Most of the current generation of GSA members were not around in the past, or are unfamiliar with its history. Many terms may seem confusing, however this section is aimed to clear that up with a quick summary of the meaning of each term.

  • GSA [Galactic Security Alliance (originally Galactic Security Army)]
    • A gaming clan that was created in 2011 and that owns this website.
  • EKAT [Elite Killer Assassin’s Task]
    • Originally a division of GSA, it split off in October 2011 and eventually became GSA’s enemy until 2014.
  • Jason408/jvinh1
    • Co-founder of GSA. Remained in GSA until he was deposed. See Wall of Fame.
  • Blaze22b
    • Co-founder of GSA. Left GSA early on.
  • RAL [Royal Air Legion]
    • A clan that existed in Star Wars Battlefront. It eventually transitioned into GSA.
  • SNP [Sniper Clan]
    • Another SWBF clan that managed to defeat the GSA and later drove them out.
  • SWBF
    • Star Wars Battlefront (2004), the game GSA started out in.
  • PB2
    • Plazma Burst 2, the game in which GSA grew to its fullest extent.
  • MPLA
    • A coalition of clans (BOA, Raze, GSA, GAR, Apex Predators) that eventually fell apart after the site was deleted.
  • The Order
    • A sort of “evil axis” created by a GSA traitor Gigoto in late 2015. Used scare tactics to intimidate people. Was eventually disbanded.
  • The Alliance
    • A short-lived alliance of clans founded in early 2016 to revive interest in PB2.
  • G$
    • One of the original clans of PB2, grew to a large size and eventually fell apart due to no clear leadership and organization. Many former G$ members joined GSA.
  • AGSA [Anti-GSA]
    • A group of people dedicated to heavily oppose GSA. Had no real leadership, organization or motive resulting in its death.
    • Modern use; To denote groups or even individuals who have a hate for GSA in general, rather than specific reasons beyond our laws or principles.
  • USO [United Security Officials]
    • A clan once lead by Melledoneous which was an ally and considered to be a private agency for the GSA.
  • GC [Golden Crusaders]
    • A clan once lead by Blindxsor, it was once a close and sponsored ally to the GSA until its inevitable betrayal following the GSA-EKAT War.
  • EKAT Holdouts (or EKAT Remnant)
    • A term to describe various disparate fragments of the Elite Killer Assassin’s Task that remained active even after the GSA-EKAT War. Such as puppet clans and clans that attempted to succeed EKAT.
    • Axis Nation, EKAT-FF and EKAT II were a force composed of remnants of the Elite Killer Assassin’s Task that did accept its inevitable dissolution.
  • Anti-GSA Remnants
    • A term to describe various disparate fragments of the Anti-GSA Rebellion that remained active even after the clan’s dissolution by the GSA. These remnants were eventually hunted down by the GSA, or were absorbed by EKAT or other Pro-Anti GSA groups.



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