GSA Wall of Fame

GSA Wall of Fame

This page was made to give special recognition to the men and women who have made the GSA into the powerhouse of a clan it is today. These legends have made big impacts on the whole clan, and have lead the GSA forwards. These men and women make the hard decisions, and can deal with the consequences. All listed below deserve the respect of all members of the GSA. If you want to add a name to the list, please tell a editor or an administrator, so that they can start a vote that the whole of the GSA can participate in. If the majority of votes approve of the person joining the list, then that person will  be added and forever honored as a legend on the GSA’s wall of fame. Members of the Wall of Fame can only be taken off the list by a unanimous vote from the whole of the GSA. -Nickman101 Note: Name will be listed in the color of the honorable member’s choosing


For his 2+ year of service and especially for rebuilding our site. Nick saved our website from total crash twice and therefore has saved the main headquarters of GSA many times. Most of the pages as of this writing were made by Nick alone. Nick was President long ago and made an epic contribution as President, also, he encouraged and made the Admiralty a well-secured group of the leaders of GSA. Through his presidency he made more changes and reforms to better the GSA then any president in the GSA so far. He was the first GSA that made the promise to refurbish the entire members and ranks page, and did, which took him 5 hours of work among a week. He instilled democracy in this clan by creating a council and electing members, limiting the power of the president, he organized the military and created many more regiments and divisions. Even as of this writing he constantly reforms the GSA as the head of the council by passing laws, to ensure that he will always help GSA no matter how short the presidency is.  The Secretary of Diplomacy, MC Leader, previous Supreme Court Judge, the right hand man to Jason, and was the G-Adm of the GSA. He lead the GSA as the CEO for a long period.



For creating the GSA, and  for leading it from the beginning, to the time of his banishment with a small gap between. The most honored GSA, fought many wars and won every single one, a master of strategy, command, and excellence in all of the aspects of a great leader. He still is the CF and will always be the CF. (Too many accomplishments to state at once.) ————————————————————————————————————————————

Dr. Edward Richtofen

For being the First to join the ranks of the GSA in PB2, and for advising the many members to come after him. He trained and recruited more GSA then any other member and brought the GSA from the ground up. ———————————————————————————————————————————— Akuratron

For his 2+ year of service in GSA and for his will to never give up, he has never quit GSA before and has been President twice, he has also been the Vice President once. He was the 1st President of GSA not to become corrupt and the longest living editor (other than Jason and his brother) to this day. He was number 3 (now he approves the list) on the top 5 list of GSA. (sidenote: he is also the one who recruited and trained the great Nickman, Nick came to be so successful in GSA that he beat Akuratron in the top 5 member, Papa Akuratron is very proud of you, Nick). He is also famous for taking down an enemy rebel force, he pretended to gain their trust, and then took them down.Also, for making this page visible. ————————————————————————————————————————————





27 thoughts on “GSA Wall of Fame

  1. Anyone who comments, stating that they are entitled to a spot on this page is extremely misguided.

    Your behavior, posting here, shows to me that you are selfish and do not care about the GSA as a whole. You care only about yourself and the recognition and praise you receive for the actions that you deem worthy of recognition. This, in itself, voids any chance you had of going here. Besides, barely anyone visits this page and it is mostly in stasis.

    Pzk out.

  2. Wow this is a joke looking back I served closely alongside Nick, Richtofen and Akuratron like 3 years ago when GSA had 250+ members, shame you guys dont remeber who I am. Nickman and Akuratron might, I did a lot for GSA, in my opnion changed the balance in the war against EKAT as resigned from EKAT and deployed UNSC to GSA, but thats a huge story. Its sad seeing GSA so weak now only 30 members…… and some of the people that are in charge of this clan wow haha.

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