Historical Timeline

NOTICE – The order of this timeline may not be accurate or consistent. This was made mostly on pure conjecture.

This page lists the entire historical timeline of the GSA from its beginning to the present. It will list all events that GSA has went through during its existence.



  • {RAL} (Royal Air Legion) is founded by an unknown individual (Believed to be known as Kroft. Unconfirmed.) in the game Star Wars Battlefront (2004)



  • War between {RAL} and SNP (Sniper Clan) begins.
  • Kroft betrays {RAL}, joining SNP, and allowing them to destroy the {RAL} Website (Unconfirmed)
  • PB2 was officially released on February 22nd. RAL was unaware of its existence that time.


  • {RAL} transitions into the [GSA] (Galactic Security Army) which was founded by jvinh1 and Blaze22b
  • GSA’s unfinished conflict with SNP continues.


PB2: G$ Era

  • GSA loses the war and was forced to relocate to a new game.
  • At some GSA has attempted colonization through many other games before PB2.
  • GSA arrives in PB2 and recruitment efforts to grow the clan begins.


  • Tensions rose between GSA and an already dying G$ (Gangster Money), leading to the GSA-G$ War. GSA eventually won, resulting with the demise of G$.
  • GSA most likely have grew to an estimate of 50 members during the entirety of July.
  • Tensions rose between GSA and two other clans. BoZ (Biohazard) and ECF (Unknown) while it is confirmed that GSA has fought BoZ and won due to their inactivity. It is unknown if any fights with ECF occurred.


PB2: GSA Era

  • GSA fights BoZ (Biohazard) and won due to BoZ’s inactivity.
  • GSA has started to gain popularity with more and more members being recruited to the clan daily.
  • GSA allies with GC* (Golden Crusaders) and USO (United Security Officials)


  • AGSA (Anti-GSA) is formed from the ashes of Dark Lords clan and another clan known as ES*. Anti-GSA influence is on the rise which would start to slowly affect the GSA negatively
  • GSA’s gains over 100+ members, making them 2nd largest and 2nd major clan in PB2 history.
  • GSA learns of the existence of Anti-GSA and declares war, resulting in the beginning of the Insurrectionist Uprising.
  • FGSA (Fake GSA) were increasing due to the immense popularity of the GSA.


  • Numerous fake accounts of jvinh1 were made to trick and control GSA members.
  • A group known as the Prophets began to corrupt GSA members due to their heavy influence upon many PB2 clans. One particular member, Lord Chrome was the one responsible for the corruption.
  • GSA allies with Blue Wardens.


  • Anti-GSA is beginning to fall apart due to no clear organization or leadership. Regardless, Anti-GSA influence and propaganda still increased which was beginning to affect GSA recruitment
  • EKAT, formerly a division lead by Miranda111 has broken away from the GSA and becomes a standalone clan. Anti-GSA influence begins to spread throughout the clan.
  • RED-C allies with GSA.
  • EKAT declares total war on the GSA. Sparking the GSA-EKAT War.


  • GSA wins the war against Anti-GSA, resulting in the rebellion’s downfall. Although remnants were formed and influence remained.
  • GC suddenly turns on the GSA. Although no known battles occurred between GSA and GC.
  • GSA relocates to a new website “privateareaofgsa.wordpress.com”



  • Raids become commonplace in PB2 base maps. Particularly against GSA Bases.
  • 1st Generation BOA (Brotherhood of Assassins) in its dying state fights GSA and loses. Resulting in BOA’s demise.
  • Admiralty was established, replacing the Marshal and General rank.
  • More clans begin to participate in the on-going GSA-EKAT War.
  • GSA’s reputation as a clan has soiled, although their popularity still remained.


  • GSA fights ~ToXiC~ which was a clan formed from the ashes of GC which was former ally of the GSA.
  • A former member named Gigoto has attempted a hostile takeover of the clan and has failed, resulting in his firing.
  • GSA poor reputation as a clan has resulted with members defecting to EKAT.
  • EKAT nukes the GSA website for the first time, although GSA quickly restored the website pages and made backups.
  • GSA has reached over 150+ members total this year.
  • A series of 1v1s between GSA members and EKAT Founder Miranda begins.
  • Gigoto rejoins GSA only to later attempt another take over and formed his own version of the GSA which was backed up by EKAT. GSA declares war on the Dark GSA, sparking the GSA Civil War
  • same month GSA has successfully defeated Dark GSA. Resulting in its failure and demise. the GSA-EKAT War continues on.
  • GSA attempts colonization on TDP4 but has failed.


  • GSA establishes the Marshalty and the new General System to further expand the rank system
  • The GSA Council was formed
  • GSA allies with BOA after it was revived by the founder UrkillerV and breaking away from EKAT.
  • GSA TF99 begins a series of raids against EKAT bases, resulting in recruitment slowdown due to EKAT no longer establishing bases.
  • GSA nukes the EKAT website in response to EKAT’s same attack.



  • GSA’s TF99 chat was taken over by EKAT.
  • jvinh1 and Miranda fights in a 1v1 at least twice. Jvinh1 being the victor for the first round, tied in the 2nd round.
  • GSA’s website gets nuked a 2nd time. Website was restored thanks to a backup.
  • jvinh1’s reputation and trust slowly begins to sour.
  • Former EKAT allies begins to side with the GSA following EKAT’s destruction of the ~SFH~ website which was an ally to EKAT who backstabbed the clan. Which was starting to benefit the GSA.
  • GSA is slowly beginning to turn the tide of the war as more successful raids and battles increased.


  • The FG (Founder’s Group) was formed. Replacing the GSA Council.
  • GSA joins a Raze & GAR-led coalition known as MPLA, an alliance to unify clans to fight against EKAT and become one of the main clans to represent its foundership
  • Apex Predators and Cyclix makes an alliance with GSA.
  • Zyxr makes an alliance with GSA.
  • The Coalition formed to defeat EKAT was eventually wiped out due to infestation of spies and too many people being given site roles on its website.
  • Raze forms an alliance with GSA after EKAT has backstabbed them by nuking their website.
  • GAR (Grand Army of the Republic) forms an alliance with GSA after EKAT has nuked their website.
  • GSA begins its isolation policy to slowly deter the GSA-EKAT War. This resulted a negative impact upon its allies.
  • EKAT’s activity slowly begin to drop due to the clan’s poor treatment of its members which resulted with several EKAT members defecting to GSA.
  • Cyclix ends its alliance with GSA and remained neutral. Although tensions began to rose following the waning months of the GSA-EKAT conflict.
  • GSA creates and relocates to a new website “gsafaction.wordpress.com/


  • jvinh1, the founder of the Galactic Security Army has been overthrown and replaced by Nickman101 who became the new leader of the GSA. Reforms of the clan have started to take place
  • GSA-EKAT War continues despite the change of leadership, although stability in EKAT has severed and inactivity is looming upon the clan.
  • PB2 Community has started to rot and fall apart which was beginning to negatively affect GSA and the neighboring clans. Plans to colonize into other games is put into consideration.
  • GSA has attempted colonization on Minecraft but has since failed.
  • Activity in GSA is starting to drop.
  • GSA abolishes most of its division such as the 617th Medical Squad, National Guard, SniperCalvary and Professional Raiders.
  • GSA Leader Nickman101 re-stablishes the GSA Council


  • GSA isolation policy on EKAT has been met with utmost success. EKAT becomes more inactive with their chat abandoned as they relocated to the Enjin forums.
  • Anti-GSA Remnants and Pro-AGSA clans die from inactivity or by succumbing to being victimized by the GSA-EKAT war. Anti-GSA influence begins to decrease.
  • GSA’s population begins to shrink, despite the continue gain of new members.
  • GSA abolishes the Marshalty and Admiralty and restores the General System though with several alterations.
  • GSA has attempted colonization on Minecraft but has since failed.



  • GSA begins colonization attempt on a flash game known as Grepolis
  • GSA takes consideration into further expanding to the Steam platform.
  • The GSA-EKAT War ends with GSA emerging as victorious, resulting in EKAT’s great downfall and demise due to severe inactivity and poor unstable leadership. EKAT Remnant (or simply EKAT Holdouts) were formed following its dissolution.
  • The GSA Era comes to an end.
  • GSA abandons Grepolis to attempt colonization in a game known as BattleDawn
  • GSA becomes tension with BOA due to concerns regarding hybrid members and due to BOA’s leader being convinced with plotting against the GSA Leadership.
  • Attempts of GSA-BOA Neutrality relations were made by a form of a meeting known as a “Peace Summit” but failed
  • GSA Declares war on BOA following the failure of the Peace Summit. This war was short with brief, however GSA performed a few raids on their bases and getting rid of their presence in BattleDawn. But the outcome was inconclusive and it resulted with GSA permanently isolating themselves from BOA throughout the entirety of Nickman’s leadership.
  • GSA eventually abandons BattleDawn throughout the entirety of Nick’s leadership.


PB2: Post-War Era

  • EKAT gets reintegrated as a division with a rebranded name as “Elite Killers Assassination Taskforce”
  • GSA becomes immediately tension with Axis which was an EKAT Remnant formed to attempt to become EKAT’s successor. Though no war has occurred and isolation went into effect against this clan.
  • GSA begins more reforms regarding its recruitment and overall Government system, the Sub-FG was eventually abolished.
  • Tensions rose between GSA and Upper Heaven, a clan made by GSA’s former founder Jason and due to the clan’s disdain towards GSA.


  • GSA declares war against Cyclix following their vote. Beginning the GSA-Cyclix War. Although the tensions between the two clans were fueled by BOA.
  • BOA begins to “privately” support Cyclix by performing various skirmishes against GSA bases, violating the Isolation agreement.
  • GSA immediately goes at a disadvantage against Cyclix. This was due to their enemy’s illegitimate ways of winning such as cheating and hacking.
  • GSA won at least 1 battle against Cyclix.
  • Upper Heaven orchestrates a duel by hiring Cyclix to fight the GSA, further worsening tension between


  • GSA-Cyclix War ends with GSA emerging as victorious despite suffering a near 100% defeat against Cyclix. This was mainly due to Cyclix’s failing to participate in the final battle and they suddenly ended up being disbanded, resulting in its demise.


  • UH (Upper Heaven) provokes GSA which was considered an act of war by the GSA’s Leader resulting in the beginning of the GSA-Upper Heaven War.
  • WCP (War Crime Prevention?) later known as MMC(Modern Military Combatants) begins to harass GSA. Resulting in a rise of tensions
  • GSA begins a series of raids of duels against Upper Heaven, resulting in their gain of advantage of the conflict.
  • MMC provokes GSA, resulting in the beginning of the GSA-MMC War.
  • Clans knows as JKL (Justice Keeper Legion), AOOA (Ancient Order of Assassins/possible BOA puppet), and SET (Special Elite Team), resulting in beginning of three different conflicts:GSA-JKL Conflict, GSA-AOOA Conflict, GSA-SET Conflict


  • Despite fighting against 5 different clans. GSA remains at a dominant advantage against their enemies due to the clans such as JKL, AOOA and MMC being small scale groups.
  • GSA wins the war against Upper Heaven, with their leader admitting defeat. Ending the GSA-Upper Heaven war, though with tensions still remained, though the real outcome was a 2v2 match against Jason and UH’s best.
  • GSA allies with a clan known as Darkwraith (successor to Raze)
  • GSA fights DF (Delta Force) at the request of Darkwraith to help them win against them. Beginning the Darkwraith/GSA-Delta Force War which served as a catalyst for other involving DF later on.
  • GSA and Darkwraith wins the war against Delta Force, resulting in their short demise
  • GSA wins the war against JKL due to their inactivity which resulted in their demise, ending the GSA-JKL Conflict
  • GSA wins the war against AOOA by emerging in a 1v1 against their leader. AOOA was disbanded and many of its members either joined BOA or its other puppet Assn$ (Assassin$). Ending the GSA-AOOA Conflict
  • GSA wins the war against SET, resulting in their demise, it is currently unknown what determined GSA’s victory. It is assumed that the outcome was determined by a final match. SET later returns half a year later with little to no relevance with GSA.
  • MMC “surrenders” to the GSA following the defeat of other clans, and “peace” was established. Though this peace was short lived with their leader known as Blackbird attempted to frame a member by deleting one of his websites but has failed.


  • GSA declares war against the newly revived Delta Force and a clan known as Silence. This was due to verbal harassment and insults directed at the GSA members. Silence had ties with MMC due to Blackbird being affiliated with this clan.
  • GSA establishes peaces with Delta Force after their leaders have contacted them into proving that DF had nothing to do with the verbal harassment and insults. This peace only lasted a good while.
  • GSA wins the war against Silence with peace being established being the two clans under several terms: Firing MMC’s leader, not allowing TheChosenOne to be recruited ever again.
  • Post-War Era comes to an end.


PB2: Exile Era


  • Tensions once again rose between GSA and Delta Force. This is due to DF’s merging with MMC, despite the dissatisfaction from the DF leaders.
  • GSA begins isolation on MMC due to their unusual behavior and actions against the clan. Though this did very little
  • Delta Force and MMC provokes GSA by a series of base raids, resulting in a Declaration of War against the two clans. Beginning the GSA-DF/MMC War.
  • Site Nuking becomes punishable by permanent ban from the PB2 Staff Team.
  • PB2’s community is continuing to negatively affect many clans with GSA’s number still shrinking.
  • GSA gains further advantage of the war against DF and MMC due to the vast majority of the conflict early one is merely propaganda posts from DF and MMC with little raids from them.


  • “Neutrality” is established between GSA and DF/MMC as Gigoto took control of both clans. Temporarily halting the conflict for the entirety of February.
  • Final Presidential Election begins.
  • GSA begins another colonization attempt on BattleDawn.


  • GSA struggles to maintain their presence on BattleDawn as they face threat by major alliances.
  • GSA abolishes the Presidency with the Last President’s term ending on March 6, 2015.
  • GSA-DF/MMC War continues as more match battles and duels continued on.


  • Another peace treaty was made once again with Delta Force and MMC, although GSA maintains its isolation stance.


  • Spying was attempted against GSA, presumably by DF and MMC. Although these attempts failed
  • GSA Architect Division is disbanded


  • Various repeals and changes were made to certain GSA Laws.
  • GSA begins countermeasure to prevent members from suffering cyberattacks by MMC.
  • A vote to remove or keep Nickman101 as the leader of the GSA or replace him with a new leader was made, with members in favor of keeping him as a leader.


  • GSA-DF/MMC War progress drastically begins to due to ceasing of activity in PB2 from both sides.
  • GSA Inactivity gradually continues to rise. Major changes to the clan are taken into consideration.
  • GSA begins focus on relocating to Steam.
  • GSA assist in a group known as The Revivalists which was a group dedicated to trying to make PB2 prosper again in popularity.


  • Nickman101 retires as leader of the GSA. Prompting Government Changes to be in discussed.
  • A vote was made regarding Jason, the original founder of the GSA who wished to rejoin the GSA, this was met with mixed results with mostly members not being in favor of allowing him to rejoin due to his crimes he made during his leadership.
  • Tensions rose between GSA and two other clans: Upper Heaven, The Legion and DLN (???) this is also due to Jason spreading propaganda and made threats against the GSA.
  • GSA is at risk of a disarray with the relations between the current leaders and the members of the clan. Due to DLN wanting Jason to reclaim the GSA back under his control by attempting another Civil War upon the GSA. This was quickly rectified.
  • GSA relocates to a chat service known as Discord.


  • GSA withdraws from PB2 in order to ensure survival by expanding to higher-end titles on platforms such as Steam.
  • GSA’s Government has been transitioned into a Council Type Group which consist of the Founder’s Group.
  • Nepotism in GSA becomes severe. With the FG during this time becoming more and more unfair towards certain members.


  • Peace between GSA and Upper Heaven was established following Jason’s resignation from the clan.
  • GSA-DF/MMC War comes to a complete stop. Despite the drop in activity from both GSA proclaims victory by advantage on duels and battles.



  • Major Reforms continue to go in effect to revamp GSA.
  • A vote was made to join a alliance formed by a member of GeNo(GeNoCide) known as Spirit. The GSA voted for not in favor of joining it.
  • GSA begins colonization on Space Engineers.
  • GSA falls from popularity with their member count still gradually shrinking.


  • The FG has been reformatted with the changes such as Grand Advisor (which became Vice Leader)
  • Due to Nickman101’s retirement, a vote for a new leader was established. BananaReaper got the most votes, making the new ruling leader of the GSA, becoming Nick’s successor.
  • Steam became a main focus for GSA’s activity and overall survival.
  • GSA transitions itself from a roleplaying clan into a gaming clan.
  • GSA FG reorganizes itself into the GSA Staff. Removing the ranking system, anything that seems RP-related.
  • BananaReaper steps down as leader after backlash regarding changes to be made. Jeepdino becomes his successor.
  • GSA continues to expand into other games available on the steam platform with games such as Space Engineers, Team Fortress 2, and Left 4 Dead 2 being one of the few of common games.
  • GSA becomes a community-based clan.


  • GSA reforms have started to slow down due to rise of inactivity which is threatening the community’s potential downfall.



  • GSA begins its history project by searching and recording events that occurred throughout the clan’s history of its existence.
  • GSA begins Game Night sessions to maintain activity and interest to keep the clan alive.
  • Further reforms and renovations are still in place.


  • GSA begins expansion on a game known as Phantasy Star Online 2
  • GSA expands to Destiny 2
  • GSA goes through a major change of leadership. Jeep stepped down as leader due to backlash from the community, resulting with some of the Staff members resigning and some removed for inactivity or utter incompetence.
  • A vote was made to elect for a new leader. Jonb7 wins the vote and becomes Jeepdino’s successor.
  • GSA Vice Leader rank becomes obsolete and removed.
  • GSA Staff was wiped clean with members such as Zard Wing becoming the first new administrator in Jon’s leadership with new moderators: Tethys, Axel, Boss, and Delayed.
  • GSA begins go through major changes in order to further modernize the clan to adapt for its survival.
  • Drama and other incidents began to ensue following Jon rise to leadership affecting morale in the community.
  • Nepotism in GSA finally comes to an end thanks to the major change of management.


  • A former staff member known as Axel has attempted to cause a mass resignation in act of revenge towards specific individuals of the clan, by deceiving several staff members and manipulating them to his will which as negatively effected GSA and resulted in other drama involving certain members victimized by the incident.
  • The staff sees some overhaul, with Tethys becoming admin, and changes in the moderators.



  • GSA relocates to a new website which is the current website we are on.