BoA Now dead? (Re)

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Just an interesting post from the BoA site. I haven’t heard any news from them for a while, but maybe we’re not the last surviving clan after all.
Still the oldest, but maybe not by as far as we thought, eh? Curious retrospective, though.


Hello everyone, Dave here. Just came back to check how things are going with this nice clan. Seems things aren’t going too well. BOA and GSA are the last pb2 clans left standing(Even though that designation is probably wrong calling us still a pb2 clan. Most if not all of us have moved on to other games(better games). So anyways  lets make sure BOA does not die off.

~Dave out!

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Derelict – Its almost here (GOO) + GSA FTW

Kso, i recently made a post on the Pb2 forums, containing new info on Derelict.

Derelict: Prologue + Remastered maps + A bit of lore

Heres the lore; A bit of history, of Earth and GSA.

Between the 22 and 2300’s, humanity has advanced more than the past millennia combined. After colonizing the Sol system, humans soon began to develop the technology to explore systems outside their own. The greater scope lead nations on Earth to become more united- Continents joined into several united governments.
In 2315, World War III began- 3 of the most powerful of these united nations went to war; GSA, BOA and the UK. The war ended in 2326. Parts of the UK dissolved into GSA and BOA. GSA formed a truce with BOA, giving GSA ownership of Earth, with BOA moving to another system. There was tension between them, but it eventually lead to an alliance.
in 2335, BOA stumbled upon the first signs of sentient life in the galaxy, on Gliese-317. Digging revealed fossils of an extinct race which seemed to possess advanced technology. BOA declared this their home planet, eventually naming the system Eden.
In 2350, a division of GSA called EKAT broke off from GSA with stolen supplies and a large number of members, starting a rebellion. Eventually, war was officially declared, starting the largest war in recorded history.
This war would last for many years, bringing us to now- 2499.

The post has a bit more info. Also, dont forget to vote on the poll.


On another topic; GSA vs BoZ

Some punk doubts that GSA is the best clan. Its time we teach them a lesson.

Which clan do you think is better: GSA or BoZ?

You know what to do.

Thats all for now.

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