Guys, Seriously

Can we stop losing track of time on these votes we set up? The Council vote should’ve ended 5 days ago, this is starting to get ridiculous. I mean honestly, we set up timeframes for when these votes should end and they actually end up ending about a week or so after the deadline because nobody’s been paying attention to when the vote was posted or when the vote actually ends, they just keep voting. We can’t just have someone say “Hey wait a second this should’ve ended already” nearly a week after it should’ve ended just because they remember votes end. Pay more attention to your vote posts ye fokin morons (jk ily all but seriously, pay more attention to them.)


~Sperk out


Vote: An edit to the “No sexual language” Chat Law

Well, first thing to target first is the No Sexual Language Chat Law, I wish that it should be edited to something like “Sexual language is only allowed unless it either offends someone, or it is an inappropriate time.”

This vote ends on 12/3/14 6:00 PM ET

All in favor of this Law Revision: +  (6)

All Against this Law Revision: – (8)

Someone edit this and make it look pretty, and give me a signature too. i wanna feel special like everyone else who has one.

[Sniper]: I fabulized your post.

superkiller signature

[Bravo] The vote has ended, this law will not pass

For Thanks, and my VP Announcement

First of all, I’d like to say thanks to everyone who voted for me in the runoffs and in the current election, it means so much to me that everyone here trusts me with the role of being one of GSA’s leaders (Temporarily of course) and that i can finally get a few reforms under way. And now… what you’ve all been waiting for… the main event, THE SELECTION OF MY VICE PRESIDENT! My VP will be NighthawkTheValiant, One of GSA’s many COOs as he’s way more then qualified for the rank of VP and i feel he can do a lot of things in case of an absence. Now if this isn’t a surprise to anyone i don’t know what is, but anyways, Thanks again to all my voters, and Night, you change that rank of your to VP m8.

Stand Proud!

President Superkiller85

Is Damocles Really A Spy like AJ Thinks?

Okay, so Damocles is suspected to be a spy, however in Aj’s post i didn’t see any hard evidence that Damocles was really a spy, or that he admitted it to Aj. Until i see some hard evidence I’ll request that the HR’s unban him, you can’t make a prosecution without proof for everyone to see.

Stand Proud!


Regarding the chat scroll

Hey, can we try to keep the chat scroll for the GSA News thing I came up with? Nighthawk’s idea of using the scroll for it is perfect, and it keeps away pointless scrolls, as well as gives the scroll some form of usefulness. anyways, that’s all from me.


~Stand Proud!


Galactic Security Radio

This will be my first post in awhile, but Nick, Banana and I have come up with a way to listen to music on the chat without youtube links or anything like that, as well as have a decent News Network other then relying on posts. Banana and I will be the main owners of GSR, but we are looking for people to be News Anchors on the station’s News program. Post a comment below if you’re interested. And any HR out there can’t say I’m not allowed as i already got Nick’s approval. (chew)


~Stand Proud!


The Chat

Is the Chat  down again? because i swear that chatbox goes down way to often… anyway, every time i try to head to the chat all I get is a white screen and nothing shows up, can this get fixed real soon?


Stand Proud!


What are you guys thinking?!

Okay, look. I’m not saying Cyclix won, I’m saying that we’re choosing to end it here because it’s no victory for them if we just say “I’m calling this war a stalemate, nobody won.”


But no, you guys say “Let’s continue this war when really we won’t bother with it!” Banana had the right idea to end this war as a stalemate right then and there, but everyone who says they’ll continue war, when in actuality they won’t, said “I’m going to continue this war because I want to!” This vote in about another few weeks of doing nothing about it’s just going to put up another vote like Banana’s and this is all going to start over again.

These votes are just causing an infinite cycle of these votes being started and ended over and over again and they’ll never stop until someone chooses to break the cycle, and nobody here would have the balls to do it except for both me and Banana.


Now, you guy’s have been too busy being stuck in your egos to realize this. but after that second vote post got repealed, I stopped to think, “Is this really what you guys are choosing to do?” your votes are causing an infinite loop for this never to end. Both Banana and I want this war to be done, no questions about it.


Now if you guys really want to continue this cycle of never ending votes that’s your decision, there’s no way I can change that, but I just hope this post will change your minds to what you guys really want instead of what you don’t need. Now, if you guys want this war to actually end without a surrender but a stalemate. stand with me and push against what your minds are telling you to do and help me break this cycle.


Stand Proud!


P.S. Yes, I know this post was long, but read it because it’s important!

Summer at Last!

Finally! I’m at home for the summer! (Thank god for Spares and Phys Ed!) Since I have no exams, I planned on holding a Gaming party to celebrate the end of the year, so on the 25th I won’t be on. But, every time after that I’ll be on because during the days leading to it I’ll be getting stuff to prepare for it, such as chips, pop, pizza and such else. and I made this post not to talk about me, but for all the other High School students in GSA that have no exams. I wish to everyone this…


Have a Great Summer everyone!


Stand Proud!


P.S. What do you think of my new signoff?