Join Form and Recruitment Records

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For players who wish to join GSA:

First of all, feel free to come chat with the rest of the community. We’d like to speak to you before you join, and we can help you with the process if needed.

-> GSA Chat Invite <-

Instructions for new recruits

If you wish to be recruited or are filling out your application, make a comment below with this information as listed:

1. The username you’d like to go by

2. Types of games that they identify as playing. (Console, In-browser, or download/Steam)

After this, your application must be approved by a member or officer. Before being approved, you will be briefly interviewed so that we know you a little, and know that you’ll be a positive addition to the community. This will usually be in our Discord. (See above link.)

Joining, you’ll be placed in the recruit rank, and you’ll be part of the community. After some time, you can then become a full member of GSA.

Note for members: For a guide on who to recruit, go to this page: [Page is WIP.]

You may not use an alt account to join GSA if your main is denied.

You may not join GSA if you are in the banned list.

Your joining can be denied by an officer or FG, if they have reason to do so.


147 thoughts on “Join Form and Recruitment Records

  1. Yea, because insulting our site and our staff is totally going to help here. Idk what you’re talking about “site editor”. We have many admins and editors.

    1. How would I not when I’m accused of what I’m not? Talk to whoever it is about whitelisting. Besides if you never wanted banned members to infiltrate your “HQ”, you wouldn’t keep it so vulnerable.

        1. You have no apparent idea of the many ways you could keep a website off of prying eyes not just by IP banning them from a chat. WordPress being one of the popular for member limitations among all. Fine I’ll take back all my insults. I’m willing to give you all a word of advice with this whole website scenario.

      1. You haven’t even been accused, so you have no reason to be so reactively defensive

        1. I have, going up on all the other forums for new members, I was clearly held back. You could of just said me to leave.

        2. Add me on skype: QReyth, I’d like to share a few things including certain coding that I’ve created to reduce breaching.

        3. I’m not the best person to be discussing that kind of thing with. Pzk would probably understand. We can’t lock down our site though, there’d be no way for us to recruit en mass.

  2. 1. Your profile name Malaphas

    2. Nah, I’ve never been in a enemy clan.

    3. Link for Plazma Burst 2 profile]

    4. This Oath:”I,(Malaphas), solemnly swear to faithfully become a member of the Galactic Security Army, and will do the the best of my ability, protect, preserve, and uphold the GSA and the GSA Honor Code.

      1. What we want to know is gaming platforms. You have PS3. As for PC, do you play only on browser, or do you also have Steam?

  3. I am sorry for the confusion.

    Devices- Pc on browser only
    Ps3 but not online so i guess you cant count that.
    Games- only want to be listed for plazma burst 2
    Do you need anything else?

        1. You’ve already been added. And those won’t be necessary as we aren’t based solely in pb2 anymore.

  4. 1 Profile Name: BloodyMary
    2 Games/Devices—
    2a. PC- Steam and games are TF2, Trove. On browser- Pb2, sad 4, Critical Ops, IO Games
    Xbox- cod, halo, destiny, gta 5, naruto, madden, 2k
    PlayStation- 2k, bo4
    iPhone- idk lol

  5. brandy_camper is my username
    discord name is versace_versace22
    I play Plazmaburst2, Starcraft 2, Heroes of the storm, World of warcraft, Ark:Survival Evolved, and Borderlands2
    real name is brandon hall(optional)

  6. User: brandy_camper
    Discord user: versace_versace22
    I played Pazma Burst 2, Heroes of the storm, Starcraft, Diablo, Borderlands2, and Ark: survival evolved.

    1. You didn’t really list any game playforms… Just a few random games… Some of which aren’t really group games. XD

      Halo Reach, so I assume Xbox360? And Pb2, so, browser. Do you have steam, and/or any other consoles? And what can you play multiplayer on, of the consoles?

  7. 1. The name I usually go by is people call me “Pablo”

    2. I usually play console games like the Call of Duty series, Grand Theft Auto, Sports games like Madden NFL/NBA, and Watchdogs


      1. I play the Xbox 360 I’m getting an Xbox One soon, hopefully with Xbox Live as of right now I don’t have Xbox live to play online

    1. Kso Xbox360, and soon Xb1. I assume you have PC, and play on browser, considering you play Pb2. Do you have Steam?

    1. Alright- That’s the first half of the info. What consoles do you play on? Xbox? Pc? (Browser and or Steam?)
      Please, fill out the full form.

  8. Menkus

    Back when I played PB2 it was Flame180 (o shi waddup I’m back), but now I tend to go by either MenkusKhan or ot_menkus. I plan on using ot_menkus in Discord.

    PS4 and PC. I’ll play downloaded, in-browser, and Steam. If you’re interested in specifics, I play Titanfall 2 and Destiny, and I dabble in League of Legends every once in a while. I’m also planning on getting Overwatch soon.

    1. Shit it got rid of my numbers, let me just add some more spaces in there real quick


      Back when I played PB2 it was Flame180 (o shi waddup I’m back), but now I tend to go by either MenkusKhan or ot_menkus. I plan on using ot_menkus in Discord.

      PS4 and PC. I’ll play downloaded, in-browser, and Steam. If you’re interested in specifics, I play Titanfall 2 and Destiny, and I dabble in League of Legends every once in a while. I’m also planning on getting Overwatch soon.

        1. Are you referring to the guest or the recruit part? Cuz he’s still a recruit on the list

    1. Have you had trouble with the chat? You don’t seem to show up properly. When might you be on? I wanted to discuss your joining.

        1. Yea, I got it.

          Para, you should head over to the chat. We can discuss the details, there.

  9. Hi, I’d like to join. Username Sldude, nick (R) sldude {ISB}Col-{ART} .
    Not many players on lately, I am a loner with no fellow members left.
    I first joined ISB, intergalactic security brigade, and was recruited by Ezio Auditor, member of GCS, Infinity, founder of ISB, previous member of DF, BOA, Beast, and Fear.
    ISB was dying so I joined GCS, then SOD(soldiers of darkness), then back to ISB when the clan restarted. PB2 was abandoned at the time so I joined the Revivalists.
    So I am here, ready to join any clan really.
    Please reply if you are interested.

    1. Might be best you check out the chat, if you’d like to ask questions. Plus, it’d help to interview you personally. And of course, that’s where we usually hang out, and organize everything.

    1. That’s alot of applications.

      Spam deleted.

      On topic, best if someone else approves or disapproves this, seeing as I don’t know you as well as the others.

    1. Guide on who to recruit:

      Recruit people that have or can create a functioning Discord account
      Recruit people that have at least ONE game that GSA plays
      Recruit people that are exceptional in said game
      Recruit players who are intelligent and mature
      Ensure your recruits will stay dedicated to GSA, and not leave quickly

  10. Name: Shade

    Aliases: Shade099 | SniperTheWizard | Sniper | Snerp

    Platforms: Windows 10 | Steam | Browser Games

  11. GG
    Warframe, Payday 2, Killing Floor, Toribash, Planetside 2, Space Engineers, Plasma Burst 2 (ecks dee), Rocket League, Terraria, Company of Heroes EaW, Project Zomboid.

    1. Okay but you were supposed to put what platforms you play on, not individual games.

      But anyways, approved. Welcome back. Don’t start any shit again. xd

  12. I cleaned up some spam threads we don’t need any more. I’ll be working on some more useful updates soon-

  13. Username: iksta101
    Platform: PC
    Games: Total War Arena, World of Tanks, World of Warships, The Crew, Payday 2, Star Wars The Old Republic, Warframe, Destiny 2 (Trial).
    Ex-Member, removed for inactivity (approx 4-5 years ago).

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