Star Wars and Roleplaying

Heyo boys and gsaettes, this is BronzeV here just trying to gauge in interest in roleplaying, and how many people would want to take part in a Star Wars Roleplay. I would be the GM and i’m willing to teach others how to play. But first I’d like to know how many would be playing, if any. All other details can and will be ironed out when i see who’s all interested. That is all

P.S. this will probably be my last post cause i dont think Jon realized i still had posting priveleges, but if my priveleges dont change then i’ll make a followup post after this.


Your Friend and Alloy (Pun always intended),

BronzeV A.K.A. Leejay7


Recent events, and moving forwards.

After the events of the last few weeks, it’s best that everyone know what’s been going on. I don’t know where to start on all of the details, but I’ll try to summarize as best I can.

Axel, who many of us loved and trusted, attempted to stage a mass-leave of GSA members, saying it was to make a point. He made members believe this was for the best, though that was not his intention. His intention was to reinforce a personal issue with someone, going after their friends, trying to make them feel as if they were the issue and not him. He’s shown sociopathic tendencies in the past, and while that itself is not necessarily bad, it manifested in an abusive and harmful way.

This raises a lot of questions. How honest has he been with us? He seemed to be a good friend, with good qualities. But, this side of him is quite different, and it was well hidden. And in the end- He was harming a good friend of ours, someone who was a part of our family- And furthermore, to do so, he attempted to create a rift between our members. This is perhaps the worst way anyone could have harmed us.

We’ve had to deal with much worse people in the past, who only wanted to harm GSA. Though even if they found their way into our ranks, they never posed any real threat- They were always outsiders, wanting to harm GSA. But this was an insider, someone we trusted, and they weren’t explicitly after GSA, but rather, one of our members. And yet, this nearly did more harm than anyone of the past ever has. It’s a strange moment for us, and I hope we can learn from it. Nothing should ever drive us apart, because in the end, we’re a family. Our number one principle is that we stick together- If someone messes with one of us, they’ve messed with all of us. And while he was one of us, he tried to split us apart, only for the sake of causing harm. In doing so… He cannot be one of us. Maybe he never really was. I can’t say I know exactly how dishonest he might have been to any of us individually. I used to love and trust him, and I know many felt the same. It hurts to lose that vision we had of a different side to him, but… All we can do now is move forwards.

Whatever will come in the future, we’ll stand united against it, as we always should.

If anyone has further questions, feel free to ask about it. I’m not sure this post will explain everything that people may wonder about, and questions should not be left unanswered.

Stick together. Talk to each other. Many of us are feeling a little lost right now, and we need to help each other cope in what ways we can.


Administration shakeup. [Expired]

This is a post where the people will choose whether or not to oust current member of the Administration team. Please comment below with a “+” to keep the desired person in their current office, or a “-” to oust them in favor of someone new. Do this for every person listed, not just one or two. Those who are ousted will likely be made moderators. Also, I will moderate this post. So if everyone else could let it be so that there’s no confusion or double counted posts, that would be much appreciated.

Jeepdino (+) 14 (-) 5  For personal reasons, Jeep has decided to retire and name Jon as his successor.

Nighthawk (+) 9 (-) 10

BronzeV(Leejay) (+) 0 (-) 19

Jonb7 (+) 17 (-) 2

Pzk (+) 6 (-) 13


VOTE HAS BEEN EXPIRED. Any recent votes will automatically not count.

Co-Op/4 Player Games Month 1

I know I know, you guys are probably like “Leejay you promised this post almost a millennia ago!” and you’re absolutely right. But i still have to do it now that im getting on my PC more often. So Low and Behold THE FIRST COOP GAME POST OF THE MONTH OF… what month is it again? Oh yea……. APRIL!!!!!


Now what is “Lethal League” and why is it so special you ask? Well its a rootin tootin’ butt kickin’ ping pong-esque game. It’s alot like if wall ball and tennis were to make a digital baby and get released as an indie game. The aim of the game is to hit the ball and not get hit by the ball. As simple as that… or is it? Just like pong each subsequent hit speeds up the ball until it becomes the speed of blur. And the music is intense is a good way! And each character has unique taunts, and special abilities that can give you that little push you need!


The game is actually really fun and addicting, and especially great to play with friends. Up to 4 people can play at once. You can get it at a well worth it price of $13.99 or wait till its on sale and get a 4 pack for you and friends.

Steam Source


GSA Game Night Feb 24th

On February 24th, the next GSA game night will take place.

Our current gamenight schedule, also posted at the Official GSA Competition page:

February 24th: GSA Gamenight.

March 3rd: GSA Gamenight.

March 10th: No Gamenight .

March 17th: GSA Gamenight.

March 24th: GSA Gamenight.

blue—elite arena

Gameplay will be dynamic and will be based on votes cast on the GSA chat. The list of maps to be voted on are listed below.

The playlist for February 24th is as follows:

Round 1:
blue---rail zone
Round 2:
Noir Line-Infection

Round 3:

Round 4:
x death-realwar

Round 5:

Round 6:
blue---elite arena

Round 7:
Silent Phoenix-OS

Wishing you guys lots of fun tomorrow.


Carnage report, January 27th

am i the only one making posts now? wot the fok, guys.

Ahem. Hello, and welcome to another carnage report.

Last night we had plenty of participants, and played a few games, spanning over a little over four hours total.


Our first round was a close quarters, free for all slaughterhouse, a map created by one of our honored guests, K2shape. Visitors from the California servers came and went, but our participants quickly racked up a massive kill count.

Ultimately, K2shape won round 1, quickly reaching a goal of 100 kills.

Round 1 score:

1 K2Shape: 100
2 Shadows end: 73
3 MyLeslin: 58
4 Jonb7: 39
5 Pzk: 13

(A grand total of 283, not counting the uncounted visitors from the server.)

After 100, K2 left, and we went for another round. For round 2, we went for a classic.


One again a free for all, absolute chaos ensued on this map. The sound of gunfire constantly echoed in all corners of the map, with kills galore. Axel joined us, and quickly dominated the match, reaching over 250 kills, with Pzk and Shadow following closely.

We even met some potential recruits.

Round 2 score:

1 Axel: 258
2 Pzk: 236
3 Shadows end: 214
4 Jaxon: 137
5 Jonb7: 100
6 Silent Tiger: 19

(A total of 964 not counting some visitors from the server.)

After this glorious chaos, things calmed down a bit. We ended the night with a few special duels…

Outside Space

(No preview was available.)

Two duels were held on this map, to settle the finale of the game night. First, myself and Pzk, and visitors from the server, in an intense battle of wits and reflexes.

The first duel's score:
The Pzk: 31
Jonb7: 25

At this, Pzk gained first place over Shadow, and Axel decided to play one last round. It was another intense battle, putting us both to the test. In the end, Axel dominated the game night.

The second duel's score:
Axel: 80
Jonb7: 58

Overall, it was a great night. Four long rounds, and tons of insanity.

Final score:

1 - Axel: 338
2 - Shadows end: 287
3 - Pzk: 280
4 - Jonb7: 222
5 - Jaxon: 137
6 - K2shape: 100
7 - Lege: 58
8 - Silent Tiger: 19

(The total score for the entire game night, of the recorded participants, totals at 1441 kills.)

Axel is hereby crowned the Carnage master for this week.

I’d like to thank you all for coming, and, I hope to see you next week, as Axel defends his title from the coming challengers.

~See you next time around

Jonb7's signature (NBG)

Monthly Games

I think I’ll join Night in showcasing a game. I’ll be doing it once a month, but I’ll focus on squad/co-op games. Where you can just grab 2 or 3 friends and play against or with eachother. Games like left 4 dead, Payday, etc. I’ll also focus on MMO’s that are fun and can grab a few people people to grind with. Tonight I’ll focus on a game called Lethal League. Since I’m not at a computer atm I’ll make the post later tonight.

~Your friend and Alloy


The rules page was wonky, I know I edited it before, but all of the old rules and regulations were back. So I went through again and deleted a lot of it. Please observe the changes and give some feedback.