Leaving, for a time.

Currently my Pc is FUBAR. I’m making this post from mobile to officially mark myself inactive until further notice.

It will hopefully not be too long till I return. Until then, keep things in order as always.

And as always, be wary.

Oh, also- As for game night, the next scheduled was luckily already pushed up to March 3rd. If I’m not there, someone else should see that it goes on. Be sure to re ord the score, and each joining player for KTSC.

I trust that in my absence, all shall remain well and peaceful.

And, with a little hope, I say that my return shall bring good surprises.

~Stay toasty

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Game night + Announcements + Monty Oum

Just a quick post here, to give everyone an update.

First of all, game night is of course next Friday. I’m happy to announce that we will be supporting Noune’s project, Kill to Stop Cancer. For every player who joins us, the NIR will donate 1$ to help fight lung cancer.

Also, as many of you have probably noticed, the GSA site has been updated a bit. Updates will continue for the next few days, and we hope to shape things up a little better. Have a look around, and see what’s new, but remember that things aren’t finished yet.

Some posts may be made soon regarding changes to policy. I’ll get back to you about those changes, hopefully soon.

February first.

Two years ago, today, marks the loss of the visionary, Monty Oum. Well known for his work with Rooster Teeth, particularly on Red vs Blue and RWBY, he was an inspiration to many, through his creativity, work ethics, and attitude.

Today, he wishes to inspire you, too. February first marks a day that everyone should be inspired- Go and begin working on something you’ve always hoped to create. Write the first page of your own story. This is the legacy he would have wanted to leave- To continue to inspire the great creativity in people.



Rest well, and may you continue to inspire.

That’s all for now.

~I hope to see you all soon.

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Halo/Console colonies

Just a quick post. Anyone considering colonizing any console games? Not too many of us have any systems in common outside PC, but it could be quite an opportunity if well executed. Halo, of course, is a keen candidate.

And, on that note, id like to announce to anyone who plays Halo: The Master Chief collection, or Halo 5, that GSA now has a Spartan Company. If you wish to play under our banner, and bring  glory (or shame…) to GSA, send me your gamer tag, and I’ll send you an invite via Halo Waypoint.

If you wish to see our page personally, its Here.


 ~Thats all for now.

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Guys, Seriously

Can we stop losing track of time on these votes we set up? The Council vote should’ve ended 5 days ago, this is starting to get ridiculous. I mean honestly, we set up timeframes for when these votes should end and they actually end up ending about a week or so after the deadline because nobody’s been paying attention to when the vote was posted or when the vote actually ends, they just keep voting. We can’t just have someone say “Hey wait a second this should’ve ended already” nearly a week after it should’ve ended just because they remember votes end. Pay more attention to your vote posts ye fokin morons (jk ily all but seriously, pay more attention to them.)


~Sperk out