Colonies [+]

This is a page dedicated to the recording of GSA colonies, as well as instructions on how to join these colonies.

List of GSA Colonies:

Planet Side 2

Game Website – Planet Side

Governor: Nighthawkthevaliant






Plazma Burst 2

Game Website – Plazmaburst 2


Members:21+ (A lot more, possibly less now)

Organization + Instructions on how to play:Plazma Burst 2 is a 2d side-scroller shooting game that anyone could play, the controls are WASD and move around with the mouse.

Freelancer Discovery

Game Website – Discovery

Governor: Rinzler






Future colonies:


Governor: N/A

Members: N/A

(If you have created a colony or if it is not on this list, then please post a comment!)

59 thoughts on “Colonies [+]

  1. I know you guys think this game is dumb and stuff but I think you guys should give Grepolis a shot. Since Grepolis doesn’t allow me to multiaccount, I can’t join your colony but I can sure help out.

  2. Space Engineers should be added to future colonies. Me and Superkiller85 are working on making it a major GSA colony- And, it suits GSA very well.
    Here is the official site:
    The game is on steam, i may edit this comment later with the page.
    It is currently 25$ USD, but, it goes on sale frequently.

    Once i can play it (My craptop cant handle, need a new PC.) i will get to work on some standardized GSA vessels and put them up on the workshop for all of us to use.

  3. We could do Wargaming America things. (I could lead the WoT one.)

    Um….Killing Floor possibly. (Love the game, worth the cost.)

    Also, Quintet was set up. Feel free to find me on the chat or Steam, and we can bring you into the fleet.

      1. Is that so? Why was I not informed -.-

        And who the hell is he in the GSA military?

        There are also more ‘GSA’s than the GalSecArmy. the most popular “GSA ” is Grille Scouts of America. As I do have a Grille, I will not be a Grille Scout.

      2. idfk. We fired alot of people were spies. ALOT.

        I can still lead stuff dou. Give me a chance pl0x.

  4. has it ever crossed your mind that we could colonize Team Fortress 2? It’d be interesting to see if we could get more guys into the Steam Group through Team Fortress. and you know what that means, More steam group members means more recruits.

      1. I tried all the options I had (that includes reinstalling it). Couldn’t get it working. It would login but in the middle of loading the garage it just glitches and shuts down.

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