GSA Era 2 History Published

I have completed the story of GSA’s second era, the second of seven. This era describes GSA’s entry into PB2 and subsequent growth.


GSA, ravaged by their war with SNP, entered the PB2 scene in August 2011 with very few members at their disposition. At the time of GSA’s arrival, many clans had already died, most notably SK and G$. You see, the early days of PB2 were turbulent times.

PB2 rose in popularity very quickly after its February 2011 release, and soon thousands of people were navigating to its website and playing on multiplayer. In short time, clans were created by the regular players. Larger clans began seriously appearing in March 2011 and began inciting wars with each other. These early conflicts, continuing through the summer, caused the deaths of many clans.

Members from recently dead clans were searching for new homes, and many found one in GSA. In the following months, GSA, under Jason’s guidance, grew rapidly and conflicted with neighboring clans such as BoZ and ECF. These conflicts spread the word of GSA and, as a result, more people looked to join it.

Eventually, GSA had grown to a size which made it necessary to form divisions. Among these divisions were the Medics, led by Dr. Richtofen and the Elite Killers Association Task Force, known as EKAT and led by Miranda, the clan matriarch of GSA. It would be EKAT’s betrayal of GSA that would define the next three years of history for GSA.



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