Halo CE:

Information pending.

Halo 2 Vista:

Go Here and follow the instructions, or below.

  1. Sign up for the linked forums, and download from the link in that page.
  2. Create a file and place the .iso you just downloaded into it, and using winrar, select “Extract here”.
  3. Within the extracted files, search for “startup.exe” and run it.
  4. Click “Customize game install”.
  5. Choose your install location. Default is probably best. Do NOT move any files after installing, obviously.
  6. Select “Full install, do not start” and continue. Ignore any warnings that pop up. Select run when compatibility issues are shown.
  7. Always select “Activate later” when the activation window pops up.
  8. Let the game install completely.
  9. Get this file if your PC is not up to date on it. .NET Framework 4.6.1: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=671744
  10. Get this file, as it is essential to launch the game and also to connect to multiplayer servers. Halo 2 Launcher http://www.halo2vista.com/update/ 
  11. Create an account here: http://www.cartographer.online/
  12. Install the .net framework previously downloaded. You may need to restart your computer. Skip this step if your PC was up to date, of course.
  13. Run the Halo 2 launcher installed in step 10.
  14. Input your login information from the site on step 11 in the launcher.
  15. Press play. The game will update and launch.
  16. In the top left of the game window you should see small text. If you see “Master Connection: Connected”, the game and project have been installed properly
  17. Lastly, within Halo 2 itself you will create a profile, which will save your customization and controller scheme/keybindings.
  18. Note: To join multiplayer games, you must select “Network”. Not “Live”.
  19. Also, don’t play the campaign if you haven’t played Halo CE first. Seriously.
  20. Enjoy.
  21. ???
  22. Profit!

FAQ can be found in the link, for error codes and such.

We’ll be organizing some game nights soon. It’s gonna be legendary.

Halo Waypoint:


GSA now has an official Spartan Company on Halo Waypoint.

Check it out Here.

Send Jonb474 a message asking for an invite if you wish to join it.



Halo Reach:

Information pending.

Halo Wars 2:

Awaiting release.