GSA Stories

Legends/Stories of the GSA.

[Note] That this page does not hold all of the legends or stories GSA members may know of. Here we have a list of Stories and Tales that GSA members can talk about and tell.

Inferno00′s Story,

There was once a time where EKAT was not at war with us, I was a Commander at the time, and I had a small Legion of 13 soldiers, all of them Recruits, and I had a idea. I was speaking with my group about a ‘under the noses’ operation, about each of us bringing up a fake account, and send them into EKAT for information, (EKAT was new, and small then) and then reported to Jvinh1 about it, but what happened was when we were starting the mission, four of my troops admitted that the were going to sign up without the mission guidelines, and were never going to speak of it, and they became 4 of the AEFs of EKAT, leaving me with my 8 Recs. and we managed to get into a rank of Sgt, and then i lost contact of 6 of my Recruits, and we tried to abandon the mission, but then one of our Recs decided to tell iMiranda about us, and he became a General on the spot, and we decided to actually ‘cut the ties’ with GSA, but then Reaper2020 instantly popped up on my awareness scan, kicking EKAT’s butt, and we were in that Punishment, I told one of the GSA Lt. about it, but he was to busy keeping documenting every EKAT he found, so I left EKAT for good, giving my account to someone else, and returned to my recruiting to cover for my losses. Those Recruits may still be in GSA, or they may be Generals by now, if they are still in PB2, they probably are not, but that was the first (and last) ‘under the nose’ operations i did, and i felt defeated, until a GSA Lt told me how he saw us talking in the meeting, before they had ‘Player entering the game sensors’, and told a GSA General about it, witch he took it up with the GSA president at that time, i forgot who, and he dismissed it as ‘a failure before it started’ and forgot about it, and i pushed my way up the ranks, then Archived it in a note i made, for i was going to put it into a ‘fails of a loose cannon in GSA’, until this page showed up.

Hope you guys are still here.


Sheperd123′s Story,

My story is better than all of yall’s *Hehe hem* its was around 2 months ago I was just chilling killing EKAT noobs then I found a map call AGSA Recruitment( errr arrr) so I went to it, there was 6 EKAT and one GSA,(me lol) then i glitched in base they looked 4 me but did not find me :) then Rakirs came, i opened the door 4 him. Then I told him u got guns? He said yes, then I told him 3,2,1,GOOOOOOO! And we killed those noobs. :) Then Rakirs left, he told me they had enough. I left, then i saw Gigoto in another map. I told him to come to the map with the EKAT, he did, we kicked some EKAT butt (LOL) THE END


Ajbenius’s Story,

I still remember being in AGSA, and how I would raid hundreds of GSA bases in a week. It was so fun, as I sometimes got up to 200 kills in a game. I even teamed up with my rival Spider3015 to do this. But then I joined GSA because I got bored of raiding GSAs and I started hating AGSA.


Superkiller85′s Story,

I have a tale of GSA, it was about a year ago, when I was just a mere Recruit in GSA, I was recruited by the legendary doctor and fought against the corrupted NuggetsofChicken, I then learned of the Anti-GSA and was thrown into the middle of that war I wasn’t the victor but I still managed to get through Anti-GSA bases getting at least 20 kills before reaching the end and taking over that base, now the real deal was when I left GSA (this was around my 167th time, so don’t yell at me about leaving too many times) and formed the Covenant of PB2, and when EKAT was attacking GSA and once again, I got stuck in the middle of it, and I still am now, I went against Miranda in her apparent Duel of Honor, (I lost but I just challenged her) she had hacked the lobby, making it so my weapons we’re crap after my first kill, after that I assailed an enemy EKAT base I took that one over on my own, it was hard to keep the base on lock down alone but soon more GSA showed up, and a few Civvies that supported GSA came on and helped me keep the base under GSA control, 2 Recs rage quit and one civvie left due to loss of connection, I stopped the EKAT attack and managed to keep the base available for GSA i left afterward to inform Jason of my success, but i never did. I was stopped by Miranda before I could tell Jason, she kept me in one of her maps, it was just us, after all it was a private match. Miranda told me she knew about everything I was doing to try and thwart her, and tried to get me to break (she did break me, but it seriously lowered her reputation in EKAT ;)  ) I told her false info and i got to Screw over the EKAT leader, I was proud of myself, but also guilty about the fact that a GF of mine would be pissed that I f***ed Miranda instead of her. but she got over it quick. later on when I was a Cpt. i had another run-in with Miranda, again, her reputation was lowered, but also got her a bit in love with me. now Miranda will refuse to duel me unless it is private… I’m still unsure of her motives.


Bravo5127’s Story,

(Please note, the clan names are overused…. sorry)

In November 2011, when I had just joined, GSA was very corrupt and many were blind to it. EKAT had not existed yet and Anti-GSA was the main enemy. Many GSAs joined the wrong way, like just putting the [GSA] tag in their name, wrong uniform, etc. GSA members also just killed everyone they saw on sight in military bases which was the reason why Reset created AGSA. I was in GSA for a month or two and someone who I recruited, was instantly turned into a general by slightly higher rank, he was commanding GSAs and he gave me a whole bunch of foolish crap so I was pissed… Not wanting to actually leave GSA I created an alternate account and checked out AGSA, found out, besides Reset, that they were all pricks, so I posted a comment telling GSA the IP of their site, don’t know if I was the first one but 2 days after someone posted about a “spy” finding out the IP.  Along being active in PB2, I was ranked up to Major while in Golden Cobras: Blindxsor was being a jerk, and in a GSA base he was killing other members who did not want to become a secondary elite faction of Golden Cobras. It really wasn’t that elite since he accepted anybody he met on PB2 above a certain rank, but he called it elite anyway. He also deleted comments about him kicking members if they didn’t join Golden Cobras. I eventually joined. Golden Cobras was still thought as an elite team from younger recruits so I was asked by the new members because of the name, similar to a Ferrari, not too much money to make, you only pay for the model and brand. I really liked it, but then Blindxsor made the GC choose between GSA and GC itself, I don’t really remember why he left GSA along with most of his faction, but he wanted to be enemies with our clan. I then left Golden Cobras and after a little while I got hacked! YAAAY! My password was changed, I couldn’t fix my email address, and my profile thingy said something bad about GSA. This was possibly AGSA but it could also be my friend so is an all-time hacker. I left, posting a whole bunch of dirty crap in one of the tabs and Gigoto said I could come back whenever I wanted and he would forget all that I posted, I then thought that he was the best person EVER. After two months I tried again, and my email address was set back to normal so I could change my password. Eventually I met Lord Chrome (I think he was secretly on AGSA, he also did this to many others, I later caught him in a GSA base doing so) and his dirty, possibly General. Lord Chrome didn’t even have a GSA tag and he convinced me, with his friend, that all GSA had a secret code or something like for every single member, and that the leaders of PB2 didn’t give a crap about me or anyone else. Just joining PB2 again, I remembered how stupid GSA was so I believed him, I almost left . I was about to post a dirty comment in the latest news tab thing but then an announcement came about Lord Chrome, in the news he was saying weird stuff, not that I can remember, but back on track, that announcement saved me at the perfect time. Also a GSA detectives rank was made by Agent Burke and he seemed like a nice guy. When I posted that in the comments (and at this time there was a crime tab, I don’t actually remember if it was called that but yeah, a crime tab -_-) after he killed everyone in a GSA base including members of our clan, he out, “Jinvh told me to do this! I AM THE LAW!” nobody believed me since he did many good things for GSA, I then brushed it off. Eventually Gigoto left, and people were swearing at him in the news tab thing and I was, well, kinda sad about it but this is just a video game. Gigoto then left for EKAT and I was about to join EKAT simply for the reason of me getting bored with GSA (I’m such a loyal member, right?) but then the GSA website got hacked! I instantaneously hated EKAT and once again was satisfied with my high-level, imaginary fun meter. You could write a book altering the facts about GSA history! Betrayal, other crap, stuff, yeah! Pretty fun! I then had a loyal relationship with GSA…. I eventually stopped playing PB2 but still followed along with the news for GSA and checked 3 times every day (now I check once every 2 days). Basically I went on and off playing pb2, getting bored of GSA, etc… and then I  found GSA chat! Hardly knew it existed, didn’t know how organised this clan was. Got to know the goodsides of everyone (because if you type stuff in you can always press “delete” before you send it) and I had fun essentially. Raiding EKAT bases, training, getting promoted to Colonel… and then Jeep made a stupid law that basically everyone voted for because Jeep was a popular person. The law was that GSA were to ignore EKAT. I left, being a popular figure in GSA I thought I would show an example. Instantaneously I regretted leaving after the first day. So then joining EKAT here’s the sick part: THE FIRST THING AFTER I JOINED EKAT WAS 2 GUYS HAVING SEX, I MEAN WTF?! NASTY CRAP! I left a week after that, or became inactive, but I always checked the GSA news every 3-7 days because I actually missed it. So I came back, XForce shunned me and said I was bullshitting, but Banana helped me, probably persuaded others to help me get back in as Recruit. He is awesome… stuff went on… and in September 2013 EKAT self-destructed because of Jeep’s law made 3 months earlier. I was relatively devastated, I wanted to become president and hopefully with support (the new GSAs getting to know me, I knew they wanted war again) declare war on EKAT again. So, that’s where this ends, I’m currently a Lt. and I am rising up….


NighthawkTheValiant story,

My tale begins in 2011, when I first joined GSA. I was a recruit then, but due to special circumstances I rose to major in a bit. I helped to raid bases and defended many overrun GSA bases, with the old GSA members such as Jason himself, Willy Wonka, Fanus, Hawkeye, Dasdf, etc. I was involved in a secret division in GSA that covered surprised attacks on the site and was involved in several activities that are classified. I was given the chance to join the Prophets by Lord Chrome himself but declined. I lost a ward of mine to Lord Chrome after he brainwashed him into thinking GSA was gonna get rid of it’s useless members. I used to go by Acecard when I started PB2 and GSA. Later I went by The Avenger after losing my ward. I met Anvil who was a hardcore GSA fanatic.I helped Jason defend a overran base with several other inspiring GSA members. I was never a part of The Admiralty but I knew many of the people on it. I took down and interrogated many spies, such as EKAT, BOA, etc. I used the Defib Solution to get answers outa people, and I gathered either useless or important info from these rejects. I never killed a GSA member who was innocent, least not one who was cool and loyal. I helped to fight EKAT with my clan the ISC, and I participated in the revolution of GSA where we overthrew Jason for his crimes. Before this i listened to his stories about chicks dying and random GSA fictions. I became a COO where I helped to enforce laws and gather info outa potential spies. I participated in the Peace Summit of GSA-BOA and helped to form it. I recruited COO Rinzler and increased my spy tracking. I took down and fired members of GSA for breaking laws and what have you. I later became a Supreme due to Nickman101. I am now currently in the process of making GSA great again.




Reaper2020’s Story.

It all started on a cold, dark day. I wasn’t even a Doctor yet, I was a regular Reaper. I was in my evil lair, the old GSA Xat chat. I was young then, only about 12 or 13, but I had quickly risen among the ranks in the GSA. I had made my name known, and my efforts had finally paid off. I quickly moved my way up to second in command, right before Jason himself. Although, considering the fact that Jason was never very active on chat I basically had the reins to the GSA. So there I was, hopping into chat every day, getting swamped with a torrent of PM’s – everyone had issues, everyone wanted to get personal attention from whoever was in charge my natural reaction was to close every conversation. But, I had a job to do, a responsbility. I knew that whatever happened to the GSA on my watch, would only be a reflection of myself and my ability to lead and so eventually, every PM was handled, everyone got a personal response from yours truly.

As much as It seemed as if I was in charge, Jason would always come back once in every blue moon and make some random decision that would usually mess things up for everyone. Generally, back in those days, every major war was started by Jason I started wars with tiny useless clans every now and then if they pissed me off, but I mean, who doesn’t? However, while the GSA was warring with multiple clans at the time, inflated clan rosters and general circle-jerking made sure that overall, we felt none of it’s effects at least those of us in chat. So everything was good for a short while. People got along. Whoever didn’t get along was just kicked off chat. It was a great system, and I made a lot of friends. I was the Don of the GSA basically, if you worked with me, you were one of the family. However, if you messed with the GSA, expect to find you prized horse’s bloody head under your bedsheets.


15 thoughts on “GSA Stories

  1. First of all GC means Golden Crusaders.

    And it recruited only high official members of GSA, I was also part of it in both Ages. The time it was part of GSA I was general until I could join it.

    Also Chrome wasn’t part of any clan.

    He was part of a secret organization until the fall of the first AGSA. It became well known after it.

    They were called the Prophets.
    They had the absolute control over all the clans. (they also had their anti clan – the Brotherhood, but it fell soon after its creation because of Chrome ‘s impressive programming skills)

    Bravo you have been in pb2 so much time and you still know nothing.

    Also your beloved Gigoto quit the GSA after Jason returned from vacation and defeated him in duel of power (it happened because Gigoto took CEO illegally)

    Do not talk without knowing nothing.

  2. i should probably make a continuing story revolving around what’s going on in GSA now…

  3. I Remember when I was once a GSA ally. My clan is Darkstar and we destroyed a small clan badly knowen called AEKAT and I destroyed them

    1. Umm, how has this not been corrected since DECEMBER?…
      Someone took my editor- Remove that second story. XD

  4. Meh GSA story 😀
    so I Was A Noob… i Had A Few Friends IRL That Played Pb2 with me, And One was in GSA so i joined! this Was When GSA Was nearly getting to Its War Days.. It Was A decent sized Clan.. Not really known THAT Well yet.. After Awhile it got really big… Right When AGSA Formed D: so i Was in the war With them Nubs, got A good amount of Kills.. Some Lt. Promoted meh Cause of Me playing Well.. So i Was A SGT And the Anti GSA Were Completely owned! EKAT Went to War With us And i started playing PB2 Again after a few Days Of the War! so It Was A hard War.. and I got Lt… My Best battle was When We were guarding A GSA Base.. EKATs were Attacking And they took Half the BattleField i Snuck to the back of the map from Some Underground Tunnel that me And Some other GSAs fought through and we Choked Out the EKAT And Each time they Spawned We Killed em.. We Won the battle.. (the EKAT All Left, prob rageQuit) And well i Kinda Went inactive After The War.. And I Came Back! 😀 well.. Gsa Are Not in there Golden Days Anymore but Were Still the Best clan and Always will be!
    my profile

  5. Some information about Reaper2020, a GSA member that has his story posted here:

    “Dr.Reaper, known only as Reaper when he was enlisted in the GSA, currently enjoys a very controversial reputation within the clan. Once a high-ranking member fo the GSA, he eventually defected to the EKAT, for convoluted reasons that he hasn’t been 100% honest about. While there are no records of Dr.Reaper on this website, he enjoys irregularly joining in the clan discord to say hello to a few old friends. For further information, please PM him @Dr. Reaper.”

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