Star Wars and Roleplaying

Heyo boys and gsaettes, this is BronzeV here just trying to gauge in interest in roleplaying, and how many people would want to take part in a Star Wars Roleplay. I would be the GM and i’m willing to teach others how to play. But first I’d like to know how many would be playing, if any. All other details can and will be ironed out when i see who’s all interested. That is all

P.S. this will probably be my last post cause i dont think Jon realized i still had posting priveleges, but if my priveleges dont change then i’ll make a followup post after this.


Your Friend and Alloy (Pun always intended),

BronzeV A.K.A. Leejay7


Co-Op/4 Player Games Month 1

I know I know, you guys are probably like “Leejay you promised this post almost a millennia ago!” and you’re absolutely right. But i still have to do it now that im getting on my PC more often. So Low and Behold THE FIRST COOP GAME POST OF THE MONTH OF… what month is it again? Oh yea……. APRIL!!!!!


Now what is “Lethal League” and why is it so special you ask? Well its a rootin tootin’ butt kickin’ ping pong-esque game. It’s alot like if wall ball and tennis were to make a digital baby and get released as an indie game. The aim of the game is to hit the ball and not get hit by the ball. As simple as that… or is it? Just like pong each subsequent hit speeds up the ball until it becomes the speed of blur. And the music is intense is a good way! And each character has unique taunts, and special abilities that can give you that little push you need!


The game is actually really fun and addicting, and especially great to play with friends. Up to 4 people can play at once. You can get it at a well worth it price of $13.99 or wait till its on sale and get a 4 pack for you and friends.

Steam Source


Monthly Games

I think I’ll join Night in showcasing a game. I’ll be doing it once a month, but I’ll focus on squad/co-op games. Where you can just grab 2 or 3 friends and play against or with eachother. Games like left 4 dead, Payday, etc. I’ll also focus on MMO’s that are fun and can grab a few people people to grind with. Tonight I’ll focus on a game called Lethal League. Since I’m not at a computer atm I’ll make the post later tonight.

~Your friend and Alloy

Change is inevitable (OUTDATED)

I know many of yall will crap your pants and whine and throw temper tantrums, but it’s time yall stop acting like babies and let this change come. The only thing that can be relied on is change. To just keep rolling with the many changes going on in gsa, we the FG would like the members of gsa to suggest a name that we can change to. Though the option to keep our name GSA is there, it won’t be fitting to the changes to come. The first 10 names that are deemed appropriate and useable will be voted on.


Your friend and alloy,


Game Night or Day or Evening Or Morning Or Afternoon you get the point.

Hey guys, let’s try this again. We need to start playing some games together as a clan. Sniper has been suggesting PlanetSide 2, how about we start with that? It’s a free FPS shooter, that’s heavily demanding. Comment below what days work best for you, or if you have any other suggestions comment that too. Unless it’s rinz suggesting freelancer. 


Planetside2 on steam:

Planetside2 website:

MINIMUM Requirements:

    • OS: 64-bit Windows 7 or later
    • CPU: Core i5-760 or better / AMD Phenom II X4 or better [Quad-core CPU]
    • Memory: 6 GB RAM (64-bit)
    • Hard Drive: 20 GB free
    • Video Card: nVidia GeForce GTX 260 or better / Radeon HD 4850 or better

We need to recruit more actively!

Come on guys, we have to start recruiting more, if not we’ll end up like what everyone is considering us, dead. We have the time, I see tons of you on discord alot, if everyone who’s active spent at least 30 minutes recruting, and at least recruit 1 person. We would double our roster. So let’s make it an objective to recruit at least 1 person this month!

Your friend and Alloy


Appeal of BlackBird



Alrite guys. Blackbird has asked for an appealment of his ban. Now i don’t know the circumstances of his ban, and i’ve been told that he wasn’t put under trial.


Keep Blackbird on the ban list + (6)

Remove Blackbird from the ban list -(1)

Hold a proper court trial for Blackbird=(1) [after receiving further information on the matter. It has came to my understanding that Blackbird has quit and because of that he cannot receive a trial.]

Vote ends 4/26/2016 at 11:59p.m Central

Comment below

Our Sister/Brother/It/MTF/FTM/Trap/Tomboy/Androgynous Clan

I’d like to make a warm welcome to Upper Heaven and I’d hope you guys would too, for becoming our allies. Now i may have not been here through the adversities and fights you two have both had, but i hope this will be the first step in forgetting the past, and paving a new future. No matter what, our two clans will be tied together.

We all know that Jason, our wonderful and glorious ex-leader/founder/(Kinda)Creator after being unfairly removed from power, left GSA and moved on to create a new clan. He made Upper Heaven with the hopes of making a strong and prosperous clan able to rival GSA, but he went about it a different way. Now strong and prosperous they are, and so we open our arms and rejoice with being able to work on bettering our relationship.

The Unity, Behemoth, and I have been talking and reached an agreement towards a sort of collaboration. We have decided, to both clans benefits, to make a Steam group together. In doing this, we’ll have more people we can play games together with and hopefully increase activity and recruitment for both clans.

Your Alloy,