The 8th Era – A few formal statements


In light of recent events, a few formal statements must be made. There’s alot to cover, and I’m going to do my best inform of these changes.

As of August 27th, 2017 Jeep has stepped down as the leader of GSA and retired, for personal reasons, and has passed leadership down to me. Him, and many other have put their faith into me, and I intend to take this position proudly and to not let anyone down. But I can’t do this alone. Everyone needs to contribute to GSA, and luckily I have support in this. But everyone has a part to play, and by their very nature, the changes we need to make require all of us to do our part.

Activity has dwindled for years now, and truly has been since the death of EKAT and a wide spread loss of interest and excitement. While we can’t quite return to how things were, we can get our community back up to a point of excitement and activity, keeping new members engaged in activity and forming the kinds of bonds we did when we were new to this community.

Ultimately our goal is to get back that golden part of those days. I’ve been with GSA for years now, starting from the bottom, and that experience has formed unshakable bonds between our members. The best thing we can do is to provide that kind of community again for our newcomers.

A few changes needed to be made. I’ll state some of what has been done so far, and some of what we still need. This is not necessarily complete, simply for practicality, and that alot must still be considered.

The rules page has been updated, but we still need to do more. Ultimately our laws have become too loose to serve as a proper system in many cases, and while this was intended in older reforms, it has failed. While we should not crowd the page with countless laws specific to a game we no longer play or to systems we no longer use, we do need to know a defined and precise time to take action when needed, and how to deal with issues.

Menus have been reorganized, and close to final. More changes will likely be made, though. Priority has been placed on more important pages, and less demanding info has been moved back into archives.

The banned list has had some fixed. Old entries unlawfully removed were restored, and in light of recent events some new have been added.

The staff is being worked on, revised and put together to work as a new team. Together, we’ll be making the changes we need, and taking feedback from all the community. I’m working to make sure all of our staff are active and cooperating for the better of GSA. A more official announcement will be made, once I have assembled the team fully.

And as a formal declaration, for the case of history being recorded, I declare now that July of 2017 is the start of the 8th era of GSA history.

It was then that we truly started improving the clan and aiming to make us a better community. With the changes of this week, this turn of history is cemented.

Additionally, Jeep has most certainly earned an immortal place on the wall of fame for his service as one of the best leaders GSA has seen in all it’s history.

If anyone would like to dispute the changes made, please take it up with me. We can all make this work, and feedback is important.

Hoping to serve you well ~

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Well It looks like this voting session has come to a close with option 1 leading with 6 votes.

Buckle up ladies and gents, our next vote session determines who leads the clan.

This is a vote for which format the new Founder’s Group should take.

(6) Option 1: A more regular format, with 1 CL, 1 Vice Leader (GA), and 3 Supremes

(5) Option 2: A tri-leadership of 3 CL’s and a number of Supremes

17th 11 EST

Due to the closeness of the vote, I’m going to extend the run time until Monday at 11 PM EST.

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Nick here, and anyway, I don’t know if bananas law is legal or not, but I completely understand if you guys want a new CL, and agree if you guys really want me gone, but here are the two sides of the argument in my eyes:

Pros of me stepping down:

You get to fill in the CL position with a more active member as admin with control of the site and chat. This would allow you guys to do things like reset the chat, add chat main owners, and also edit the website admins and delete the site.

You would have a CL that is active with the members to be the head of the GSA so in diplomatic situations you can count on contact directly with the leader, and for a clear representative of the GSA in all matters.


If you ever need a reasonable person to step in and enforce GSA law and balance the FG, I won’t have the power to do it. Many of you well know that the members of the FG very often have contrasting ideas and opinions of what to do, so they either end up in deadlock, or cause great controversy, or they go to me for the issue, (or at least went to me for the issue, I don’t know what we do nowadays.) If a more radical FG is made the CL than this can be bad.

Also you can mess with site admins and delete the site, so whoever the new CL will be will have to be more impartial (impartial to the point that you almost suppress most actions to do anything lol)

Either way the GA’s and Supreme’s have the power to do anything without my permission.

So how about we vote on it! I am not going to be any more active than I am now, (pretty inactive,) so do you guys want the situation to continue or do you want to appoint a new CL. 

Make a New CL: 1 Votes

Keep our CL: 8 Votes

[Nickman101:] Since most of you surprisingly still want me around (haha), ill be more active around chat and the site.

Once voting is over, we will have another vote for who the new CL will be, just so I can gauge what you guys want, then I will either choose this person or a different person.