Discovery Freelancer

If you’re going to be playing Discovery Freelancer, please comment below with all your char names you have made.


A rar extraction program such as WinRAR or 7Zip. This will be needed to extract the base game “Freelancer.iso” from its rar.


In the game, there is a moment where your screen will experience a rapid flash of white blinks. If anyone is susceptible to Strokes due to epilepsy, do not activate an option called “Bloom Effect” During installation.

Tutorial Video by Behemoth

Tutorial Steps By Bronze

Here is a Tutorial Video With Instructions on how to Download and Install both the game and mod.



Step by Step Installation:Go to this website

  1. Click on downloads.
    1. Click, and open both of those links. And be sure to download them in browser.
    2. Afterwards, you should end up with a .rar file named “Freelancer”. And an application named “discovery 4.88.1
  2. Open up the rar file first using whatever extraction program you have on your computer. And extract the iso file named Freelancer to anywhere on your computer. Doesnt matter where. (though it’s suggested to make a new folder and place it somewhere in your comp, like the desktop or wherever.)
  3. Open up the folder where you extracted it, and double click the setup.exe
    • Choose install or express install, the only difference being where the game is installed. (“Install” allows you to choose where you wish to install the program)
  4. After the installation is done. Go back to “discovery 4.88.1
    1. Double Click
    2. Press Next
    3. The current page should show the current installation path of “Freelancer” (which you just installed)
      • If it’s not the place where it was installed, correct it.
    4. Click next. ***Bloom effect is something that doesn’t have to be activated, it’s a personal choice affecting the in game lighting.(warning up top)
    5. Click next. Now this screen shows the future installation path of Discovery (what you’re currently about to install)
    6. I recommend placing it next to where you installed “Freelancer” for an easier installation and the ease of knowing where both programs are.
  5. After Discovery has been installed, go to where you installed it and open up the folder.
    1. Locate a program named “DSLauncher”
    2. Double Click it and a prompt should appear to update the launcher.
      • You must do this in order to play the game, there is no way around it
    3. After it has been updated, go to My Accounts.
      1. Press Manage Accounts
      2. Click Add Account
        • In the Name section, put whatever name you would like to have your account named as
        • In the Description Section, it’s whatever as well
        • For the Code and Signature Section, press the Generate button and Press OK
    4. Now you can press Launch Game.
  6. The game should open up and you should see the main menu with different options. 
    • You can not play the single player aspect of the game, it is broken and will possibly lead to a ban for editing some files. (I’m not sure on the ban, but singleplayer is broken.) 
    • If you have Bloom Effect on you will experience the flashing/blinding lights as it loads and launches, afterwards you wont see them again. (To my knowledge)
  7. Press Multiplayer and a prompt should come up confirming that you are aware that the multiplayer service is ran by Real Players that don’t work for the original company that created the game.
    • This game is considered abandonware so you are not playing anything illegal or breaking the law.
  8. Another prompt should appear asking if you will be playing on LAN or Online, click Online.
  9. Last but not least is server selection.
    1. The server that the majority of player will be on is Discover Freelancer RP 24/7
  10. Afterwards press New Character. Name him, and start it up.
  11. The first thing you should do is press enter and put in “/restart beginner” without the quotes.
    1. The game will kick you out, that is ok. Just rejoin
  12. Now you’re ready to play.


Here are some in game images:




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