Pb2 Game Night

Just a reminder, and to notify anyone unaware. Tomorrow, Friday night, we’ll be having a game night on Pb2.


We’ll be playing arena DM or TDM mostly, but we’ll go with whatever the mood is. Anything is open for suggestion tomorrow.

So far we have a few people coming, but more are definitely welcome. Leave a comment, or just drop by tomorrow and you can join us. We’ll be using the #Gaming channel on the chat to organize.

Also, if you have any map IDs to suggest, please do so. Any style of multiplayer map is welcome. Be it DM, COOP, Saw, survival, or any sort of minigames.


That’s all for now. See you all on Friday night.

Jonb7's signature (NBG)

~Friday Night’s alright for fightin’.


11 thoughts on “Pb2 Game Night

  1. Fml, internet was down Friday. Gladly, a few people went ahead with it, so, game night was a minor success. Maybe we can do this again soon.

    1. Didn’t know you were still alive, Monk.
      Are you not on Discord? Haven’t seen you in ages. XD

      Also, you could have seen the fokking post and showed up. Have to wait till next time I guess.

      1. I do still have a discord account–I just left the GSA group after Pzk overthrew the government and un-membered a bunch of people

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