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Please fill out the questions below in the form of a comment in this format.

1. Name

2. Your suggestion?

3. Why do you wish to have this  implemented into GSA?

4. And how do you foresee this will benefit GSA as a whole?

Thank you for taking time to participate in your government. An FG member will review your suggestion and will get back to you in 3-5 days. Thanks for your patience!


49 thoughts on “Suggestion Page

  1. 1. Quema Tormenta

    2. Captain

    3. Totally new kinda thing but I suggest we either promote people for taking part in wars, like defending bases, raiding them, etc. Though there needs to be proof of what they’ve done though. An alternate suggestion of this would be to award…medals of honor for partaking in wars. Yeah this would be a lot of work to keep a page up for it, so if you’d allow me, if this get implemented at all, I’d like to keep track of it……

    Example: Medal Of Perseverance. Awarded to the GSA members who never backed down and never gave up no matter the circumstances or how low the odds were of them seeing victory. This is an example and obviously should probably not be a medal but ya get the point

    4. I want this implemented because I feel as if those who partook in it should be honored and rewarded for it.

    5. I think it’ll give people something to look forward to because lets face it, hardly anyone partook in the Cyclix war. With this they can be motivated by something for partaking in a GSA war.

  2. 1. o_Sniper_o AKA Sniper AKA Falcon AKA Hawk
    I go by many names :3


    3.Hump day / Hawaiian shirt day

    4.GSA needs this.

    5.GSA will be more happy.

    6.Boundaries suck. :3

  3. 1. Ismail – Smail, Prince, Snail (What ever you like)

    2. Anime/Manga Otaku

    3. GSA needs more Japan and less ‘Murica

    4. Cause Japan has anime and manga and both are magical so ;-;

    5. GSA will get more magic which confuses the enemy which gives us an advantage on raping them ( ‘-‘)

    1. In Japan there exists “Karoshi”, or working oneself to death. It also has the highest suicide rate in the developed world. There is also a massive amount of molestations and rapes.

      You still want more Japan?

  4. 1. Name: Iceslut

    2. Your current rank in GSA?: Female Dog

    3. Your suggestion for a law and or policy?: Give Iceh the CL rank bcuz Nick don’t even know how to twerk

    4. Why do you wish to have this law/policy implemented into GSA?: Bcuz Nick’s anaconda don’t want none unless it’s Eagle’s

    5. : gtfo I am the law

  5. 1. Quema Tormenta

    2. General

    3. >>>Recruitment Interval<<<
    Someone recently joining The GSA must wait about a 1-2 week period before they are actually an official member of The GSA. In this time they must still be active on chat, take part in things such as training sessions if possible, and follow…..reasonable orders given to them as if they were an an official member of the GSA. This means that the recruiter, or members must keep an eye on the recently recruited, yeah a little more work but I'm sure anyone could deal with it. I'd recommend coming up with a rank for an unofficial member, to make them easier to spot. Between this time period, if they prove themselves to be a "liability" to GSA instead of useful, then they're application will not be accepted. If this is implemented, few pages would need to be altered a bit, such as the Recruitment page.

    4. Because it'll help (NOT GUARANTEE) that spies can be weeded out during this period of time and/or help to get some type of understanding of some of these randoms we recruit, also to see if they'll be somehow useful to the GSA or do nothing for it.

    5. Again, it's not a guarantee that spies can be caught during this interval but its certainly better than letting some random in. This will somewhat add a layer of security in our recruitment process that GSA can do nothing but benefit from.

    1. Not really needed, since nobody in GSA adds random trust on a low-rank person. Unless that low-rank is someone that have been with the clan for a long time, long enough to have earned trust.

      Also, letting someone we don’t know in the clan doesn’t mean that spies will get the information they need for their clan. If you take a little look, the only ones who get real information are the old members, who are active and that actually did something in the past.

      Another point, a random person won’t get an important spot in GSA if does not have trust from 80% of the FG, and some special keys in the clan. And, if do get an important spot, will not really acquire information since it’s not trusted to hold that information.

        1. Mhm, but instead of doing what Quema suggested, would be easier simply denying someone trying to get a higher rank if is too low. Example, the General Vote only (For instance) Seargents of Higher.

  6. 1. TheBlastedShooter
    2. Recruit
    3. GSA Global Leaderboards
    4. Since there are GSA Tournaments , I would like to have GSA Global Leaderboards, it is counted by Rating. Rating is achieved via gsa member 1v1. Rating is claimed best when he/she contributed to the war with pride.
    5. This adds challenge for GSA Members. 😀

  7. 1. Ch3renzo
    2. Recruit
    3. Making A Video On How GSA Member Are Suppose To Act In Battle
    4. So The Members Will Know Not To Flee, And Leave Comrades Behind In Battle
    5. Because They Can Learn What GSA Really Is

  8. Mustang/Bill


    Vote on a new Clan Leader and make Nick part of the FG.

    Nick is going to college, and will be less active than he already is. We need to have an active leader who can look over the members and the FG to make sure nothing has gone wrong or corrupt.

    Newer members will have someone to look up to and ask for help (The FG are busy sometimes). This Clan Leader will look over the FG and make sure nothing unconstitutional is going on and if there is; can stop it. They will act as the father figure to all members of GSA; being there when you are feeling down or mistreated(Again, FG are sometimes too busy for this). When we are in a war we are loosing, they may be the light in the darkness to bring up the spirits of everyone. I feel Nick is just not active enough to provide all of this for us.

      1. Having a coup here, aren’t we?

        Pity. These things always happen.

        I for one, do not see a problem with Nick’s leadership. Is there a law he is breaking? And if he is leaving for college, then he will step down when he is ready.

        Do not try to take him down. He worked hard for that spot.

    1. Um how about no. Anyone that tries to ignite a vote to take Nick down will be dealt with swiftly. And if Nick would decide to give up his CL spot then the spot would fall down on one of the GA’s

    2. This isn’t a coup, it’s a suggestion that actually has a good point, if he’s going to be less active than he already is then we’re going to need someone who can be active and helpful until Nick is more active. That being said, I do not support or go against it.Just pointing out the common sense that everyone is ignoring.

    3. Law 59 has been initiated. This suggestion is worthless.

      Think about what you should do before you do it, Bill. You are on thin ice.

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