Urban Terror

I found a game that the GSA can use, it’s a free multiplayer first person shooter.



Here is a link to the site for information and download links




Members list update!

All comments have been processed and inactive members have been removed. (With the exception of those on leave)

Members who feel that they have been treated “unfairly” can take this up with the FG.

New law idea

Individuals who constantly change his/her IP’s on WordPress should not be allowed to comment on the GSA site

(Constantly changing IP’s is seen as using a proxy and we wouldn’t know if the individual is a spy)

SuperCoolex gets credit for this idea


Alright, it has come to my attention that some members, who were in others clans, moved to GSA and are being “harassed” by their old clan members.

Here are several examples of The Bored Pro insulting and putting down a new GSA member~


 COO Rinzler had no choice but to guest him on several cases of harassment, When Rinzler warned him and told him to stop, Bored “Pro” ignored him.

This problem needs to be stopped right away, for ALL members who have came from other clans because this is immature and complete bullshit.