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  • If a member feels that he/she was unfairly demoted for breaking a rules then he/she can see a higher ranked member to rule if the happenstance was justified or not.
  • Punishment for breaking 1 or more rules vary depending on the severity and strict levels on how it is enforced. continuous unwanted behavior may worsen the punishment. 

General GSA Rules:

  1. Treat all members with respect. Do not harm fellow GSA members, or threaten them in any way to damage them.  (P: Warning or Probation from communicative services. I.E. The GSA chat, or in special cases for the endangering other members part)
  2. Do not follow corrupt ways to achieve higher ranks. Only give or acquire a rank in the GSA through legal means, and do not give or acquire ranks because of blackmail/bribery/extortion.
  3. Only an Administrator can fire a member of the GSA, and he/she must have just cause and reason to fire a member.
  4. Please follow all Staff instructions, unless they infringe upon your rights or break the rules.
  5. Inactivity from the GSA for 1 month without informing any member of the GSA about a temporary leave of absence results on getting removed from your current position and the GSA.
  6. A vote must give the members of the GSA a minimum of 3 days, or 72 hours from the creation of the vote, to vote on the subject.
  7. A member is innocent until Proven Guilty.
  8. All members that possess the privilege of author, editor and admin must abide and follow the post regulations rules that are stated. Follow the Post Regulations stated above.
  9. Comments are to be neither edited nor deleted, except for the following exceptions: You may edit out profanity, you may delete comments from an enemy, but ONLY if that person poses a hack/site deletion threat through commenting, You may delete comments in order to keep a post clean. But you must warn people that they will be deleted in the post. (Punishment: Removal of site powers for one (1) day)
  10. Only members that were active in the GSA for a period longer than one year can achieve the Veteran Rank. Once said member leaves/retires from the GSA than he/she may be reinstated or may acquire the Veteran Rank: [GSA]Vet., but only if approved by a majority of the Administrators. Upon entering the Veteran Rank, there is no activity requirement, and these people can never be removed from the members list unless the Administrators authorize it.
  11. Contact or communication of any sort with banned players without the permission of tan Administrator is prohibited. This is usually done for your own protection and includes commenting on websites or forums related to those clans/players. If a non-GSA member is found communicating with banned members, they will be added to the “Punished” role until communication ceases. Repeated offenses will result in a ban from the GSA chat.
  12. A member of the GSA may not share their identity with another person, or mass of entities. In the case of this happening the member’s cases of identity will be null and he/she must create a new identity to which it is private and not accessible by anyone other than the GSA owner.
  13. A majority of the current Administrators may at any given time, unanimously begin a vote to oust the Leader from his rank of authority. If the vote succeeds, the Leader will be demoted or fired in a separate vote and the community must then choose a replacement.
  14. A GSA member may be in a maximum of 2 clans, in addition to GSA itself.


Post Regulations

These rules are to be followed by everyone that posses the power to create posts. Failure to do so will result in a suspension of authorship.

Post Regulations: Some regulations that should be followed by any authors on the site

  1. All posts should have a clear title stating what the content is all about.
  2. All posts should be written with correct grammar and use correct vocabulary .
  3. All posts should be relevant to GSA or anything game or media related.
  4. All posts should have the writers name or signature located at the bottom to notify who created it.
  5. No posts should contain profanity or inappropriate content.
  6. There should be no more than 2 featured posts at one point in time. Unless they all have high relevance.
  7. Posts that are featured should only be featured for a total of 2 days to one week.
  8. All posts should include at least one category that describes what the posts are about.
  9. Only GSA members may be given site authorship. However, contributor may be given by admins in certain cases, so that posts may be approved by them.