Game Highlight: Empyrion Galactic Survival

Hey guys Night aka Charlie here, I was thinking of doing some sort of “highlight” of games on steam that we might be interested and that are relatively cheap. I may or may not do this every so week, I don’t know it depends if I got time and find a game but nevertheless, here we go.

This first game is called Empyrion Galactic Survival as you can tell by the title and its a pretty wicked sci fi survival game much like space engineers but with a bit less glitches, least from my run through on multiplayer.

20161130185720_1My carrier ship and I along with my upgraded shotgun

It has a lot to offer for a early access game, and has nearly topped Space Engineers in content(in just one year I might add compared to SE’s 3 years.) I’ve played it on single player and multiplayer, with the single player acting as a almost tutorial(more on that after the next pic). So far I’ve been I believe, eleven hours into it and already find it more appealing than Space Engineers and less frustrating than it by ten folds. Overall I liked it and the concept behind it, it feels like it could be a mini Star Citizen but is definitely a fun and not so glitchy game to play for us or to at least give a try.

20161130190139_1In flight and ready for battle

I know a lot of us like science fiction games( hell we started on Battlefront and worked to Plazma Burst 2) so I feel as if several of us would like this. It has a pretty decent survival feel, with scavenging for food and supplies a necessity and based on your level of difficulty. You actually need to kill the creatures in the game to get your food, some which defend themselves and some that don’t. Weapons and ammo are created, and everything you need to survive is created by hand and resources(and blood, lots and lots of blood.).\ There’s a tutorial for getting both a base and small vessel off the top, which is pretty good and moderately easy to follow if you land in the correct place. It features a skill tree where everything for the most part that you do, gives you experience and allows you to unlock new items that you can build for your base, small, hover and capital vessels, tools and weapons(this can be modified to be easy to earn exp or hard, as I learned on the multiplayer server I’m on, rip).

20161130190611_1A small vessel that I docked onto my capital vessel along with another gun(rocket launcher v2)

Crafting is real fun but not that realistically accurate as say, Space Engineers, but its still fun and easy to do nevertheless. Everything requires resources, from a small ship to a big carrier ship. Finding resources is both easy and hard, depending on where you land but your motorcycle makes it hella easier to travel at first. There’s also a factory setting where you can input resources and create a prebuilt ship(depending on the size, it’ll take you real time to construct it, but you can continue playing the game as you wait.) The ships I use are both pre built, although I did construct a ship(which now lies floating in the lake near my first base : D).



Besides the survival and building, there’s also combat with A.I. that you can do. You can be attacked by drones that sometimes catch you as you scavenge or if you are unlucky(read, “lucky”) to discover a station or factory, will be happily blown to bits by its defenses. In addition to this, you can attack these buildings later and raid them for supplies as well as better weapons, which is fun to do, but be warned that aliens lurk in certain places that can and will murder you if you’re unlucky (again read “lucky”.) Raiding such bases require massive amounts of ammo and missiles and the right ship, not just any would do. Although its fun to crawl out of the buildings with your loot and celebrate your victory as you die from a parasite infection you received from that tag team alien attack.

20161130190628_1Steep drop into the abyss that is Akua

Some things to note is the game is early access and can be bought on sale( I got it for ten during one of the steam sales) or for its normal listed price(20 bucks, bit cheaper than Space Engineers.) The dev team for this are very committed, they apparently take in the players advice a lot and from what I’ve heard and seen, update regularly and sometimes in bulk with patches to glitches and new stuff. They will listen to what you got to say(long as its constructive) and more likely than not, you’ll feel as though you contribute to the game unlike with other games where devs totally ignore you and tailor to the elites. The A.I. scripting, if Ill be honest, isn’t the best, but it probably will get there, its relatively new and needs work. Some glitches do appear(I glitched out of my ship that I eventually found floating in space some odd time later and recovered, it now rests proudly on my capital vessel’s landing strip) and you probably might get confused with the tutorial(its not hard but doing what it tells you in your given area may be difficult.) But overall, its a beautiful game and I highly recommend it for us to play together and just to try as we wait for Plazma Burst 2 .5 aka Daddy to come home.



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