and may or may not be able to get on chat or do anything. I should get everything sorted out in a month or two, and find something decent to use (Any suggestions?).

Until then, you probably wont be hearing much from me.

Oh and, maps delayed. ;-;

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