Phantasy Star Online 2 +How To Install it and get a SEGA ID

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Phantasy Star Online 2 (or PSO2) is a Action Role-Playing MMORPG developed by SEGA. Another installment in the Phantasy Star series, it is a successor to both Phantasy Star Online and Phantasy Star Universe.

PSO2 is available on PC, Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita. A spin off title called Phantasy Star Online 2ES was released for the iOS and Android. The game is commercially available in Japan, however an unofficial english patch and tweaker is available.

Now some of you maybe wondering how you never heard of this game, like the description says. The game is commercially available Japan. However, SEGA did plan to make a western release, however that never came to fruition.


PSO2 Western Announcement Trailer (In which the game never did release to North America)

The reason why SEGA never released Phantasy Star Online 2 to the west was due to issues between SEGA of Japan and SEGA of America. From what I read, SEGA of America simply did not want to implement the SEGA ID system and therefore the western release was abandoned and later canceled.

There are more reasons to this than but I am not gonna go into detail, you can read here on this article that may help you explain why.

But fear not! Fans of the Phantasy Star series have found a way to make the game playable and accessible without use of a Virtual Private Network. An application was made called the PSO2 Tweaker which contains a setup installation and other features such as updating, patching, etc.

There are two ways you can begin the installation

1. [RECOMMENDED] Download the Tweaker by clicking the Setup (Recommended button)

2.Go to the installer page and click on the highlighted saying “You can get the setup file here” however it requires a BitTorrent client.

When you start the Tweaker for the first time, you will be prompted with a dialog message box asking if it’s the first time you’ve used the PSO2 tweaker. Clicking yes will bring you this page and clicking no will skip and take you the next step.



You should get this pop up message next, if you installed PSO2 with the bittorent client set up, click yes. Otherwise those who want to install it with the Tweaker, click no.

You get another pop up showing you to select where should the PHANTASYSTARONLINE2 folder be installed at.


Next(?) you will be asked to select your “pso2_bin” folder. This is the folder inside of the folder


So if you installed PSO2 to “C:\PHANTASYSTARONLINE2\”, your pso2_bin folder would be “C:\PHANTASYSTARONLINE2\pso2_bin”. If you haven’t install PSO2 yet, hit no and follow the steps.


Once you select your pso2_bin folder (or install PSO2), you’ll be brought to the main Tweaker window (and it will set up the files it needs). Most of the Tweaker’s functions are accessed through the [!] menu – That’s the button circled in the below picture (in the top left)


If you click it, you’ll open a multitude of options. Hover your mouse over each one to see a tip on what it does.


Since you just set up PSO2, you’ll likely need to update the game. Click the [!] Menu, then click “Check for PSO2 Updates”. Once this completes, install whatever patches you wish ([!] Menu -> Install/Update patches), change your PSO2 Options (PSO2 Options button), And you’re done, you are able to play the game but now. We are gonna move on with the registration procedure.

SEGA ID Registration – You’ll need the chrome extension to translate the pages. This was added post-editing. It’ll save you a lot of time trust me.

Registering a SEGA ID –

Go to this link here, this is the SEGA ID Registration page. It is written in moon speak (Japanese)


Translated picture here.  Type in in your email and click on the blue button. You will receive an automated message from SEGA.

If you then open up your e-mail, there should be a new auto-generated e-mail from SEGA in your inbox. Some services, such as hotmail, may generate an error or send the mail to spam automatically. GMail doesn’t have any issues, so if you can’t find the e-mail, then making a GMail account for PSO2 might be a good idea. The e-mail itself is displayed below. Click the link to continue the process.




Part 2 – Filling out the Form

Simply fill out the form as indicated below –



Part 3 – Japanese Captcha Boss

If you regularly traverse the world of the Internet. You should be familiar with captchas, they are usually not a problem… Unless it is a Japanese Captcha.

This is the hardest part of the signup process. Take your time!


For this part, you’ll use Google Handwriting! Click on this link, select “Japanese” in the first box, then click the pencil icon. Click and drag to draw each letter in the captcha. Once you’ve got it done, just copy and paste it into the box on the SEGA ID page. Once all the letters are in (and you’ve completed the rest of the form), hit Submit. If you get the captcha wrong (which you will a few times), you’ll receive the following error:

エラー(025) 入力内容に誤りがあります。もう一度入力してください。
(025) error There is an error in the input content. Please try again.

Hit the back button and try again. It may take several tries to get it right, but you will eventually get it. If you can’t click on this link.

If you already have the chrome extension. A popup keyboard will appear on the text box making it easier to finish the sign up with ease.

You’ll know you did it right because you’ll be taken to a page where it’ll review all your information:


If not obvious click Submit Answers (or the blue button the right) To go on the next page.

Part 4 – Registering your new SEGA ID for PSO2

This part is really easy. After you hit in the previous part, you’ll be taken to a new screen:


Click the only button there. You’ll be taken to another screen (this one will probably change a lot, just look for a button underneath something that says “Phantasy Star Online 2” You’ll be taken to this screen:


Just click the checkmark, then hit the leftmost box (sometime these buttons will change places – Try the leftmost box and if it doesn’t say the below text, try the middle one). The next screen will say:


You are now ready to start playing Phantasy Star Online 2.
Proceed to the login screen to start your journey.

If you already downloaded PSO2 and updated it and add the english patches, you are ready to play! You’re done here!

Part 5 – Logging into PSO2 for the first time

Once you’ve configured everything and set it all up (as shown above), you’re ready to play! Click “Start PSO2”.

Press the escape button to skip the intros and cutscenes if you wish, you will be directly lead to the title screen. hit enter, click agree to terms. Then click SEGA Login ID. Then you will select your ship. Ship are the servers. Ship 02 is where me and a few others as well as the now established GSA group is located at. Click on that ship as that is where most of the english speaking players are found at.

Enter the SEGA ID and Password you created, and you’ll login! Congratulations!

You’ll be asked to select a Player ID (The ID everyone will see and use to look you up). You’re almost done now! Upon attempting to make your first character, a screen will pop up like this:


This is asking if you’re been invited to the game by another player – There are bonuses for BOTH players (the person who invited you, and you) if you put an ID number here

If would be nice if you added my ID Number. It is 13886716, I propose you add that number onto the box for my sake xddd, if you want too. I really would appreciate that.

Just copy that number, and paste it in the box. Then click enter or submit (the left box) to begin. That’s it!

Once that you are prompted to create your first character, take your time in making it look good as you want too, later you can buy accessories, costumes, etc to suit your character. I can help you get those items you wish as long as you are on ship 02 and have me added

If you want to add me, my SEGA ID is zardwing and my character’s name is Zard Wing. You can find me on the visiphone, it should look like this.




This is a terminal found in every corner of the shop, typically next to a storage terminal which a green hologram of a cube. This is where you can find teams, friends, etc. This also contains a playershop where you can purchase items such as costumes, hairstyles, swords, guns, accessories, crafting materials. Thankfully they require this in-game currency known as Meseta, which is the common currency you can get by doing quests, killing enemies, all the above.

Now if you are wondering how to join the GSA group established on Ship 02, go to the visiphone and click ARKS search, then click Team Search and type ‘Galactic Sector’ there you’ll find the group consisting of me xddd

The logo should look like this. an emblem with a blue background consisting of a white star with a golden border located in the middle. It was originally different if you paid attention to the GSA Discord chat but I changed it.


Now then moving on to the final subject

Classes –

There are a total of nine classes you can choose from (+1 which requires to level up three different classes up to level 75 so technically ten, I will list the following classes.

  • Hunter: A close-ranged class that excels in powerful melee attacks. Learns skills that augment striking power and extends survivability. Good for solo play.
  • Ranger: A ranged class that wields distanced weapons, playing simultaneous front-line and support roles. Learns Skills that augments their ranged power and teaches Traps.
  • Force: A class adept in both support and offense Techniques, but has low HP and DEF. Learns Skills that augment Tech power and Fire, Ice, and Thunder Techniques.
  • Fighter: A close-ranged class that trades defense and HP for high levels of power. Learns Skills that allow them to achieve newfound levels of power under special circumstances.
  • Gunner: A melee/ranged class that specializes in Twin Machineguns, performing well at pure damage and mid-range battle. Learns skills that grants additional strength with Twin Machineguns.
  • Techer: A melee/ranged class that focuses on support. Learns Skills that boosts their close-ranged battle ability as well as support and Wind, Light, and Dark Techniques.
  • Braver: Introduced in EPISODE 2, the Braver is a melee/ranged class that wields Katanas and Bullet Bows, swiftly attacking opponents with high speed, high power abilities. Learns Skills that boosts their weapons and overall damage.
  • Bouncer: Introduced in EPISODE 3, the Bouncer is a melee/Tech class that wields Dual Blades and Jet Boots, assaulting foes with multi-hit abilities while using Techniques to support themselves. Learns skills that take advantage of elemental and structural weaknesses in foes.
  • Summoner: Introduced in EPISODE 4, the Summoner is a special class that command Pets, small creatures outfitted for all forms of combat. Learns Skills that augment and support their Pets.

The ten class isn’t available in start, but it is called the Hero class. I have little information about it at the moment but I will update this post when I do.

Anyways, that’s it! This post is made for those who are interested in trying out PSO2 and playing the game with me. So far a couple people have recently played and we hope to get more members to try it out as well.

If you guys want me to explain the gameplay, or need guidance, feel free to PM me on discord or comment below I will try my best to provide tips and other advices to help you progress fast as a game.

zard fix



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  1. Very nice! And thorough, too. It’s a lenghty process and it’s been asked in our Discord a couple of times before, so it’s good to have an explanation like this in the site. Ever since repairing my computer, I’ve been thinking about redownloading the game and I might just do it following these steps u.u

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