Nickman101’s Log Entries

These are the writings of Nickman101 from his time of leadership. They portray many thoughts, on the history of GSA, on leadership, and insight into what we once thought of our future to come. They have been preserved for their historical value.

Nickman101 here, I created this corner as a little blog about me and my opinions on things pb2-wise, clan-wise, etc. I will post stuff on here from time to time, probably not on a consistent basis however.


BOA is much different then EKAT, they are very similar to our clan, one of the few clans, if not the only other one that creates laws actively and has some form of public representation in the form of a republic. They also don’t seem to hold hatred for GSA. This is one thing I have seen less and less people do, hate the GSA. To directly understand the reason for this, we would have to go to the reason why the people hate the GSA. Many will claim that we are a bunch of noobs, a “gay sex alliance”, etc etc. However the truth is that the GSA was so popular back in the day we had such a large amount of pb2 players envy us, that the Fake GSA were created. These Fake GSA were quite the noobs, 90% of the time they wouldn’t even wear the correct version of the clan tag. These noobs spread the idea that the GSA was a clan of noobs and fools, and others believed that these FGSA were the real GSA, so they started to hate the GSA. Out of the clans that hate the GSA and know that the noobs do not stand for us or our ideals, they hate the GSA mostly because of our CF., who has admitted to being unsatisfactory with the public on some occasions. Anyhow, since the golden days of the GSA are over, the days that we dominated pb2 without question, our reputation has shrunken. This is a good thing because it also shrinks the general hate for GSA, and less FGSA to spread this hate and create it. Anyway, I applause BOA for being an understanding clan, and even if their true purpose is really to destroy the GSA, I can say one thing for sure, and that is that I would rather die under the process that BOA is using, then by the total war tactics that EKAT used. At least the members of BOA and their leaders are sensible and act like people, instead of creating a war of insults, as what happened in the EKAT-GSA War.


Current Problems with Plazma Burst 2:

1. We are losing hundreds of players every day.

2. Gravity has turned to shit, and boosting was nerfed.

3. Hitboxes are a piece of crap, even more then before.

4. Approved Maps and how if your ping somehow fluctuates higher then 100 for a second you are instantly booted.

5. Game lag spikes when you acquire kills.

Eric Gurt, either make Plazma Burst 3, or watch your game die slowly. (It will.)


I will probably never know if BOA was being truthful of wanting to ally with us, however if you look at their posts they are very common to ours, regarding the government, creating laws, issues with power, etc. It is quite a democratic clan, one with a stable system, which is rare to find in Plazma Burst 2 Clans. Clans like Cyclix and BoZ are clans in which people don’t care about stuff like rules and government as much as they do. They are more bound together based on the dislike or hatred of another clan. Ex. EKAT, Cyclix, are all clans that need a constant enemy for their members to be interested. However clans like GSA and BOA are always interesting their member with their systems of law, government, military, etc. This is why clans like GSA are more stable then other clans like EKAT, considering that although GSA has been hated upon for long amounts of time, they have stayed around and been a major clan for longer then any other clan in the history of Plazma Burst 2. This is a cool fact.


It’s been a while since I have posted. I have mostly been busy because of the enormous changes that have happened between my previous update and this one. Being the new Leader of the GSA is only slightly more challenging then being a Supreme, at least in my experience. I can see why Jason ignores most of the people messaging him, because I am regularly bombarded with messages when I enter the GSA chat. I am a bit concerned that people don’t all realize that if it takes me long to respond to them it probably means that I have my hands full. I try to do my best however and I don’t ignore them unless I have to go AFK or if I am playing a game. Anyhow, another thing that concerns me is this recent Dos attempt by this person who refers to himself as “Satin”. Now I know that if anybody posts a suspicious link somewhere and you click on it, it may give away your ip for you to be vulnerable to a DoS (Denial of Service) attack. I should be more careful about clicking on links, so far there are a few people who have tried to give the hacker my ip again I suspect. Going onto different matters, I am concerned about BOA’s real intentions when allying our clan. Perhaps leaders of other clans believe that this changes in power has brought among a better leader, but possibly a more vulnerable leader? I have taken steps to make sure that BOA’s intentions are friendly, my latest being banning GSA members from joining the BOA. The suspicion of BOA’s intentions are also clouded because although Urkillerv seems to be friendly, very friendly, to the GSA, and I can probably say without doubt that he is very fond of it, there also seems to be BOA members working without orders to harm the GSA, or so, the rumors have said. It is hard for me to predict what the members are thinking about me and my decisions, maybe it is because I am in a position of power and they wish to get on my good side, or maybe they are truly content with many of them. However unless they talk to me directly I can only continue making changes without certain knowledge that they are sound.


Totally unrelated post barreling your way here. We were talking a lot about politics and history at 10:25 PM PST in the chat, and I would like to talk some about this in a post. First, the Proxy Wars. When you hear Proxy Wars you may only relate this to the Boxer Rebellion, however the US has partaken in many more proxy wars. Recently, US vs. Russia, and US vs. China. Now you may be saying: Wtf do you mean? We never directly fought Russia or China? This is why they are called Proxy wars. The US trained the Taliban to take on Russians invading Afghanistan. That is a fact. The Korean war was a war between the US and China too, China supplied 90% of all of Korea’s military infrastructure. That is a fact too. Its interesting, these proxy wars. It is also terrible. Basically, larger countries are using smaller countries, twisting them to indirectly fight their enemies. This also brings about the next subject. China. Many people are believing that: China is controlling everything! Everything is made in China because they control everything! This is absolutely untrue. The interest in China began when the largest economy of the world turned its eyes on China, the United States. Because of environmental regulations and high wages in the upper-class economy of the United States, corporations moved to China, where there were few if no environmental regulations, and cheap work, so cheap that they might as well have been using slaves. It is really quite horrible, they are using the Chinese as their workhorse, screwing up their environment permanently, and harming the people, the slaves to their own designs, to gather themselves more profit, because they aren’t willing to spend money on cleaner ways to produce material and higher wages. Also, regarding military capabilities between China and the United States. Yes, the Chinese Army has far more people, but the US Military is far more powerful then the Chinese Military because of obvious reasons. First, equipment, the Chinese Military is not using nearly the same level of technology as the US military, second, spending, the US Military is heavily invested in the Air Force, we have the largest Air Force in the entire World, by far. The future of combat is basically the air, and Air Superiority is everything in today’s wars, whether it be missiles or planes. Fun Fact: Every country in the world has 1 or 0 Aircraft Carriers. The United States has 11 Aircraft Carriers. Fun Fact: The Enterprise is one of the 11 US aircraft carriers. Oh, also the future of China is, their wages will eventually go up because they are making more money, their living standards will go up, and their environmental ones too. Its basically a repeat of the US, except bigger, with super-manufacturing. Therefore, in the future, China will become rich like other European countries, maybe they will even stop these European countries from stomping all over them. Still, they will be a super-manufacturing country because of their population. However, it will spark more manufacturing around the world, since their living standards will balance with ours. Then the corporations don’t have to cheat China for cheap goods, they will probably find somewhere else to cheat. However, far in the future, places to cheat will run out, and they will be forced to take smaller profits, although enormous ones still.


It has been a long time since I have posted a log entry. So I have more to cover in this entry then my other ones, though the above one is quite a long rant, this log entry might surpass it in length. I don’t wish to use my time to rethink what has happened between now and the 19th of November, so I will quickly update and talk about current events. BOA is under martial law. I am uncertain as to the reason that this was emplaced, but I believe that it has something to do with internal stress or pressure. I have been acquiring information for some time on the distrust of BOA members for their leader Urkillerv. A lot of this has to do with in their opinion, Urkillervs “maniacal nature”, and how sometimes he goes “crazy with power”, and is “unstable.” Though they claim this, I think they may be overstating Urkillerv’s supposed “lust for power and craziness.” Though I have viewed Urkillerv go over the top, it was only in stressful situations like when he was DoSed. Anyhow, there would be only one reason that we would emplace Martial law in the GSA, and that would be if there were considerable problems to deal with internally. After all the true usage of Martial Law would only be in the case of the Military suppressing the people in a country in extraordinary circumstances. However in this instance I can only derive that it may be Urkillerv noticing that something is happening within BOA, and locking it down before more can happen, whatever it may be. LED is hardly a prominent threat to the BOA, but if they need martial law to fight LED, then we would be able to aid our ally if need be. Though I said this was going to be a long entry earlier, I think I will leave it at that, and try and work on more frequently posting material.


Its Christmas Eve, and the ensuing conflict between BOA, GSA, and the new EKAT, now named Axis, has been resolved. I still ponder why Miranda named her clan Axis, for it is one that is congruent with a name known throughout history to have devastated much of the known world. It is also funny how EKAT’s uniforms have always been Red, which has been stereotypically the color of an enemy or evil. Anyhow, the conflict between BOA and Axis has been extreme. I have never seen any clan weaken a major clan so fast and decisively. To analyze this phenomenon, we have to look back to the history of the members who are in these clans. The reason that so many members suddenly left BOA for Axis was because of disoloyalty. Disoloyalty is what created these clans, as well as hatred for the GSA. AGSA was a band of GSA who were disloyal and disliked parts about the GSA, then built their empire not only off of those who hated Jason and specific parts of the GSA, but those who hate the GSA because of the Fake GSA. Anyhow, eventually the GSA defeated AGSA, and arose more powerful then ever. Then EKAT was created, another clan based off of the hatred from the GSA. The still-disloyal AGSA moved to EKAT, realizing their clan dead. Then EKAT massed rebellious GSA and other random players in pb2 that still had hatred for GSA. These players joined off of the hate of the GSA, but this hatred was eventually transformed into an awakening and an interest in EKAT as a clan. Therefore they acquired many new players, though a small percentage of those who joined EKAT for the hate of the GSA actually stayed to hate on the GSA. Anyhow, the disloyal members yet again moved and joined BOA, and just recently left BOA and joined Axis. It is basically a historical repeat of disloyal, rogue and rebellious members running and beginning new clans, destroying and creating each other, and acquiring new players along the way. To a very large extent, the GSA is more stable because of its less radical and more loyal members, and when we are called to defend our borders, we do so without losing an inch of ground, though it is unsuccessful for us to try and harm the prodigal clan at large. Though some may claim that clans like EKAT have done significant damage to the GSA, they are incorrect. Clans naturally age and lose members over time, depending on their structure. If they really did a lot of damage, then we would have perished much quicker. We are still one of the top clans of plazma burst 2.


Where should I start. First, I haven’t made an entry in forever, but I feel like there is much I have to tell, so ill start it off with some things I need to talk about, and to stop myself from forgetting, ill list them out:

-What do we do as a clan nowadays

-Nostalgia of the Old days

-Missing 2013

-How we are popular as a clan and how to recreate this.

I think that one of the amazing things ive witnessed as the new leader of the GSA is the change in my popularity. I can’t dismiss the fact that this was because I was gone for 2013. Back in 2011 and 2012, I was practically the representative leader of the GSA, things were so much easier, every decision was the right one, there were few mistakes if any, and few bumps in the road of greatness for the GSA. Nowadays, because I lost a year, I have yet to fully grasp what happened in the GSA to change it, and why members opinions are different nowadays. Initially, I thought that the GSA had soured, that it wasn’t the clan that it used to be, however I think that this is untrue. I think that the playing field has changed. Back to the point, I think I would do at least a thousand times better at my job if I knew what was going on half the time. I am but a relic of the past, truly.

Now, about the playing field that I discussed, and how it changed. Back in the day, 2011-2012, it was the GSA vs. EKAT, the GSA vs. AGSA, etc. All of the experiences, through rain or shine, through the deepest hell of the EKAT war, there was always the glory of the struggle. Like two great empires, us and our enemy clan, first the AGSA, then EKAT, had great effect on the plazma burst 2 community. None of us knew how to hack, none of us knew how to truly spy or infiltrate a clan and destroy it from the inside. This innocence was bliss, absolute and total bliss. Everything was on the table, it was a great struggle, but I could always count on coming back home from school and enjoying our conflicts, defeats, and victories, were all part of the experience and fun we had. There were many many more members, many many more bases, all of the time. That’s right, we were so strong that we were the only clan that could have more then 5 active bases online on both California and Washington servers 24/7. Not even EKAT could manage that. Anyway, the struggle and conflict was so great that it effected the entire plazma burst community, it was a true struggle.

To a great extent, the GSA still exists in this light of innocence, the concept of hacking or deception and infiltration to destroy a clan is native to us, and even if we try, we do fail.

Nowadays, conflicts are deemed through true hatred, absolute hatred. Even when Miranda did things like photoshop fake messages and we had sort of a war of words, it wasn’t anything compared to this. Today, there is hacking, that’s right, the line was crossed. Back then, it was all a game, it should still be JUST A GAME! A virtual world that we have fun on, and hell of a lot of fun on too! Nowadays, there is real-life threats and effects that people are having on others. It’s extremely sad. People infiltrate each others clans through spies and deception, and root them out from the inside, its absolutely terrible. This is no fun for the victor or the defeated. I hate it, and the only people who don’t like the old days over nowadays are those who were not around in the old days.

There is simply so much to say that I can’t really convey it all correctly or in an orderly fashion, nor do I really have the time to, but if you understand what I mean by these paragraphs, then have a high-five and a pat on the back. Maybe sometime ill spend some serious time on a single subject. Anyway, if you were in the chat with me, I would propose a toast, to the old days, and old friends, and to the uncorruptable, even by time…


Wow has it been a long time since I’ve done one of these. Rinzler was talking to me on chat and I felt like I had to ooze some mental sludge out. Todays topic is my history of the GSA.

Before I begin, I would like you to note two things.

One, none of the things that I am about to type are lies, even if they seem to be just me boasting.

Two, because of my limited memory, I will leave out a lot of things that I was involved in and accomplishments. Not only that, but I am limited as to the amount of time I want to spend pondering the subject of my career in 2011-2012 and the amount that I am willing to type. So rather I am understating my career in the GSA.

When I joined the GSA, Jason was the only admin on the site, and a couple of editors, Akuratron was one, were the only ones who had any access to editing the website. I was the 3rd and 4th GSA president, and once I was elected as the 3rd president of the GSA, I vowed to instill a sense of democracy within the clan. Now, one of the main reasons I was so successful, is because if you take an idea like “democracy” and you put it in a development such as the GSA, then it will have an immensely powerful impact. Democracy is an idea that has been crafted into the minds of all educated peoples in Europe and America, and such a highly praised element is never denied. Before I became the 3rd GSA president, the GSA was simply a military dictatorship. Heck, the GSA didn’t have a government. Before that day, the concept of government and military being separate in clans, did not exist. The GSA was a clan, with leaders, and ranks, and lower ranks followed higher ranked members, and everyone followed Jason. Flying with my banner of democracy, I kicked GSA in its ass. (remember I am not boasting here, and if you choose to not believe me, then I understand.) Before me as president, the GSA site was inactive, we played a lot of plazma burst 2 and such, and talked on the chat, and made GSA bases, but the site was quite desolate, the join page was being bombarded with at least 10-20 new recruits per day, and nobody kept track of them. One of my promises as president was to update that list, and I did actually, but then more people signed up haha. Anyhow, I started making actual changes with the GSA, which was hard because I needed Jason’s approval for everything, I kept telling him to trust me, and eventually he managed to give me editor. Hell, the days back in 2011-2012 were so golden, I believe that the first time that anybody truly disagreed with me and voiced dislike for me and my actions was Rhaego the Lion, and this occured well into 2012. I know because when she really voiced dislike and lied about me, it struck me hard, and I came to realization that it was an incredibly smooth ride on member support until that one member. Anyway, it’s almost 12 AM so Ive got to puke out some words: I created democracy, I created the council, the defcon page, congress, promotion information, updated the GSA list, created actual governmental positions that had power, war record, and of course, something that I should never forget. Back in 2011-2012 I created almost every single GSA law. Before I edited the laws, there were about 10-12, after I was done editing, the 10-12 laws that were there before were completely rewritten, and there were an additional 20 or 30 to come after it. I met all the prophets at a time, I was in a group agains the prophets with Secro Ithino and many others, I was lord chromes friend, I recruited Eagle, I recruited many others that are now high ranks in this clan, Ajbenius was a Colonel  or Commander while I was grand admiral or something at the time, We fought EKAT, I fought many EKAT members and beat many, but also lost to miranda, I beat jason 20-10 in a duel on cahir-area51, I got to 13th best in the world, I left and joined BoZ, many of the plazma burst 2 moderators were at one time my close friends, I beat stryde, I beat nexir, I beat freesnatcher, I beat punisher, I beat almost everyone in BoZ except Krow, who rarely talked or was on chat. If anyone knows iMechanicX, I saw him join the BoZ clan. I beat Da King, I beat branparanda. (It was close  haha) AAAAAAAAAAND BLAH I cant type anymore gtg.





11 thoughts on “Nickman101’s Log Entries

  1. “the uncorruptable, even by time…” too many clan leaders used to be fair like Nick. even those thought to be heroes are corrupted. Allow me to be a bit of a philosopher here: Even those thought to be untouched by the corruptions that is power, they to, have corrupt intentions.

  2. Yeah we can make Pb2 better if we had more players,but even if i go in a game im being kicked always out the game so i dont play much mulltiplayer but we still can get more players if we join with more calns.

  3. Nick, you should update this more regularly. xP
    This has been an interesting record of GSA history.

    Also, an organizational note; You should put each individual entry in a “read more” tag, or something. (I forget if that can be done with pages-)

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