Community Game night; January 6th

Get set for a combat drop, marines!

This Friday night will be the first game night of 2017. I’ll be trying to get people both from GSA and the Pb2 community to join, and we’ll be playing a variety of maps according to whatever is desired, probably starting with some competitive chaos.

If you wish to join in on the GSA hosted game night, simply come to the chat. We’ll be organizing in the Gaming channel: Invite link here.


Also, some notes on plans.

Hopefully this will become a weekly event, every Friday. We’ll be hosting game nights and inviting the whole community. XForce is working with me for hosting these continuously.

I may also work out a little bit of a competitive bonus. Scores will be kept, and afterwards this post will be updated with a carnage report. Whoever wins the most all night will forever have a special place in the post corresponding to the game night, as well as a special title. This stuff is work in progress, but recognition is surely to be among the awards you’ll all be fighting for.

~See you on Friday night, and may the best player win.

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12 thoughts on “Community Game night; January 6th

  1. Also, if you have any map IDs to suggest, you can leave them in the comments.
    (Even if you just want to advertise your own maps. This is just so we know more IDs if we want to try something new.)

    1. This is a fun one in my opinion. (my own map) “boom5-mars outpost” even iHateHackers rated 5 stars on my map! Even got to battle against him. (I wish i had video footage though. I need a better computer)

      1. Alright, I’ll check it out, and we might use it for next game night. Maybe we’ll see you there, January 13th?

  2. I can’t seem get in the chatroom, I am not planning on hosting any maps from someone else or myself. It just says you don’t have permission to enter the chatroom

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