Moving To Club Penguin: Islands

With the death of GSA’s main game, Club Penguin, the admins of GSA have decided to move all operations to Club Penguin: Islands.

It was with a heavy heart that I brought you guys the news of Club Penguin dying, but there is a bright future ahead for GSA. Club Penguin: Islands is a new game and there should be many new people looking for clans in it. GSA will be there for them.



Our New Logo:


Death of an Era

Today, March 29th, Club Penguin died. With it, a generation of jokes and memes died. For many of us, we grew up with Club Penguin, and it saddens me that the next generation can’t experience Club Penguin.

We will always remember you, Club Penguin. Rest in peace.



GSA Game Night Feb 24th

On February 24th, the next GSA game night will take place.

Our current gamenight schedule, also posted at the Official GSA Competition page:

February 24th: GSA Gamenight.

March 3rd: GSA Gamenight.

March 10th: No Gamenight .

March 17th: GSA Gamenight.

March 24th: GSA Gamenight.

Gameplay will be dynamic and will be based on votes cast on the GSA chat. The list of maps to be voted on are listed below.

The playlist for February 24th is as follows:

Round 1:
blue---rail zone
Round 2:
Noir Line-Infection

Round 3:

Round 4:
x death-realwar

Round 5:

Round 6:
blue---elite arena

Round 7:
Silent Phoenix-OS

Wishing you guys lots of fun tomorrow.


History of GSA

GSA has a truly long and varied history. We have now persisted for six years, and have had hundreds of people join our clan and leave. Over the years, dozens of those people influenced our history and shaped us into the clan that we are today. We might look back and laugh at certain melodramatic moments, but we cannot deny that those occurred, and we must document them in one permanent location for future members of GSA to see. In order to do this, I have decided to create a comprehensive record of GSA’s history, whose process will be divided into three steps:

Step One: Gathering the History

This is to be done with the help of our current membership and also past membership. No one person, however long they have been in the clan, can possibly remember all of the things that have occurred in it, so this is necessarily a group effort. If you have any good facts that may be obscure, please post them in the comments below.

Sadly, many of our old websites have been lost to time, but I managed to save a few and compile them into what I call the “GSA Archive”. I will look through this archive and use it for this compilation.

Step Two: Writing the History

While the facts alone are interesting, to an outside observer they are confusing. A lot of explanatory writing will have to be done in order  for the work to be coherent to members with no knowledge of our history.

Step Three: Publishing the History

The history will be split up into seven eras (subject to change) based on the evidence I currently have. Each era will be split up into separate entries and will be published both on the main page and on its own History page. You are welcome to criticize them as they are published and amendments will be made accordingly.

To conclude,

GSA deserves a record of its history not just for its future members, but also for its past members who spent so much time trying to improve their clan. It would be a tragedy if all of their efforts went unrecognized and forgotten. I hope that this will suffice.