Permanent Councillor Demotion Vote (More than Over)

OK this vote is over – looks like Jeep is still a Council member but AJ isn’t.


So as many of you know, some of the current councillors are inactive, or just don’t qualify for their position anymore. Yadda Yadda heres a vote to demote some of PCs (Permanent Councillors) to their previous military rank.


+2 | -2


+4| -0

One thing to note is that Aj should have been demoted for inactivity automatically (law 18) but I’ll still include him in the vote.




Alliance – Council Vote (Done)

This is a transparent vote.

This vote deals with whether or not we will join the Alliance that Spirit has formed. If the people want to make this a general vote, they can – provided they have a 2/3 majority.

Full disclosure about this new Alliance:

  • Contains these clans:
    • GeNo
    • DLN
    • JOG
    • ArK
    • Itami
    • AHE
  • Currently only for PB2
  • Brings together the current clans in the PB2 community


Now, for the vote.

Should we, or should we not join this Alliance?


        Yes, we should:                                                                                No, we should not:

                    0                                                                                                           3

Trials in GSA

Our trial system right now is messed up. Not how we do the trial itself, but how easily a simple crime can manifest into a large trial. We’ve seen this many times and it has the adverse effect of sidetracking the entire clan for days, and sometimes weeks at a time.

That’s why I think that we need to restrict trials for high-end cases, reserving small things like disrespect or not having your tag on for the Punished role.

The Punished role is an idea that I came up with to substitute the regular bans or kicks we would give members. It would also substitute trials for minor crimes. The role disables all of the features of the chat, rendering them effectively kicked – but without the hassle of invites or anything else.

This is what I’m thinking of:

  • Disrespect
    • 1 offense = 30 minutes or warning
    • 2 offenses = 2 hours
    • 3 offenses = one day
    • 4 or more = one week or if severe, trial
  • Wrong tag or no tag
    • 1 offense = 30 minutes or warning
    • 2 offenses = 2 hours
    • 3 offenses = one day
    • 4 or more = one week or if severe, trial

Give me your thoughts on this, but you might not have a lot of time, I want to make this into a vote soon.




Vote Ends: Friday, January 29th. Monday February 1st 12:00 AM EST (Any votes after that point will not be counted)

[Rinzler: You forgot an ending time, GG Bravo. Added it.] 

[Bravo: ty Rinzler, but votes like this are supposed to last a week, it was intended to end a week after it started]


Pzk: 6

Banana: 3

Mustang Bill: 0

(Please note: you are allowed to change your vote)

The vote has ended with Pzk becoming the new elected councilor, congratz. Now the author of this needs to unsticky it cos formalities.

Banned List Vote [ENDED]


Hello guys, Councilor Charlie here, here’s the vote to remove Blackbird from the banned member’s list. If you haven’t done so already, I recommend reading the Expose2016 post before voting. I also reccomend remembering the past but dont just let that decide your decision. Consider everything, or not, its your choice haha. Wooo Democracy man haha, alright here’s the vote:

Remove Blackbird:1 votes

Leave Blackbird there:10 votes

Vote ends 12 PM 01/15 2016 or January 15, 2016

[Bravo] seriously, who suggested this?


Guys, Seriously

Can we stop losing track of time on these votes we set up? The Council vote should’ve ended 5 days ago, this is starting to get ridiculous. I mean honestly, we set up timeframes for when these votes should end and they actually end up ending about a week or so after the deadline because nobody’s been paying attention to when the vote was posted or when the vote actually ends, they just keep voting. We can’t just have someone say “Hey wait a second this should’ve ended already” nearly a week after it should’ve ended just because they remember votes end. Pay more attention to your vote posts ye fokin morons (jk ily all but seriously, pay more attention to them.)


~Sperk out

Council Member Vote

Hello everyone, Council member Night here, alright so we need to vote in a new council member so the council can be up to speed and whole.

As you all know, we need to get the council whole and ready for GSA and this post is here to do just that.

Therefore, sign up below.

Please Note You Must Be Active On Discord In Order To Be A Part of The Council.

Sign up for Council Spot:(Candidates)





And then after we have at least 3 people who have signed up, we’ll vote for them below here:

Vote for Council Spot:(To be done after 3 days)

Pzk:1 votes

Sniper:4 votes

Banz:9 votes

-Voting has ended-

Our new Council Member is……..

BananaReaper aka Banz!!