Updated laws page + Updated laws & regs


I was looking over the laws page, and it came to my attention that it needed a few touch ups. I did a general check for any errors and fixed any small thing I found, and also made some additions.

As follows is the previous state of the page; (Note that only text color is changed. Notes will be present.)

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Time to work.

As you all should know by now, we have moved from Plazma Burst 2, and are now considered something of a gaming community. While this is likely to have been a good move on our part, it cannot last without a certain amount of effort being put into it. We may be “alive” for now, but if we don’t keep an influx of players joining, we will never survive beyond our clan generation. If we are to continue to thrive beyond this recent period of expansion, we need to put in the work required for it. Every able body needs to be doing something to recruit. Enter games, and invite some people to check us out. Most of our current members are elders in game-terms. We need a next generation to come in and learn to lead, so that we may be replaced when the time comes.

I don’t know about you all, but I don’t intend to be the one in charge when GSA finally goes out. That day will not be today, and it will not be any time that I lead. I will not be the leader that fails the GSA and the leaders before me. If you want the same thing, then I suggest the work begin. Old rivalries or enemies need to be forgiven. Old grudges need to be let go. I don’t want to wait for the last minute to go crazy recruiting. Let’s start now and never get to that point. We need to get to work if we are to survive.

Plazma Burst 2.5 Update

So, as many of you may know, Eric Gurt has begun work on his latest project…

This new project is known as Pb2.5- A complete remake of PB2. He’s redoing the engine, and most of the game, adding in tons of new stuff.

For those unaware, you can get all the information Here

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Final Vote

GSA has reached an ultimatum. There are two options.

[POLL CLOSED] Option 1 has won.

1. Make GSA a gaming clan.

  • We will renovate ranks.
  • We will become serious on Steam.

2. Keep GSA as a roleplaying clan.

  • We will die off slowly.
  • We will keep the site and current ranks.
  • We will be as lazy as ever.


Gaming Clan: 7 Votes

Roleplaying Clan: 0 Votes

Pzk needs to set an end date for the vote, as per vote regulations.


Change is inevitable (OUTDATED)

I know many of yall will crap your pants and whine and throw temper tantrums, but it’s time yall stop acting like babies and let this change come. The only thing that can be relied on is change. To just keep rolling with the many changes going on in gsa, we the FG would like the members of gsa to suggest a name that we can change to. Though the option to keep our name GSA is there, it won’t be fitting to the changes to come. The first 10 names that are deemed appropriate and useable will be voted on.


Your friend and alloy,


GSA: Fixes

Hey fellow GSA members, Night here, and today I propose to you an option to participate in making GSA better and being a actual part of it. Now I have several plans I’m gonna propose after this post but I want to hear from you all on what YOU think, yes you in the crowd of blue smurfs. So therefore:

  1. What do you think is needed for GSA?

  2. What would get you interested?

  3. Are the current games we have listed as our main (PB2, Planetside 2, Warframe and World of Tanks-all free btw) good enough?

  4. Would you want to change something up or even voice an opinion?

  5. And how are we, The Supremes, doing so far?

I ask a few questions but you guys can add to them or ask one and provide a response to it, I want some feedback so I can add your opinions if they fit. Also, this is you lot participating so more power to GSA. Thanks for reading and as always,

Night is occasionally Right (Jonb7 edited this, sic ’em boys!)


Appeal of BlackBird



Alrite guys. Blackbird has asked for an appealment of his ban. Now i don’t know the circumstances of his ban, and i’ve been told that he wasn’t put under trial.


Keep Blackbird on the ban list + (6)

Remove Blackbird from the ban list -(1)

Hold a proper court trial for Blackbird=(1) [after receiving further information on the matter. It has came to my understanding that Blackbird has quit and because of that he cannot receive a trial.]

Vote ends 4/26/2016 at 11:59p.m Central

Comment below

Why’d you leave GSA? (Yes, You!)

This is for all those who have left GSA and haven’t returned. Not including those banned or kicked from GSA.

I was just wondering for those who used to be in GSA and willingly left, why was it that you left, and what is keeping you from returning. I’m hoping to help target some of these things that are keeping older members from returning, and hope to improve our internal affairs to make GSA a more enjoyable place for those who have been recruited.

Founder’s Group

Thank you all for voting, this session is now closed. 🙂

This is a vote to restore proper ranking systems and power to the Founder’s Group. Rolling back from the Council, which has played it’s part in the sudden drop of power in GSA.

(+) 9

(-)  2

This vote will end on the 14th at 11 PM

[Bronze] What will the FG consist of, like what ranks. I just want it laid out lol.

[Jeep] We have 2 options at this point that we’ll need to decide between, we’ll discuss it tonight.