Anniversary Gamenight?

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In one week, GSA will be officially turning 6 years old.

Pzk and I were recently discussing a bit of a gamenight on the 24th-26th, to celebrate the occasion.

Who’s up for a gamenight? We’ll probably play a bit of everything. Maybe some Pb2, but probably more of something else. We have lots of options; We’ll probably set up an arena game for our newest recruits in Space Engineers. Maybe some oGaT, or something new. Or maybe some Cards Against Humanity GSA.

Who’s up for it? And, any ideas? Always open.

Everyone from the community is welcome to join us on Discord for celebrations!

I hope to see you all there~

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Death of an Era

Today, March 29th, Club Penguin died. With it, a generation of jokes and memes died. For many of us, we grew up with Club Penguin, and it saddens me that the next generation can’t experience Club Penguin.

We will always remember you, Club Penguin. Rest in peace.



Updated laws page + Updated laws & regs


I was looking over the laws page, and it came to my attention that it needed a few touch ups. I did a general check for any errors and fixed any small thing I found, and also made some additions.

As follows is the previous state of the page; (Note that only text color is changed. Notes will be present.)

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Game night + Announcements + Monty Oum

Just a quick post here, to give everyone an update.

First of all, game night is of course next Friday. I’m happy to announce that we will be supporting Noune’s project, Kill to Stop Cancer. For every player who joins us, the NIR will donate 1$ to help fight lung cancer.

Also, as many of you have probably noticed, the GSA site has been updated a bit. Updates will continue for the next few days, and we hope to shape things up a little better. Have a look around, and see what’s new, but remember that things aren’t finished yet.

Some posts may be made soon regarding changes to policy. I’ll get back to you about those changes, hopefully soon.

February first.

Two years ago, today, marks the loss of the visionary, Monty Oum. Well known for his work with Rooster Teeth, particularly on Red vs Blue and RWBY, he was an inspiration to many, through his creativity, work ethics, and attitude.

Today, he wishes to inspire you, too. February first marks a day that everyone should be inspired- Go and begin working on something you’ve always hoped to create. Write the first page of your own story. This is the legacy he would have wanted to leave- To continue to inspire the great creativity in people.



Rest well, and may you continue to inspire.

That’s all for now.

~I hope to see you all soon.

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Cheers to another year. 2016 was hellish, but it had it’s glory.

It was a year of tragedy and triumph. Time goes on as ever, of course.

As for GSA, this was a big year. It was the beginning of the reforms we shall continue to make, and while 2016 was a slow year for us- And, in parts, quite a somber year- It was also the beginning of something great. Through our troubles, and after many missed steps and failed starts, we began on a better path. We elected a perfect new leader, and since then, we have been fixing the community steadily. 2016 was a slow year, but 2017 shall be a glorious year because of it.

2017 shall be our return to glory.


~See you in 2017.

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Pb2 Game Night

Just a reminder, and to notify anyone unaware. Tomorrow, Friday night, we’ll be having a game night on Pb2.



We’ll be playing arena DM or TDM mostly, but we’ll go with whatever the mood is. Anything is open for suggestion tomorrow.

So far we have a few people coming, but more are definitely welcome. Leave a comment, or just drop by tomorrow and you can join us. We’ll be using the #Gaming channel on the chat to organize.

Also, if you have any map IDs to suggest, please do so. Any style of multiplayer map is welcome. Be it DM, COOP, Saw, survival, or any sort of minigames.



That’s all for now. See you all on Friday night.

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~Friday Night’s alright for fightin’.

Time to work.

As you all should know by now, we have moved from Plazma Burst 2, and are now considered something of a gaming community. While this is likely to have been a good move on our part, it cannot last without a certain amount of effort being put into it. We may be “alive” for now, but if we don’t keep an influx of players joining, we will never survive beyond our clan generation. If we are to continue to thrive beyond this recent period of expansion, we need to put in the work required for it. Every able body needs to be doing something to recruit. Enter games, and invite some people to check us out. Most of our current members are elders in game-terms. We need a next generation to come in and learn to lead, so that we may be replaced when the time comes.

I don’t know about you all, but I don’t intend to be the one in charge when GSA finally goes out. That day will not be today, and it will not be any time that I lead. I will not be the leader that fails the GSA and the leaders before me. If you want the same thing, then I suggest the work begin. Old rivalries or enemies need to be forgiven. Old grudges need to be let go. I don’t want to wait for the last minute to go crazy recruiting. Let’s start now and never get to that point. We need to get to work if we are to survive.

Not good enough.

Tomorrow marks the two month mark since beginning our reforms. So far, we have done well, keeping a steady pace, organizing everything. We’ve completed the first step, and we are on the way to achieving our goal.

We’ve made progress, and we’re over the hard part. We’ve gotten started.

We’re not doing good enough though. We have set up enough to function well, but we cannot become complacent. We have alot of work to do. We need to stay active, start recruiting, and keeping busy together.

Complacency will drag us back into what we have been working to escape, and we cannot let it set in. Don’t be happy with the way things are. Work to make them better, and to fully realize the community we have come so far to achieve.

If we continue our efforts without complacency, without laziness and stagnancy, we’ll finally return to a golden age.

So don’t be complacent. We have a long ways to go, GSA.

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