What is GSA?

Words from the former leader of the GSA~

Hello! Nickman101 here, [updated by Jeepdino] I was the CL. or Clan Leader of GSA. The GSA Stands for the Galactic Security Army. It was a Clan based in Plazma Burst 2, though not limited to the confines of Plazma Burst 2. The GSA has been looking to colonize and expand outwards toward other games, resulting in our eventual change into a widespread gaming clan that we are now, after Plazma Burst’s slow popularity decline. The GSA was one of the most powerful clans to ever exist, one of the longest-lasting clans to ever exist, and was by far the most powerful clan that Plazma Burst 2 had ever seen. We followed a strict honor code that affirmed to the values of the GSA. Some of our other accomplishments were being the first clan to introduce the concept of a republic and democracy into clan systems. At the peak of Plazma Burst 2, the GSA had more than 200 Real GSA Members, as well as well over a thousand fake GSA members (members that were so envious of the clan that they sported the [GSA] tag in Plazma burst 2, but did not join the GSA through the website.) The clan has been around ever since 2011 when it began originally as RAL. It eventually evolved into GSA and then migrated to Plazma Burst 2. GSA had a mixed reputation with the Plazma Burst 2 community, but overall prevailed to attain it’s current state. Our leader in the past, Jason408 or Jvinh1, was displaced and was the leader of GSA from 2011- October 2013, and is currently lead by Jeepdino following the reformation into a gaming community.


16 thoughts on “What is GSA?

  1. FYI, Nick, I thought I’d mention, because I’ve seen you do this a bunch of times.
    “Populous” means filled with lots of people.
    The word you’re looking for is “populace”.

    1. I don’t need to. Every clan is a dictatorship. The difference is that this clan is more democratic. So you are preaching to the choir.

      1. Hey, am I considered a “fake” member? My old profile was hijacked a few days after I tried to join, so I couldn’t. If you receive this message, let me know via private message. Search me, The Dark Commando.

  2. One of your members seems to have a hating thing towards me… Every time I see him, he posts homophobic slurs at me. I believe his username is around the lines of GSA Ninja or something. I don’t know if that’s him or not, but if so, can you give him some sort of warning? Thank you.

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