Banned Users

List of Permanently Banned Users from the GSA:

These users are no longer allowed to join the GSA, or be allowed to join ever again. Due to their negative and malicious nature that creates a bad environment in the community as a whole and some of these people can pose a threat to anyone’s safety in both online and even their personal life. Their reason for being banned is as follows. They are not allowed access in the GSA chat for any reason unless the Administration or Leader allows them to be temporarily guest. 

Anyone who is heavily associated or has constant regular contact with any of these users are encouraged to immediately cease any ties with these users. We are NOT responsible for your misfortunes with any of these users. Unless however, it becomes a problem within the community. 

If you feel a user listed has been wrongfully banned. Or has been banned unfairly. Please speak to a staff member and we’ll decide whether or not this user deserve this ban. 

1. Gigoto-

Gigoto has given himself a vilified reputation upon many members of the GSA and many other communities. In the past, he has rebelled in a total of three times. He has made several attempts to take over by overthrowing Nickman who was a leader at that time but has failed. He has also created his own version of the GSA in which was based off his ideas on how he envisioned on what the clan should have been. In recent years, he has gotten involved in more illegal activities, succumbing into the influence of hacking and DDoSing by collaborating with Satan. He released the IPs of all the FG, and at times DoS them with Satan.

He has committed countless more offenses and has been proved himself to be a notable menace to GSA but also a menace to many other communities he took part of. Because of these offenses he has committed, he poses a bad influence on those who he associate with.

Discord ID: 110425257004773376

2. Satan AKA Serpent-

Became vilified due to his history of DDoS attacks and hacking on sites and people alike. Joined the GSA only to turn his back against them later on. He has DDoSed several members in the past and is known to heavily collaborate with Gigoto, and has been known to collaborate with Blackbird.

Real life threats have been made by Satan, and he is to be handled carefully, as he has always been a hazard to the community.

It is evident that Satan is a criminal. Any interaction with him is to be avoided at all cost.

Discord ID: 243490958887485440

3. Blackbird-

Constantly makes new clans to mess with the GSA, then pretends to be apologetic.

Blackbird is manipulative and should be handled with extreme prejudice.

Threatened to hack the GSA website. Has committed cyber warfare attacks. Has committed felony crimes within the United States. Has committed countless more offenses. Has committed plenty of heinous crimes, both illegal and immoral. Is a known delinquent; A drunkard, pedophile, sex addict, violent, impulsive and immature.

Blackbird has unstable mental disabilities, and he is absolutely treacherous.

Discord ID: 214279397463687169

Bot ID: 322895706627112963

4. TheChosen One aka Damocles aka EliteStriker-

Former EKAT. Later joined GSA being the leader of the now defunct Task Force 99 division. Revealed to be a spy for Cyclix. Continued Anti-GSA activities even after Cyclix was abandoned and has collaborated with Gigoto. His poor relations and toxic behavior with GSA members is also a factor, despite currently being a member of BoZ.

5. Supercoolex

Former EKAT. Has quit GSA several times and is involved in hostile activities with hostile clans.  Has claimed to be a spy and hacker before.

6. Tikemaro

Has joined and quit/been fired from GSA several times.  His firings have largely been due to his horrible relations with GSA members and the overall negative energy his presence inflicts upon the clan. Later became associated with some of Blackbird’s contacts.


7. Arthur (also known as Lucifer, Kojou, Yato)

Arthur has created a bad reputation with the members of the GSA. He is known for his short temper and toxic behavior. He has bullied, and harassed many people. He is also known for being manipulative and has DoS’ed a GSA member. Many reports outside of the clan has stated that he has also threatened to kill people in real life, however these threats are not to be taken seriously. as he only makes these threats to make himself look intimidating. However he is to be handled with minor prejudice.

Arthur collaborated with Gigoto and Satan and has DoS’ed several GSA members.

8. MrMcShroom

Committed cyber attacks against GSA. Has maintained an Anti-GSA stance. Collaborates with, Gigoto, Blackbird, and Arthur. Despite his status as PB2 Moderator, he is not allowed in chat due to his bad track record.

A special note must be made here; As he is a PB2 moderator, any posts made on the Pb2 forums should be made using a VPN, as he is known to collect IP addresses, and maintains contact with Blackbird.

9. Nighthawk/Charlie/Carlos

Conspiring against a specific GSA member, malicious actions and trying to take over our site, causing drama, using deceit to save his clan rank and his conscious, and threatening to DDoS a council member. Using intimidation to maintain his rank. Evading a ban. Questionable relations with other members. Nighthawk may be willing to retaliate, and should be handled cautiously. Has collaborated with Blackbird and Gigoto.

Discord ID: 110566121718988800

10. Sev777

Former member of Souls (predecessor to Raze). Attempted to cause disturbances with the GSA Community and collaborated with Raven into wanting to have members start a mutiny with the GSA Staff. Primarily due to a grudge towards a specific GSA member and his delusional conspiracies about this said member.

Due to recent activities confirmed by couple staff members. This evidence further incriminates him and solidifies him as a banned user.

11. Raven (aka Amon, Anonymous, Hachiman Hikigaya)

Has collaborated with Gigoto and Satan in the past. He was also involved in various shady activity with Shroom, Arthur, and Blackbird too. Recent evidence points out that Raven collaborated with Agentboy and Sev to have the members of the GSA Community start a mutiny and wanting to have people believe Sev’s delusional conspiracies made about a member. It is also confirmed he still associates with Blackbird.

On another note; Raven was once a member of Raze which further solidifies his status as a banned user.



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22 thoughts on “Banned Users

    1. Late reply, but yea- Miranda’s not really in contact with us in any way anymore, but it’s strange she’s never been on the list.

        1. Reply is a little late.

          But yea I guess you’re right. She’s the most iconic enemy of GSA, but she never commit any crimes as bad as others on the list.

      1. My PB2 username is sbilko and Ajbenius banned me on the new chat again, for nothing.
        Is there any reason, any proof, any cause of this? No, it’s just a ban-happy owner who likes to raid the school.

    1. He isn’t added to the list since he has never done anything to be shunned by the GSA Community. The only instance he has ever done was plotting something against the GSA Founder’s Group however that was in the past and he isn’t around anymore so there is no real reason to put him on the list.

    1. Things have been a little rough, but- They’ve settled down.
      It’d be nice to catch up with you some time, Nick. Might spread some cheer for everyone.

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