Net Neutrality: The fight’s not over

Last Thursday, the FCC voted to gut the Title II Net Neutrality protections, willfully ignoring the public outcry against such. We should not let chairman Ajit Pai have the last word on this, and that’s why we’re calling on Congress to overturn this vote. Urge your lawmakers to reverse the FCC’s Net Neutrality repeal today.

Congress has the power to restore the Net Neutrality rules we fought so hard for. Using the Congressional Review Act (CRA), Congress can pass a “resolution of disapproval” that would nullify the FCC’s repeal of Net Neutrality.

You may remember the CRA from last spring, when privacy opponents used it to roll back the Obama-era FCC’s strong broadband-privacy rules. Now we need to turn the tables and use the CRA to save the internet. Tell Congress: Overturn the FCC’s Net Neutrality-killing vote.

The CRA empowers Congress to review new regulations and pass a joint resolution of disapproval to overrule any recent regulations it doesn’t like. Overturning Pai’s misleadingly named “Restoring Internet Freedom Order” would leave us with the exact same Net Neutrality protections we won in 2015. Think of it as a double negative: If we repeal Pai’s repeal, we could end up right back where we started — with strong Net Neutrality rules.

Contact your members of Congress today: Tell them to use a resolution of disapproval to overturn the FCC’s vote to dismantle Net Neutrality. As we fight for the open internet in the courts and in the streets, we need our allies in Congress to fight side by side for a clean rollback of Pai’s bogus plan. The Net Neutrality fight isn’t over.



The final push for Net Neutrality

Once again, the fight for net neutrality is arising. This may be the final push- If net neutrality is abolished, we’ll suffer for it, while the wealthy will only benefit from it. Small businesses will suffer. Entertainment will suffer- Only triple-A titles would be given reliable server connections. Smaller things many of us enjoy will not be able to pay for better access. News sources will be rate limited, unless they’re wealthy enough to pay for access, meaning that money will decide what information is presented. Even as far as political information given to the public could be so easily swayed. ISPs can be paid to block certain websites, or allow faster connection to others. We should all know the hazards of letting wealth control information.

Don’t let companies min-max their profits by restricting our access, our information, and our quality of life. Should net neutrality be successfully protected this time, it may finally be safe for good.

Learn more, and join the fight here.

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Recent events, and moving forwards.

After the events of the last few weeks, it’s best that everyone know what’s been going on. I don’t know where to start on all of the details, but I’ll try to summarize as best I can.

Axel, who many of us loved and trusted, attempted to stage a mass-leave of GSA members, saying it was to make a point. He made members believe this was for the best, though that was not his intention. His intention was to reinforce a personal issue with someone, going after their friends, trying to make them feel as if they were the issue and not him. He’s shown sociopathic tendencies in the past, and while that itself is not necessarily bad, it manifested in an abusive and harmful way.

This raises a lot of questions. How honest has he been with us? He seemed to be a good friend, with good qualities. But, this side of him is quite different, and it was well hidden. And in the end- He was harming a good friend of ours, someone who was a part of our family- And furthermore, to do so, he attempted to create a rift between our members. This is perhaps the worst way anyone could have harmed us.

We’ve had to deal with much worse people in the past, who only wanted to harm GSA. Though even if they found their way into our ranks, they never posed any real threat- They were always outsiders, wanting to harm GSA. But this was an insider, someone we trusted, and they weren’t explicitly after GSA, but rather, one of our members. And yet, this nearly did more harm than anyone of the past ever has. It’s a strange moment for us, and I hope we can learn from it. Nothing should ever drive us apart, because in the end, we’re a family. Our number one principle is that we stick together- If someone messes with one of us, they’ve messed with all of us. And while he was one of us, he tried to split us apart, only for the sake of causing harm. In doing so… He cannot be one of us. Maybe he never really was. I can’t say I know exactly how dishonest he might have been to any of us individually. I used to love and trust him, and I know many felt the same. It hurts to lose that vision we had of a different side to him, but… All we can do now is move forwards.

Whatever will come in the future, we’ll stand united against it, as we always should.

If anyone has further questions, feel free to ask about it. I’m not sure this post will explain everything that people may wonder about, and questions should not be left unanswered.

Stick together. Talk to each other. Many of us are feeling a little lost right now, and we need to help each other cope in what ways we can.


Stand Together

Today stands for a lot. 16 years ago, many people were lost in the terror attacks on September 11th, 2001. Moving forwards from that day, America has seen many changes. Those lost then- And those who cared for them- Shall not be forgotten.

But with every tragedy, we become more united. Ultimately, we must continue to stand strong together. Tragedy cannot break us.

As much as some like to meme about it, let’s take this time to show respect- For this tragedy, and all the troubles we’ve faced, and continue to hold out.

Many of GSA’s members live along the East coast of the United States and Canada, and in the wake of hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Katia, and Jose soon to follow, we’ve been put through stressful times. But we can hold on, and make it through this.

To everyone affected by these storms; Have a plan, and be careful. And though we can’t do much, we’re all looking out for eachother, and you have our support.

Whatever happens, we’ll fight through it, and we will not lose spirit.

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The 8th Era – A few formal statements


In light of recent events, a few formal statements must be made. There’s alot to cover, and I’m going to do my best inform of these changes.

As of August 27th, 2017 Jeep has stepped down as the leader of GSA and retired, for personal reasons, and has passed leadership down to me. Him, and many other have put their faith into me, and I intend to take this position proudly and to not let anyone down. But I can’t do this alone. Everyone needs to contribute to GSA, and luckily I have support in this. But everyone has a part to play, and by their very nature, the changes we need to make require all of us to do our part.

Activity has dwindled for years now, and truly has been since the death of EKAT and a wide spread loss of interest and excitement. While we can’t quite return to how things were, we can get our community back up to a point of excitement and activity, keeping new members engaged in activity and forming the kinds of bonds we did when we were new to this community.

Ultimately our goal is to get back that golden part of those days. I’ve been with GSA for years now, starting from the bottom, and that experience has formed unshakable bonds between our members. The best thing we can do is to provide that kind of community again for our newcomers.

A few changes needed to be made. I’ll state some of what has been done so far, and some of what we still need. This is not necessarily complete, simply for practicality, and that alot must still be considered.

The rules page has been updated, but we still need to do more. Ultimately our laws have become too loose to serve as a proper system in many cases, and while this was intended in older reforms, it has failed. While we should not crowd the page with countless laws specific to a game we no longer play or to systems we no longer use, we do need to know a defined and precise time to take action when needed, and how to deal with issues.

Menus have been reorganized, and close to final. More changes will likely be made, though. Priority has been placed on more important pages, and less demanding info has been moved back into archives.

The banned list has had some fixed. Old entries unlawfully removed were restored, and in light of recent events some new have been added.

The staff is being worked on, revised and put together to work as a new team. Together, we’ll be making the changes we need, and taking feedback from all the community. I’m working to make sure all of our staff are active and cooperating for the better of GSA. A more official announcement will be made, once I have assembled the team fully.

And as a formal declaration, for the case of history being recorded, I declare now that July of 2017 is the start of the 8th era of GSA history.

It was then that we truly started improving the clan and aiming to make us a better community. With the changes of this week, this turn of history is cemented.

Additionally, Jeep has most certainly earned an immortal place on the wall of fame for his service as one of the best leaders GSA has seen in all it’s history.

If anyone would like to dispute the changes made, please take it up with me. We can all make this work, and feedback is important.

Hoping to serve you well ~

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BoA Now dead? (Re)

(Reblogged from BoA site.)

Just an interesting post from the BoA site. I haven’t heard any news from them for a while, but maybe we’re not the last surviving clan after all.
Still the oldest, but maybe not by as far as we thought, eh? Curious retrospective, though.


Hello everyone, Dave here. Just came back to check how things are going with this nice clan. Seems things aren’t going too well. BOA and GSA are the last pb2 clans left standing(Even though that designation is probably wrong calling us still a pb2 clan. Most if not all of us have moved on to other games(better games). So anyways  lets make sure BOA does not die off.

~Dave out!

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Site updates 2017

As you can already see, the GSA site has been updated. We have changed the format from our old piano black, after so many years so as to work on a new, more modern look. Sniper and I have been working on a few things, and soon more updated pages will be coming.

Please bear in mind, the new fonts and the new theme may have made formatting on some pages a little different than before, so some stuff may be out of place. We’ll be going over every page and updating everything.

Some pages may soon be thinned out, removed, heavily changed, and possibly merged with other pages.

~ I’ll keep you updated.

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Anniversary Gamenight?

OLD-GSA_Eagle_1000x1000 color fix

In one week, GSA will be officially turning 6 years old.

Pzk and I were recently discussing a bit of a gamenight on the 24th-26th, to celebrate the occasion.

Who’s up for a gamenight? We’ll probably play a bit of everything. Maybe some Pb2, but probably more of something else. We have lots of options; We’ll probably set up an arena game for our newest recruits in Space Engineers. Maybe some oGaT, or something new. Or maybe some Cards Against Humanity GSA.

Who’s up for it? And, any ideas? Always open.

Everyone from the community is welcome to join us on Discord for celebrations!

I hope to see you all there~

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Official return

A while back I declared myself officially inactive. While I’ve been back a while, I am now declaring myself active again. (This post is partially because I forgot to make this post.)

Anyways, pretty soon I’ll be working up some devious new plans. I’ll get back to you on that.

Gamenight Carnage report

Writing on behalf of the game night hosted by Jeep.

Alright. Game night is back!

Lets get straight to the report, shall we.

Gamenight’s return has been a success. We had a moderate crowd of players. Gamenight spanned 5 rounds.

Round 1

Blue---ail Zone
Blue—Rail zone

For round 1, the participants chose a quality Rail Wars map. Plenty of chaos ensued.

Round 1 score:
1. Jeepdino: 183
2. LoneWolf: 156
3. TheRoyalZealot: 72
4. Plurus Porynm: 56
5. JayaRaya: 16

Round 2

noir line-infection
Noir Line-infection

While COOP dosn’t bring many points, we had a blast on this Infection gametype, for round 2.

Round 2 score:
1. Jeepdino: 21
2. PlurusPorynm: 4
3/4. JayaRaya: 2
3/4. Jonb7: 2

Round 3


At round 3, a somewhat brief game of snipers on a quality map was played.

way better than crappy over rated stryde.
Round 3 score:
1. Jeepdino: 80
2. LoneWolf: 42
3. JayaRaya: 29

Round 4


Next up, we went for a classic. And it was absolute anarchy. So many spawn kills. So many teleport deaths. And even a few defib kills.

Round 4 score:
1. Jeepdino: 81
2. SpiderSonic: 53
3. Jonb7: 51
4. LoneWolf: 48
5. JayaRaya: 44
6. PlurusPorynm: 23

Round 5


And, for the final round, another wonderful classic. This map has definitely aged well. Absolute chaos ensued.

Round 5 score:
1. Jeepdino: 110
2. JayaRaya: 54
3. SpiderSonic: 47
4. Jonb7: 21


I must say, I’m very happy that game night has returned. After a few failures, Game Night is back, and soon to be going better than ever.

While this game night was a little brief, it went very well, all in all, and everyone had a great time.

1. Jeepdino: 475
2. LoneWolf: 246
3. JayaRaya: 145
4. SpiderSonic: 100
5. PlurusPorynm: 83
6. Jonb7: 74
7. TheRoyalZealot: 72

Total kills: 1,195

Jeep Dino has stolen the title of Champion from Axel, who has been our longest reigning champion of game night.

I’d like to thank all of our participants. It was a nice come back for the event. And of course, I’d like to thank Jeep for hosting, while I’ve still been experiencing technical issues. And of course, much love to the map makers, who truly make this game what it is.

~I hope to see you all again soon.

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