Not good enough.

Tomorrow marks the two month mark since beginning our reforms. So far, we have done well, keeping a steady pace, organizing everything. We’ve completed the first step, and we are on the way to achieving our goal.

We’ve made progress, and we’re over the hard part. We’ve gotten started.

We’re not doing good enough though. We have set up enough to function well, but we cannot become complacent. We have alot of work to do. We need to stay active, start recruiting, and keeping busy together.

Complacency will drag us back into what we have been working to escape, and we cannot let it set in. Don’t be happy with the way things are. Work to make them better, and to fully realize the community we have come so far to achieve.

If we continue our efforts without complacency, without laziness and stagnancy, we’ll finally return to a golden age.

So don’t be complacent. We have a long ways to go, GSA.

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8 thoughts on “Not good enough.

  1. In other words, those that are at all capable, should get off their butts and start working to bring an influx of activity, and try to organize gaming sessions with other players.

    1. It means both of us, and all the FG, too. We need to keep doing what we can to solve any issues, and help with the stagnancy.
      Again, we can’t get too comfortable.

      1. I didn’t specify that the FG weren’t included. You and night promised me you’d be active and recruiting in games xD

  2. Get ready for me to hit you with the fire haikus

    JonB made a post
    About the lack of effort
    So far that was made

    Jeep agreed with him
    And reorganized the site
    He was excited

    Tethys commented
    She had simple intentions
    She told the sad truth

    Nobody else cared
    Or was trying to help them
    Role playing in Space

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