Official GSA competition [+]

This page has been created for documentation purposes, so as to put officially, in writing, a few guide lines. Note that most of the content here is flexible, but typically applies to all GSA hosted competitive events unless specifically stated otherwise, or if not applicable.

Also note that these guide lines are typically tailored towards Pb2, and many may not suit any other games.



Typically, as per our long tradition, score is based solely on kill count. The player with the most kills across all rounds of a competition wins, unless other terms are in place. A score limit may be put in place for each round, but typically goes unbound, and is almost always limitless until the event is over.

For team games, team scoring across rounds is only applicable if teams stay together.

For official matches, the event host must be present to screenshot and count scoring. You may give a screenshot to the host, if for any reason they were unable to do so themselves. Typically a player must be in the GSA chat and participating in multiple rounds to be placed on the final scoreboard.


Most arena maps are acceptable for standard competition, as long as they are of decent quality, and are balanced. Asymmetrical maps must be of extremely high quality.

Map advertising from map makers is not only acceptable, but encouraged. We’re always glad to try something new, if it is of quality craft.

While most maps are acceptable, a few are blacklisted.

The following are notably black listed maps, for most GSA competition, unless expressly stated otherwise by an event host.




More may eventually be added, to complete the list. There are also, of course, obvious category exclusions. Non competitive maps such as bases are not to be used in competition unless a specifically special event calls for it. Saws, chases, or other custom maps of the sort may require special scoring methods.

Map playlists:

Lists of maps may be created by event hosts to vote for, for each round. This system is still a work in progress, and more information will be added soon.

Friday Gamenight events:

Currently, GSA is hosting game nights almost every Friday night. Everyone from the community is welcome to come and compete for the Champion title.

As is our tradition, score is determined by kill count. Each official gamenight, all participants in the chat will have their score tracked and placed on the carnage report leaderboards on our site. The player with the most kills at the end of the night takes the title of Champion. Every Friday, participants will be competing to steal the current Champion’s title.

In order to steal the title, your score must be equal to or higher than half the current champion’s previous score. If the champion is present, you must also beat their score for that night.

Current schedule:

[Latest update: April 5th]

April 8th: GSA Gamenight.

April 15th: GSA Gamenight

April 22nd: GSA Gamenight

Hall of Champions

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