GSA Ancient History Published

I have completed the story of GSA’s first era, the first of seven. This era encompasses the time when GSA was founded in SWBF, its slow growth and rapid decline, and its move to PB2.

Long ago, in a time of which almost no physical records exist today, a clan named the Royal Air Legion, RAL, was formed. RAL began in early 2011, to no great initial success.  Unfortunately, the name of the original founder has been lost to time, but we know of two very prominent members in the clan – Blaze22b and jvinh1.

{RAL} grew slowly, to around 20 members, and eventually became entangled in a conflict with a larger, more powerful clan, called SNP. This war began around late March 2011, and involved quite a bit of infiltration on both sides. Eventually, one of the SNP spies gained Editor privileges on the RAL website, and it was all but destroyed.

Dismayed, many members of RAL left, and the clan as well as its website vanished. However, jvinh1 and Blaze22b gathered up the remaining RAL members and formed a new clan, GSA. These members worked together to create a new site and a new identity, and made an uneasy peace with SNP.

This peace did not last, however, as tensions rose once again towards the end of April, and once again the two clans were at war. This time the spying was much more devastating for GSA, and the remaining few members decided that it would be prudent to move to a new game and a new community that did not know them. It was at that point that GSA moved to Plazma Burst 2, and it was at that point that a true legend was born.


7 thoughts on “GSA Ancient History Published

        1. would you mind giving me that list of the GSA sites? I have quite a few things I would like to check on them.

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