Administration shakeup. [Expired]

This is a post where the people will choose whether or not to oust current member of the Administration team. Please comment below with a “+” to keep the desired person in their current office, or a “-” to oust them in favor of someone new. Do this for every person listed, not just one or two. Those who are ousted will likely be made moderators. Also, I will moderate this post. So if everyone else could let it be so that there’s no confusion or double counted posts, that would be much appreciated.

Jeepdino (+) 14 (-) 5  For personal reasons, Jeep has decided to retire and name Jon as his successor.

Nighthawk (+) 9 (-) 10

BronzeV(Leejay) (+) 0 (-) 19

Jonb7 (+) 17 (-) 2

Pzk (+) 6 (-) 13


VOTE HAS BEEN EXPIRED. Any recent votes will automatically not count.


Updated laws page + Updated laws & regs


I was looking over the laws page, and it came to my attention that it needed a few touch ups. I did a general check for any errors and fixed any small thing I found, and also made some additions.

As follows is the previous state of the page; (Note that only text color is changed. Notes will be present.)

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Important vote

It has come to my attention that Pzk was NOT put in charge of GSA after Banana’s departure. Which is what many of us were led to believe, and many of the changes that Pzk has created were not properly voted on. Banana told him to collaborate with the Founder’s Group to change GSA, and to help move us to steam. Not to remove power from the leaders on Discord and go crazy with changing everything without proper voting. Unfortunately Banana is being a jerk about staying around to help figure this out and Pzk isn’t around for a while either. But I know how we work, and if we don’t act now, we’ll never act. We’re lazy. So this vote is created in collaberation with multiple other GSA members. We want to remove Pzk from absolute power in Discord, and name an official leader that Pzk needs to answer to (He was never voted as leader). Pzk will still be allowed to keep in charge our move to steam as Banana originally ordered, as that was voted on. But more in depth changes must be voted on before they can be  established.

Vote for Night, Jeep, or Pzk to receive/keep the adminship on chat and head leadership of the clan.

Jeep (7)

Pzk (1)

Night (2)

Vote will end on the 16th

Final Vote

GSA has reached an ultimatum. There are two options.

[POLL CLOSED] Option 1 has won.

1. Make GSA a gaming clan.

  • We will renovate ranks.
  • We will become serious on Steam.

2. Keep GSA as a roleplaying clan.

  • We will die off slowly.
  • We will keep the site and current ranks.
  • We will be as lazy as ever.


Gaming Clan: 7 Votes

Roleplaying Clan: 0 Votes

Pzk needs to set an end date for the vote, as per vote regulations.


Appeal of BlackBird



Alrite guys. Blackbird has asked for an appealment of his ban. Now i don’t know the circumstances of his ban, and i’ve been told that he wasn’t put under trial.


Keep Blackbird on the ban list + (6)

Remove Blackbird from the ban list -(1)

Hold a proper court trial for Blackbird=(1) [after receiving further information on the matter. It has came to my understanding that Blackbird has quit and because of that he cannot receive a trial.]

Vote ends 4/26/2016 at 11:59p.m Central

Comment below

New Clan Leader

Because Banz has yet to make a post, thanking his voters, i’ll do it for him. Thank you everyone for your votes, no matter who it was, the participation was appreciated. And so now, from those votes, I’d like to welcome our newest Clan Leader Bananananananana Reaper. Everyone give Banz a warm welcome. His first requirement as CL was to choose Vice Leader(Grand Advisor) He chose Eagle. So in addition to welcoming Banz, please welcome eagle as well in their new positions as CL and GA.

Your Friend and Alloy,


CL vote

This vote session has come to a close

Congratulations to our newest Clan Leader, BananaReaper!


This is a vote for the new CL. Whoever wins this vote will be the GSA’s next Clan Leader.

Eagle (1)

Jeepdino (5)

Banana (7)

Rinzler (1)

Leejay (1)

Vote will end at 11:59 PM on the 21’st. 

If someone doesn’t want to be contending for the CL rank, you can request to be removed.


Well It looks like this voting session has come to a close with option 1 leading with 6 votes.

Buckle up ladies and gents, our next vote session determines who leads the clan.

This is a vote for which format the new Founder’s Group should take.

(6) Option 1: A more regular format, with 1 CL, 1 Vice Leader (GA), and 3 Supremes

(5) Option 2: A tri-leadership of 3 CL’s and a number of Supremes

17th 11 EST

Due to the closeness of the vote, I’m going to extend the run time until Monday at 11 PM EST.

 hue hue hue. ~Jonb7's signature (NBG)

Founder’s Group

Thank you all for voting, this session is now closed. 🙂

This is a vote to restore proper ranking systems and power to the Founder’s Group. Rolling back from the Council, which has played it’s part in the sudden drop of power in GSA.

(+) 9

(-)  2

This vote will end on the 14th at 11 PM

[Bronze] What will the FG consist of, like what ranks. I just want it laid out lol.

[Jeep] We have 2 options at this point that we’ll need to decide between, we’ll discuss it tonight. 


I’m going to end the votes now for time purposes. Rinzler, Leejay, and Bananareaper are all now official Council Members.

This is a multi-poll vote post to bring some members back to their position as Permanent Councillors (PCs). These polls will close on the 13th of April at 8:00 EST.


+7 | -0



+5 | -1


+8 | -0