Game Highlight: Empyrion Galactic Survival

Hey guys Night aka Charlie here, I was thinking of doing some sort of “highlight” of games on steam that we might be interested and that are relatively cheap. I may or may not do this every so week, I don’t know it depends if I got time and find a game but nevertheless, here we go.

This first game is called Empyrion Galactic Survival as you can tell by the title and its a pretty wicked sci fi survival game much like space engineers but with a bit less glitches, least from my run through on multiplayer.

20161130185720_1My carrier ship and I along with my upgraded shotgun

It has a lot to offer for a early access game, and has nearly topped Space Engineers in content(in just one year I might add compared to SE’s 3 years.) I’ve played it on single player and multiplayer, with the single player acting as a almost tutorial(more on that after the next pic). So far I’ve been I believe, eleven hours into it and already find it more appealing than Space Engineers and less frustrating than it by ten folds. Overall I liked it and the concept behind it, it feels like it could be a mini Star Citizen but is definitely a fun and not so glitchy game to play for us or to at least give a try.

20161130190139_1In flight and ready for battle

I know a lot of us like science fiction games( hell we started on Battlefront and worked to Plazma Burst 2) so I feel as if several of us would like this. It has a pretty decent survival feel, with scavenging for food and supplies a necessity and based on your level of difficulty. You actually need to kill the creatures in the game to get your food, some which defend themselves and some that don’t. Weapons and ammo are created, and everything you need to survive is created by hand and resources(and blood, lots and lots of blood.).\ There’s a tutorial for getting both a base and small vessel off the top, which is pretty good and moderately easy to follow if you land in the correct place. It features a skill tree where everything for the most part that you do, gives you experience and allows you to unlock new items that you can build for your base, small, hover and capital vessels, tools and weapons(this can be modified to be easy to earn exp or hard, as I learned on the multiplayer server I’m on, rip).

20161130190611_1A small vessel that I docked onto my capital vessel along with another gun(rocket launcher v2)

Crafting is real fun but not that realistically accurate as say, Space Engineers, but its still fun and easy to do nevertheless. Everything requires resources, from a small ship to a big carrier ship. Finding resources is both easy and hard, depending on where you land but your motorcycle makes it hella easier to travel at first. There’s also a factory setting where you can input resources and create a prebuilt ship(depending on the size, it’ll take you real time to construct it, but you can continue playing the game as you wait.) The ships I use are both pre built, although I did construct a ship(which now lies floating in the lake near my first base : D).



Besides the survival and building, there’s also combat with A.I. that you can do. You can be attacked by drones that sometimes catch you as you scavenge or if you are unlucky(read, “lucky”) to discover a station or factory, will be happily blown to bits by its defenses. In addition to this, you can attack these buildings later and raid them for supplies as well as better weapons, which is fun to do, but be warned that aliens lurk in certain places that can and will murder you if you’re unlucky (again read “lucky”.) Raiding such bases require massive amounts of ammo and missiles and the right ship, not just any would do. Although its fun to crawl out of the buildings with your loot and celebrate your victory as you die from a parasite infection you received from that tag team alien attack.

20161130190628_1Steep drop into the abyss that is Akua

Some things to note is the game is early access and can be bought on sale( I got it for ten during one of the steam sales) or for its normal listed price(20 bucks, bit cheaper than Space Engineers.) The dev team for this are very committed, they apparently take in the players advice a lot and from what I’ve heard and seen, update regularly and sometimes in bulk with patches to glitches and new stuff. They will listen to what you got to say(long as its constructive) and more likely than not, you’ll feel as though you contribute to the game unlike with other games where devs totally ignore you and tailor to the elites. The A.I. scripting, if Ill be honest, isn’t the best, but it probably will get there, its relatively new and needs work. Some glitches do appear(I glitched out of my ship that I eventually found floating in space some odd time later and recovered, it now rests proudly on my capital vessel’s landing strip) and you probably might get confused with the tutorial(its not hard but doing what it tells you in your given area may be difficult.) But overall, its a beautiful game and I highly recommend it for us to play together and just to try as we wait for Plazma Burst 2 .5 aka Daddy to come home.



GSA: Fixes

Hey fellow GSA members, Night here, and today I propose to you an option to participate in making GSA better and being a actual part of it. Now I have several plans I’m gonna propose after this post but I want to hear from you all on what YOU think, yes you in the crowd of blue smurfs. So therefore:

  1. What do you think is needed for GSA?

  2. What would get you interested?

  3. Are the current games we have listed as our main (PB2, Planetside 2, Warframe and World of Tanks-all free btw) good enough?

  4. Would you want to change something up or even voice an opinion?

  5. And how are we, The Supremes, doing so far?

I ask a few questions but you guys can add to them or ask one and provide a response to it, I want some feedback so I can add your opinions if they fit. Also, this is you lot participating so more power to GSA. Thanks for reading and as always,

Night is occasionally Right (Jonb7 edited this, sic ’em boys!)


Assessment of Actions

Hey guys, night here. most of you may be wondering what this is about so I’ll make my intentions clear now and later as well. I intend to be honest and show it since I’ve changed, bear with me. The Gwen thing was a lie. I was horrified by what I told Kera at the time. I realize this was wrong from the start but at the time, my emotions got the best of me so for that i am sorry GSA. I am sorry Kera for lying to you, I shouldn’t have and thats my fault.I didn’t intend to harm GSA at all, it just went down the way it did to concur with the lie.(No I am not justifying it at all, I’m just stating how it and why it went down.) Whatever reasons I may have had for it, I assure you they don’t cover this at all. It was wrong and I take full responsibility for it. For the Pzk issue, that was not done out of hate for him, but for what I felt was preserving the stability of GSA(I believed him to be creating a new clan since he made a separate chat which although I was added to, I didn’t buy into it). I did hear him say stuff about the FG but perspective sure did its number on me. However do as I may, it was wrong of what part I played in it, I also take full responsibility for it and I want to personally apologize to Pzk for what went down and banz for letting him take the full fall . I’m sorry Pzk, it was wrong to assume stuff, and I know your intentions were good. I understand how some of you may be feeling about all this. Now if you wish to demote me, then go on ahead. If it be fair justice, then so be it. However, the whole reason for this and my intention is to show I’ve changed from the guy I was in the past. I’m more honest now then before, and this post proves that. There’s a reason I made this, its not on a whim. Its not in response to bravo’s post, he made that in haste after finding out.(yes its in haste considering he didn’t provide a full evidence, trial format, etc etc) I understand your trust in me may be low, that is my fault. Be whatever occurs, I want to make things clear. I’m owning up to my mistakes in the past and I’ve tried to end any drama with Bravo to which he’s continued not to uphold justice, but out of animosity and anger towards me. bravo, you can’t deny this. But either way, I forgive you. and I’m sorry. Everyone, do things by your own intentions. Consider everything not just what one person may say. I am once again sorry to all those I’ve wronged and lied to, including the members of GSA. I’m not perfect, no one is. But I hope that by now, you all understand I’ve changed my attitude on things. I wrote this and intentionally told kera first since it started there(the first lie). I planned to make this first and into a trial but bravo beat me to the trial thing, so i write this since I originally planned to post it. This is me owning up to my past, I’m sorry once again for those I’ve hurt and pulled into this(including the GSA members and all the random debates/arguments between me and bravo). Whatever you guys decide, its on you, not what I think, not what bravo thinks. That was my intention as well with this post, to leave my fate up to the people.

-Night out

Vote for a division between the Council and Members(Read thoroughly, the title comes out of context)


Hello fellow GSA members and whatnot, Council member Night here to introduce a vote to separate the Council and Members.

Now before you immediately vote – or even +, I want you to take the time to read what I mean exactly by this “divide”.

This is what I mean by a “division” before everyone jumps to a conclusion, there will be more below this.

“I said it so that when we(the council) hear about news first(since we are most likely to get it first, unless you[a member] are playing pb2 and someone tells you info there)know and think of whatever we need to(but not decide on it right away without input from the members), so when the members hear and jump to any conclusions(as they might since information can be mishandled, we make that mistake as well[we being the council which is why we’d need their input]), we can help make everything clear and they can make everything clear to us as well(us again being the council)”

Further information on this “divide”:

Now from this, a further explanation would be that we are most likely going to get information first(we being the council). So the division(not a big one in reality) would be to let the other council members know at first(since they are the leaders of the GSA and preside of it through the people), but let the members know asap(if not, directly right away or after hearing of said news) so we can have input from the members(since they vote and have a say in GSA, not trying to take that away at all) and finally, make a decision based upon what we all think(the decision going to the Council since the Council decides as the leaders BUT have that decision based on both the Council and Member’s final thoughts, and not just either or or a premature(rash) decision.

A example of this new “division”(taken from a real situation):

Spirit messages me saying that he wants GSA to provide help to the new alliance that is to be made in the future, so I’d message the other Council members and once they know(at least have gotten it), I’d say it on the public(or members only, whichever) so that we can get input from everyone else.So now, the Council members will formulate what they think, discuss it on the councilforum chat(which everyone can watch and later comment upon for the next part) and then head back to the members only or public chat, to hear what the members have to say about the stuff talked about in the councilforums, and express their thoughts(which can obviously change what we think, this isn’t the final thoughts or final decision, keep that in mind) and at last, when everyone agrees upon something, we’d make the decision.(as the council with all the input considered and even added)

This pic I put since that’s what says we’re the leaders, and are at the top of the chain of command of GSA:


So do you think there ought to be this type of divide in GSA? Do note it doesn’t break any laws created that I’ve seen, so it’s not “illegal”.

Create the proposed “divide”(+)

Votes: 2 votes

Not create the proposed “divide”(-)

Votes: 8 votes

Voting ends 01/22/2015 at 11:59 PM(Pacific Time)

Banned List Vote [ENDED]


Hello guys, Councilor Charlie here, here’s the vote to remove Blackbird from the banned member’s list. If you haven’t done so already, I recommend reading the Expose2016 post before voting. I also reccomend remembering the past but dont just let that decide your decision. Consider everything, or not, its your choice haha. Wooo Democracy man haha, alright here’s the vote:

Remove Blackbird:1 votes

Leave Blackbird there:10 votes

Vote ends 12 PM 01/15 2016 or January 15, 2016

[Bravo] seriously, who suggested this?


AJ’s Disappearance

Hello people of GSA, Council Member Night speaking to you today about AJ and his lack of contact and activity with GSA. As many of you know, he has not been here for the past 2 months or so, and because of that, as of today he is to be moved to war veterans and  removed from the council. We’ve waited a long time for him to make any contact and he hasn’t, so this demotion is necessary seeing as we need a active Council. No hard feelings AJ, but you gotta be active bro if you see this.

-Night out

[Bravo] I am the one who asked Nighthawk to make this post. The council has unanimously agreed to this, except Eagle, he probably would vote against this or something but I deleted Kik… so other than Eagle, the council has agreed to this. Regardless, after being afk for a month without notice he should be kicked from GSA entirely, but he is demoted to Veteran because it isn’t right to kick a long-time member out of GSA unless it’s because of a serious offense. It’s “technically” only been a month because he was on the old chat a month ago, he came in saying “Hello children” and then left. Before that, he’s been afk for about… idk… a little less than a month. So yeah, 2 months.

[Eagle613]: Inactive for one month and you “kick him”? Okay…let me sip my tea. I bet the majority of you are jumping with joy given this new information. But never forget that AJ has always been the most loyal GSA supporter that has ever taken up memebrship in the clanAlthough some of his actions could be seen as controversial he alwyas did what he did for the advancement of GSA. And it saddens me so to be one of the few, or the only one, who is sad to see him go. He will always be one of the best GSA had to offer.

[Bravo]: @Eagle 2 months, if you want to lawyer it, it’s one month. Don’t for get that it’s also a law.

[Eagle613]: That wasnt the point of what I typed up. The point was to make sure someone said what needed to be said. That a lot of you guys have been waiting to kick him for the longest time and I wasnt gonna let it happen without spilling some tea on why he was one of the best GSA members. So yeah about the 2 month or 1 month whatever, it has been proven in the past that loyal long time members will be taken down so its not like I was surpised or didnt know it was possible.

Council Member Vote

Hello everyone, Council member Night here, alright so we need to vote in a new council member so the council can be up to speed and whole.

As you all know, we need to get the council whole and ready for GSA and this post is here to do just that.

Therefore, sign up below.

Please Note You Must Be Active On Discord In Order To Be A Part of The Council.

Sign up for Council Spot:(Candidates)





And then after we have at least 3 people who have signed up, we’ll vote for them below here:

Vote for Council Spot:(To be done after 3 days)

Pzk:1 votes

Sniper:4 votes

Banz:9 votes

-Voting has ended-

Our new Council Member is……..

BananaReaper aka Banz!!


Hey guys Night here,  I just want to announce that we have a kik group and if you want to join it, then friend either me, banz or ben. Its a good way to talk when you’re on the go or like me, have a broken pc(or can’t access the chat for whatever reason)

Kik users:





Join the group and we’ll see you there

New Law + Base Password

59. Members below the rank of Lieutenant cannot recruit members into the GSA. Members must be above the rank of lieutenant in order to invite or recommend someone to join GSA.

Also, keep in mind we are changing the usual password for protected posts to something simple. Remember it and if you don’t remember it, ask me and I’ll remind you. In order for others to not see just ask me and I’ll tell you it.