Banned Members

List of Permanently Banned Players from the GSA:


1. Gigoto-

Gigoto rebelled at least 3 times, each time creating a new, alternate version of GSA.  He has attempted to inflict damage on GSA many times and in his latest attempt, tried to overthrow our CL Nickman101. He released the IPs of all of the FG and then joined with Satan to DoS our IP’s. Has commit countless more offenses and has long been a notable menace to GSA.

2. Satan AKA Serpent-

DDosed multiple GSA members, including several FG members.  Joined GSA with the promise to help, then backstabbed and left.  Collaborates with Gigoto.

3. Blackbird-

Constantly makes new clans to mess with the GSA, then pretends to be apologetic. Blackbird is manipulative and should be handled with extreme prejudice. Threatened to hack the GSA website.  Collaborates with Gigoto. Has commit cyber warfare attacks. Has commit felony crimes within the United States. Has commit countless more offenses.

4. Sheep aka Aryman-

Former Cyclix leader, uses cheats, continued anti-GSA activities even after Cyclix disbanded, collaborates with Gigoto.

5. TheChosen One aka Damocles aka EliteStriker-

Former EKAT and Cyclix member, uses cheats, continued anti-GSA activities even after Cyclix disbanded, continued spying activities, collaborates with Gigoto.

6. Tekynn AKA Carla AKA Webber

Quit 3+ times and has refused to follow laws.

7. Supercoolex

Has quit GSA several times and is involved in hostile activities with hostile clans.  Has claimed to be a spy and hacker before.

8. Tikemaro

Has joined and quit/been fired from GSA several times.  His firings have largely been due to his horrible relations with GSA members and the overall negative energy his presence inflicts upon the clan.

9. Locus aka Edward Page aka Zealot

Has joined and quit/been fired from GSA several times due to his spying for hostile clans like MMC.  He has ties with other banned members, like Blackbird.  Recent evidence further incriminates him and solidifies his status as a banned member.

10. Arthur/Yato/Lucifer

DoSing GSA member. Collaborates with Gigoto and Blackbird.

12. MrMcShroom

Has commit cyber attacks against GSA. Has maintained an AGSA stance. Collaborates with Gigoto, Blackbird, and Arthur.

30 thoughts on “Banned Members

  1. So far anyway. Some people might get banned for political reasons and then accused of something else to make the ban look legitiment to people ignorant of what is going on, just like good old Jason times.

    1. That’s a lie. You joined EKAT when you still called yourself Dead Snow, you joined/quit GSA when you were in MPLA/The Convenant, and you quit recently and then joined Cyclix.

      1. My PB2 username is sbilko and Ajbenius banned me on the new chat again, for nothing.
        Is there any reason, any proof, any cause of this? No, it’s just a ban-happy owner who likes to raid the school.

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