Change is inevitable (OUTDATED)

I know many of yall will crap your pants and whine and throw temper tantrums, but it’s time yall stop acting like babies and let this change come. The only thing that can be relied on is change. To just keep rolling with the many changes going on in gsa, we the FG would like the members of gsa to suggest a name that we can change to. Though the option to keep our name GSA is there, it won’t be fitting to the changes to come. The first 10 names that are deemed appropriate and useable will be voted on.


Your friend and alloy,



GSA: Fixes

Hey fellow GSA members, Night here, and today I propose to you an option to participate in making GSA better and being a actual part of it. Now I have several plans I’m gonna propose after this post but I want to hear from you all on what YOU think, yes you in the crowd of blue smurfs. So therefore:

  1. What do you think is needed for GSA?

  2. What would get you interested?

  3. Are the current games we have listed as our main (PB2, Planetside 2, Warframe and World of Tanks-all free btw) good enough?

  4. Would you want to change something up or even voice an opinion?

  5. And how are we, The Supremes, doing so far?

I ask a few questions but you guys can add to them or ask one and provide a response to it, I want some feedback so I can add your opinions if they fit. Also, this is you lot participating so more power to GSA. Thanks for reading and as always,

Night is occasionally Right (Jonb7 edited this, sic ’em boys!)


New Clan Leader

Because Banz has yet to make a post, thanking his voters, i’ll do it for him. Thank you everyone for your votes, no matter who it was, the participation was appreciated. And so now, from those votes, I’d like to welcome our newest Clan Leader Bananananananana Reaper. Everyone give Banz a warm welcome. His first requirement as CL was to choose Vice Leader(Grand Advisor) He chose Eagle. So in addition to welcoming Banz, please welcome eagle as well in their new positions as CL and GA.

Your Friend and Alloy,


CL vote

This vote session has come to a close

Congratulations to our newest Clan Leader, BananaReaper!


This is a vote for the new CL. Whoever wins this vote will be the GSA’s next Clan Leader.

Eagle (1)

Jeepdino (5)

Banana (7)

Rinzler (1)

Leejay (1)

Vote will end at 11:59 PM on the 21’st. 

If someone doesn’t want to be contending for the CL rank, you can request to be removed.


Well It looks like this voting session has come to a close with option 1 leading with 6 votes.

Buckle up ladies and gents, our next vote session determines who leads the clan.

This is a vote for which format the new Founder’s Group should take.

(6) Option 1: A more regular format, with 1 CL, 1 Vice Leader (GA), and 3 Supremes

(5) Option 2: A tri-leadership of 3 CL’s and a number of Supremes

17th 11 EST

Due to the closeness of the vote, I’m going to extend the run time until Monday at 11 PM EST.

 hue hue hue. ~Jonb7's signature (NBG)

Founder’s Group

Thank you all for voting, this session is now closed. 🙂

This is a vote to restore proper ranking systems and power to the Founder’s Group. Rolling back from the Council, which has played it’s part in the sudden drop of power in GSA.

(+) 9

(-)  2

This vote will end on the 14th at 11 PM

[Bronze] What will the FG consist of, like what ranks. I just want it laid out lol.

[Jeep] We have 2 options at this point that we’ll need to decide between, we’ll discuss it tonight. 


I’m going to end the votes now for time purposes. Rinzler, Leejay, and Bananareaper are all now official Council Members.

This is a multi-poll vote post to bring some members back to their position as Permanent Councillors (PCs). These polls will close on the 13th of April at 8:00 EST.


+7 | -0



+5 | -1


+8 | -0

Permanent Councillor Demotion Vote (More than Over)

OK this vote is over – looks like Jeep is still a Council member but AJ isn’t.


So as many of you know, some of the current councillors are inactive, or just don’t qualify for their position anymore. Yadda Yadda heres a vote to demote some of PCs (Permanent Councillors) to their previous military rank.


+2 | -2


+4| -0

One thing to note is that Aj should have been demoted for inactivity automatically (law 18) but I’ll still include him in the vote.



The Return of The Fruit

Hello guys,

After a few weeks on leave as a War Veteran Banana has decided he would prefer he return to GSA full time. Banana will return as a permanent council member. His skills will of course be as beneficial as they were when he left and such leadership skills are always in need in our wonderful clan.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to ask in the comment section. Thank you.


Alliance – Council Vote (Done)

This is a transparent vote.

This vote deals with whether or not we will join the Alliance that Spirit has formed. If the people want to make this a general vote, they can – provided they have a 2/3 majority.

Full disclosure about this new Alliance:

  • Contains these clans:
    • GeNo
    • DLN
    • JOG
    • ArK
    • Itami
    • AHE
  • Currently only for PB2
  • Brings together the current clans in the PB2 community


Now, for the vote.

Should we, or should we not join this Alliance?


        Yes, we should:                                                                                No, we should not:

                    0                                                                                                           3