Site updates 2017

As you can already see, the GSA site has been updated. We have changed the format from our old piano black, after so many years so as to work on a new, more modern look. Sniper and I have been working on a few things, and soon more updated pages will be coming.

Please bear in mind, the new fonts and the new theme may have made formatting on some pages a little different than before, so some stuff may be out of place. We’ll be going over every page and updating everything.

Some pages may soon be thinned out, removed, heavily changed, and possibly merged with other pages.

~ I’ll keep you updated.

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Cheers to another year. 2016 was hellish, but it had it’s glory.

It was a year of tragedy and triumph. Time goes on as ever, of course.

As for GSA, this was a big year. It was the beginning of the reforms we shall continue to make, and while 2016 was a slow year for us- And, in parts, quite a somber year- It was also the beginning of something great. Through our troubles, and after many missed steps and failed starts, we began on a better path. We elected a perfect new leader, and since then, we have been fixing the community steadily. 2016 was a slow year, but 2017 shall be a glorious year because of it.

2017 shall be our return to glory.


~See you in 2017.

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