The Shine Fades Away

Word up, my loves.

Spooky post title, am I right? Well, depending on your view of things, I guess what I’m getting at could be good or quite bad for you.

Alright, so I’ll cut to the chase, because I feel like if I don’t go ahead and say it right off the bat, everyone will skim through this post and not even understand the message behind it. Seem familiar? Huh, sure does.

Click that “Read More” button and prepare for the spooktifferous wonders on the other side!


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So, lots of controversy over whether or not Cyclix has defeated us or not. Lots of hype talks. Some downer talks.
But let’s get going with some of my FAVOURITE kinds of talk: REALTALK.

[Nickman101:] Funny, since this seems to be the exact opposite of what you seem to want to do in this post. Tethys, a member of the founders group is supposed to be one of the best of the GSA, a truly exulted member. From your actions not just today, but in the past, I do not believe that you are an ideal member to look up too, you have averted telling the truth about your involvement with the Gigoto coup and you, as shown here, seem to be against the GSA. You are hereby demoted to General.

It amazes me how someone can take so much information and Cyclix propaganda and insults, and turn it into some sort of “truth.” If you even glimpsed at my older post you would realize that true wars have never been won by what clan can beat the other clan in a set of battles. We cannot say that we are defeated to Cyclix when we are in healthier shape then they are. That is the simple truth of the matter. 

[Jeep]- Ouch.

[Eagle613]: *Eats Cake* Dis about to get gud.

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Who’s Ready for Round 2?

Word up, GSA.

It’s your friendly most loveable, first ever #2TERMZ President, Tethys!


This post will contain the following:

  1. Closing/opening remarks for last/new term.
  2. Announcement of Vice President.
    i. Fixing the Vice President rank.
  3. Thoughts for the Future.


1: Closing/Opening Remarks

Firstly, I almost have an apology to make. Last term, I didn’t perform as well as I could have, largely due to a few issues with my health. Fortunately, I was at least able to make time to be active, be a great friend and supported anyone I could, only getting one big project off the ground, but this time around, I’ll continue to do all that, and continue to do work on the HBFS Training Project, as well as working closely with my Vice President to bring about all sorts of positive things. I’ve got plans, and he’s got plans, and we hope you’ll enjoy all of them. Plus, seeing as the winter holidays are coming up, this is the optimal time to get what needs to be done, well done. This time off school will not be wasted.

Secondly, I’d like to take a quick moment to thank everyone who voted in the election. To all people who voted against me, I’d like to fire off a quick #haterzaremotivatorz, despite the fact I know you don’t hate me. But it’s relevant because without you guys making me worry for this election, I wouldn’tve decided to put the effort I need to into winning this and having a great second term. And my supporters. I couldn’ta done it without you lot – literally! The election was won by one mere vote! But, most of all, I need to thank my previous unsung heroes, Monkeyman and Eagle. You two helped me along throughout this whole thing and provided all the support I needed. Love you guys.

Anywho, here’s to a great term, GSA. Myself and my highly qualified VP are at your service.

1: Announcement of Vice President!

Right, I don’t suppose a drum roll would be too much to ask? Now, my president is…

None other than the illustrious,

Gigoto (The Oh-So-Gallant)

I realized during this election that there’s really no point of me and Gigoto continuing our little election vendetta. We were both a little bitter towards something, but one thing that Ghostehz said to me really influenced my decision. He mentioned how he wouldn’t vote on this election because the candidates were both very good, and he didn’t want to choose who was the better. So, instead of making people choose, why not combine the best of both of us, into the most kickass executive office ever? Simple logic. 1+1=2, and 2 is totally better than 1. [Nickman101]: But 2 means 2nd place and 1 means first place. o_O [Jeep] Don’t ruin the moment nickeh!

i: Fixing the Vice President Rank

Now, there’s a problem, if you will, with the Vice President rank, that I’ve noticed ever since I’ve been in GSA. The Vice President sort of is… well, to say, they don’t really BE VICE PRESIDENT. The Vice President should be important as the President, and it’s important that the Vice President makes their own great contribution. There’s a saying: “Second place is just first loser.” I don’t believe in that at all. Hopefully, this term’s Vice President, with his great ideas and plans will do a fantastic job.

3: Thoughts for the Future:

Now, I was approached with, and thought of some cool new ideas over the last few days. Nothing here is set in stone, it’s just things that I’ve been thinking about.

Promotions Office(r): This would involve the possible establishment of a member(s), chosen by the President, that would work as editors for the sole purpose of making sure promotions stay organized. We keep trying to do this, but we keep failing, pretty much. Anyways, the purpose of this Office would be to have all promotions going through here, and approved, and documented, to avoid unfair promotion, etc. More detail on that later.

Star Wars Battlefront II?!: Yeah, you heard me right. A couple members asked me about an expansion into SWBFII, and to be honest, seeing as it’s part of our heritage, I would be thrilled to make this work. However, this would require lots of dedication from several of our members, especially the PTR of Colonisation and Recruitment. We’ll have to discuss this a fair bit and make some major plans and commitments to take this off the ground, but the Winter holidays are as good a time as any to start! More on this later!


 Anyways, good luck to as all, lets have a great time.

Stay shiny!

Tethys' Signature! ;3

PS: This is the 400th post on the site! o;

Grammar added by Jeepeh, you’re welcome tethy. 😛


[Teth: OH PUH-LEESE YOU FIXED ONE TINY ERROR AND YOU FAILED WHILE DOING SO And you’re welcome for that signature, lookin’ good. ;3]

[Jeep] How did I fail? O.o Hey one problem solved is one problem you don’t need to see later. 😛

[Nick]: I just made one.


Presidential Election for 12/08/13

.: Election Station :.

Hey guys, this is the election post for the term that will start on Sunday, December 8th.

Make sure you read through the speeches and look at past experiences carefully and make a most well-informed vote for whichever candidate you feel is most worthy.

Only comments made on this post will count as votes.

Registration is closed, no further candidates will be accepted.

Voting will end December 8th, 2013, at 11:59pm, and the President instated on the 9th.



.: Candidates (Click to see speech, if applicable.) :.

UrKillerV/Lord Deception
Votes: NA

Votes: 15

Votes: 14

Superkiller85/Unwanted House Guest
Votes: 2

Votes: 0

Votes: NA


Good luck to everyone, and as always…

Stay shiny!


Election Post

.: Election Registration :.


Hey guys, well, looks like the end of my term is just around the corner.

I’ll hold the election over the next couple days because I REALLY LIKE HOLDING ELECTIONS IT’S LOTS OF FUN.

So, yeah, my term will expire on Sunday, which is 21 days after my term which began on the 17th. I guess the next day, the new president’ll take over. So, it makes sense in the name of efficiency to get the ball rolling now.

So, people who want to sign up! Do so by commenting below! Commenting anywhere else doesn’t count! Members above the rank of Lieutenant are allowed to sign up. (UrKillerV and Unwanted House Guest are exceptions.)

The deadline for registration is December 5th, 2013 at 11:59am.


.: Candidates :.

UrKillerV [0]

Superkiller85 [0]

.:iXlr129:. [0]

LegendaryBen [0]

Gigoto [0]

Tethys [0]

[Banana] Now Eagle, presidents are allowed another term.

[Teth: *COUGH COUGH* IKR? I don’t think I’m running, but like, If I’m nominated enough…. heh.]

[Eagle613]When was this changed? I don’t remember a law change post? But OK 😀

[Nickman101] I did it. Made a post a long time ago.


.: Presidential Speeches :.
Click a candidate’s name to view their speech!

Superkiller85/Unwanted House Guest




So, good luck to everyone.

Stay shiny!


Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

EDIT: A page for this has been set up: Click here.

Hey guys, Tethys here. Sorry I’vent been as… with it? As I would’ve liked, but lately, I’ve been sort of unwell, and confined to my room for a lot of time in the past week.
But, now, I’m back, and I’d like to propose an idea that myself and Xlr worked on last week.

That is the possibility of a training program for the purpose of giving our players who aren’t as good at PB2 (hereon referred to as the “students“) a friendly but competitive environment where they can practice, learn tricks and increase their skills with the guidance of some of our more senior and skilled players. (hereon referred to as the “teachers“)

Personally, I think the concept of a “mandatory, school-esque, thing” is kind of stupid, so instead it should be fully up to the students to attend, but if any player has signed up as a teacher, while they shouldn’t be forced to help, it definitely would be their responsibility to coordinate with student players and help them out. Plus, I’d like to encourage all members who are are unsatisfied with their skills, or those who feel “they just suck”, to take part in these sessions.

Currently, Xlr’s volunteered to be the first teacher, in lieu of this, I’m recommending he step down from the position of PTR of Colonization to instead become the head of this program.


Next, we get to the responsibilities of the roles.

• Hold games dedicated to training new GSA members.
• Teach tips, tricks, and strategies to members, as well as answer their questions.
• Invite and encourage members to their training maps.
• Give brief progress reports, recommend low ranking members for promotion if they’re performing well.

• Attend training maps, at least once a week.
• Listen to your instructions when in training.
• Provide feedback to try to improve the program.


Therefore, so far we have:

<spots available!>

Scarlett the Kitteh
Agent 47
<spots available!>


Now, I’m sure we need incentives to do these things, otherwise we’ll never get them done. SO, what I feel that if the program kicks off well, and the teachers perform well, they should be commended with medals for their contribution to the quality of GSA as a whole. These aren’t to be handed out, so they’ll be reserved for the teachers who have distinguished themselves over a period of time by helping several students, and awarded at the CEO’s discretion.

As for the students, as a way of encouraging our new members to take part in the training courses, I propose that a new member is able to gain promotions up to a certain level by participating in lessons, like I’m about to say.

Student Promotion Guidelines:
Total Sessions Complete: 1 = Recruit -> Private
Total Sessions Complete: 3 = Private -> Corporal
Total Sessions Complete: 7 = Corporal -> Sergeant


So, that’s all for now. I might set up a page on the site for this, if the idea gains much traction with you lot. As for now, comment opinions, suggestions and questions, and also comment or contact me/Jon/Xlr if you want to sign up for either position.

Stay shiny,


Let’s rock.

Well, looks like I made it guys. c:

Tethys is back, and she’s gonna try to do a great job this presidential term.

Now, first thing’s first, my VP. So, I’d like you all to give a hand to…


(should he choose to accept it)

So, let’s recap on the plan. What I need all you members of the GSA to do is this: Think hard and long about what we could all do as a group to make the GSA a better place. And then, make a comment/contact me or my VP in the chat about it and we can discuss it. Together, we’ll make a plan and we’ll post it on the site, and we’ll vote on it.

So far, iXlr and myself discussed the possibility of a new training program, used to increase the overall caliber of GSA’s fighting force, so expect a post on that sometimes soon.

Anyways, I’m looking forward to a great term with you guys!

Stay shiny!