I would like to begin a process of appointing specific Governors of specific platforms and/or games. As governor, the person appointed will be expected to regularly play the game/console he is appointed over, and to regularly organize play sessions with other members when possible to encourage continued gaming and recruitment. If you desire to be placed in this position, please comment and state what you would like to Govern and it will be decided upon at a later date. 


6 thoughts on “Governors

  1. Banannanananananananananananananannanananananannananananananananananannaananananananananananananananannananananananananananananananananananananananannanananananananananananananananannananananananananananananananannananananananananananananananaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    I heard you wanted me, Banana.

  2. We really need to work out the extent of this system if we’re using it. It seems like it’ll be different depending on the game, but overall, I guess it’s just game specific management?

    1. Extent how so? I only intended this to be a job position. Like a military has specific people assigned to be recruiters, we’d have people that encourage gaming and recruitment

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