I love you guys

Thanks to all GSA who stayed through thick and thin.



My presidental speech.

Ladies and Gentlemen of GSA, I am honored to be the president of this clan. I’ve been a GSA for almost 2 years and its great to be president again. I will try my best to help this clan in any circumstance. I’ve chosen Alexwang to be my Vice president and we will making a few changes with this clan. Like the military system, promo system, how much control the Federal Government  has over the military, more training, more bonding, and more parties haha. 

Lets make this a good run.

XForce79 out.

Watch out for the GSA killlers

There is a new clan called GSA Killers or G.S.A.K. They want us destroyed. They were very easy to find hence the name *facepalm* noobs. Anyway Devets, Banana, myself and kitten went to their little base. I tried to talk to their leader respectfully but he was being a $#%@. So i started to push him. I told him GSA isn’t the clan you want to mess with. He didn’t care. We had some words and then he killed me. We nuked the base and before the last + was entered I shot him with a ray gun. I’m not saying that were going to war with them because they look and seem small, just watch out and be careful of them.

Here are some pictures that I took:

This is when I was killed.

XForce79 out.

Farewell KKaharii.

Today one of our best fighters KKaharii is retiring from GSA. KKaharii is a leader, a fighter, a brother, a solider and a friend. Those of you who don’t know KKaharii recruited me to GSA in july 2012. When I was helping EKAT fight GSA he and a few other GSA would always attack me and the other EKAT I was working for. One day I tricked him and shot him so many times and locked him in jail. Then I bombed the base and left. I met him at a map and he was going to kill me when he saw me. I told him that I didnt know what I was doing and that I though EKAT where the good guys. He gave me mercy and forgave me. He trained me, was a real me, and taught me. He was my brother in arms. Without him I would have never found GSA or be here. I’m giving KKaharii the Award Of Leader ship. So KKaharii it was a pleasure having you in this clan. I wish you farewell in your future. Your always welcomed to come visit us. Until then stay safe. *salutes*.


GSA story: The contract

Nickman: “Alright guys. I have a meeting on earth with a gentleman named Quinxy. Im gonna need a few of you two come. Ummm XForce, Banana, Axe, Kitten, jeep, eagle.
Kitten: Ugh!
XForce: Whatever. 
Banana: Fine.
Axe: sure
Jeep: ….
Eagle: Aint nobody got time for that.

They all get in the GSA jet and fly to Quinxy’s mansion. 
XForce: Wooo!! This is a nice house.
Kitten: I hope he has cookies and milk!

Nickman rings the door bell. A guard opens the door.
Guard: May I help you?
Nickman: Yes. We have a meeting with your boss.
Guard: Come in…
Quinxy: Hello GSA. I hope to become allies after this meeting.
Banana taps XForce.
Banana: Yo. I bet you 20 bucks that there is gonna be a fight.
XForce: Yeah right haha.
Quinxy: Please sign this contract.

Nickman signs the contract without reading. They all go to the living room.
Quinxy: Would any of you like some refreshments?
Kitten: Cookies!!!
XForce: Wine would be great.
Nickman: I’ll have some champagne.

   The rest say no. Everyone gets comfortable. Axis and kitten are on one couch, and Eagle,  Banana and XForce are on the other. Jeep stands by the guards bat-glaring at Quinxy. Hours go by, and there still talking. Jeep is still bat-glaring at Quinxy

Quinxy: So Nick. When you want to give 70 percent of your men and women to my clan?

Nickman: Excuse me?!!!!!
Quinxy: Well you signed in the beginning to do that.
Jeep: Thats why I told you READ you idiot!!
Quinxy: Well Nick. We have a problem. 
Nickman: Go #$!% yourself. 
Quinxy slaps Nickman and all of GSA wakes up. Nickman gets up and pushes Quinxy. XForce holds Nickman back. 
XForce: Calm do-
XForce gets punched in the face by a guard. Now everyone is fighting.
Banana: XForce you owe me 20 bucks!!!!
Kitten slide tackles a guard and breaks his arm. Eagle, XForce and banana attack a buch of guards.  Axe gets tazzed.
Axe: Ahhhhhhh
Kitten kicks the guard tazzing Axe. Jeep throws a smoke bomb and takes out all of the guards attacking him. Nickman throws a wine glass at Quinxy. 
Nickman: AXE!!
Axe: Yes sir? 
Nickman: Go find that contract and burn it, then go tell Ismail in the jet to be ready ro take off. 
Axe: Sir yes sir.
Quinxy takes off Nickman’s helmet and tries to rip his eyes out. XForce is put in a choke hold. 
XForce: Help!!!
Eagle tackles the guard choking X. XForce elbows him in the nuts.
Guard: ughhhh!!!
Then all of a sudden the GSA jet breaks through the walk of fhe mansion. 
Ismail: Get in!!!
They all run to fhe et except for Nickman and Jeep. Nickman keeps betting Quinxy.  Jeep hold him back. 
Nickman: Jeep I wasnt done!!!
Jeep: Stop talking. 
Jeep throws a concussion detonator at Quinxy and he falls asleep. 
Jeep: Lets go…
They alk get in the jet and fly back to space to GSA hq.
Nickman: Thank Axe for burning that contract. Guys im sorry I didnt think before I reacted. For being good solders were having a party.
The end.

{USMI} has beef with us.

Banana, Myself, and awesomeness159 found an enemy base called {USMI}. Apparently their leader a guy named Shepard45. Not the Shepard that i dueled. The three of us interview one of their solders named David. He told us a lot about the clan.

Were apparenly one of their main enemies.

Awesomeness found their leader’s profile.

This is their site. http://usmiclan.wordpress.com/

So guys be careful. If they attack you, attack back.

XForce79 out.

GSA Forever.