BoA Now dead? (Re)

(Reblogged from BoA site.)

Just an interesting post from the BoA site. I haven’t heard any news from them for a while, but maybe we’re not the last surviving clan after all.
Still the oldest, but maybe not by as far as we thought, eh? Curious retrospective, though.


Hello everyone, Dave here. Just came back to check how things are going with this nice clan. Seems things aren’t going too well. BOA and GSA are the last pb2 clans left standing(Even though that designation is probably wrong calling us still a pb2 clan. Most if not all of us have moved on to other games(better games). So anyways  lets make sure BOA does not die off.

~Dave out!

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2 thoughts on “BoA Now dead? (Re)

  1. It’s pretty dead at this point, especially with the lack of activity on the site, the last post was made on January (not counting Dave’s recent post)

    It seemed that it tried to do what GSA are doing successfully on, by trying to expand to other games but still relying on recruiting players from Plazma Burst 2, which was a red flag. Another red flag is that BOA tried to expand to Clash of Clans which I think lead to them going inactive as a vast majority of them mainly still played PB2. Recruitment was impractical on there.

    Here is another thing they haven’t changed from. Removing ranking system, diplomacy any of that kind of stuff that some people today view as “RP” stuff. Implying that all of this stuff are considered obsolete and potentially useless. And they also attempted to try to make the clan somewhat similar to BoZ, but somehow poorly executed.

    1. Oh also, I think because of the clan’s decline in activity or members. BoredPro (aka UrkillerV) lost all motivation to continue managing the clan and therefore, left without a say and that is when the clan couldn’t hold itself together anymore. It is somewhat understandable, if you can’t do anything to try to bring your clan back, then you might as well just give up or think of another alternative.

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