Since many GSA members were not around in the past, or are unfamiliar, many terms may seem confusing. This section aims to clear that up with a quick summary of the meaning of each term:

  • GSA [Galactic Security Alliance]
    • A gaming clan that was created in 2011 and that owns this website.
  • EKAT [Elite Killer Assassin’s Taskforce]
    • Originally a division of GSA, it split off in October 2011 and became GSA’s main enemy until 2014.
  • Jason408/jvinh1
    • Co-founder of GSA. Remained in GSA until he was deposed. See Wall of Fame.
  • Blaze22b
    • Co-founder of GSA. Left GSA early on.
  • RAL [Royal Air Legion]
    • A clan that existed in SWBF that morphed into GSA.
  • SNP [Sniper Clan]
    • Another SWBF clan that managed to destroy RAL.
  • SWBF
    • Star Wars Battlefront, the game GSA started out in.
  • PB2
    • Plazma Burst 2, the game in which GSA grew to its fullest extent.
  • MPLA
    • A coalition of clans (BOA, Raze, GSA, GAR, Apex Predators) that eventually fell apart after the site was deleted.
  • The Order
    • A sort of “evil axis” created by a GSA traitor Gigoto in late 2015. Used scare tactics to intimidate people. Was eventually disbanded.
  • The Alliance
    • A short-lived alliance of clans founded in early 2016 to revive interest in PB2.
  • G$
    • One of the original clans of PB2, grew to a large size and eventually fell apart due to no clear leadership and organization. Many former G$ members joined GSA.
  • AGSA [Anti-GSA]
    • A group of people dedicated to heavily oppose GSA. Had no real leadership, organization or motive resulting in its death.
    • Modern use; To denote groups or even individuals who have a hate for GSA in general, rather than specific reasons beyond our laws or principles.

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