Plazma Burst 2.5 Update

So, as many of you may know, Eric Gurt has begun work on his latest project…

This new project is known as Pb2.5- A complete remake of PB2. He’s redoing the engine, and most of the game, adding in tons of new stuff.

For those unaware, you can get all the information Here

I’ll summarize some of the biggest things that have been revealed.

(Click images for larger view)

First of all, Pb2.5 will be in 2.5D. Essentially, walls, etc. are in 3D.

Next- Pb2.5 has a variety of melee weapons to select from, all with different traits.


Next, in the new version, while set off by default, doors are destructable.


Water is getting a huge improvement. (Also, damage hitmarkers.)


And, last but not least, dual wielding. (Note, in this image, an old model, and new model alien pistol.)


[Edit]: Also, a first glimpse at some customization. (And, a cooler image of dual wielding.)


[Edit]: Here’s the latest look at the interface for customization:


Another peek at customization:


A brand new android skin, with custom colors.


Also, there has been mention of jetpacks, flamethrowers, and much, much more.

[Edit]: Some info on jetpacks. Not much on function, but we do know that the color of the jet is custom. Also, impact damage has just been added. (Which goes to show that Eric isnt reusing Pb2 physics in 2.5.)


Jet trails added for double jumping. And, more customization shown.


Lights can now be customized further.


A hint at a new beam weapon that Eric is working on.


An ammo system has been confirmed, though we don’t have many details.


[Edit]: Animation created for clip based weapons.


Eric is adding plenty of new skins, it seems.
Also note the new sword configuration, third image;


Eric is putting alot of work into renovating the Ai, and from the looks of it, they’ll finally be a tactical challenge. The new Ai will be able to predict shots, calculate weapon ricochet and grenade bounces, self boost, and more. All of their traits are also customizable in the level editor, it seems- With options for all the aforementioned, and more, including things such as accuracy, camp tactics, and much more.


Recently, Eric has been working on lighting alot.

Sunlight has been added, and the old ambient light has been completely removed. Indirect lighting works as well. And, it’s absolutely beautiful. It’s possible we may also be able to change sunlight direction and color, to adjust time of day.


With the removal of ambient light, areas can be made to look naturally dark.

Shown here, players can be set to glow, and the lighting can be customized. It’s possible we may also get things such as flashlights and night vision items that we can toggle.


Muzzle flash and explosions now create dynamic lighting, as well.


And, explosion colors can be customized. Here is a beautiful image of dynamic lighting.


Here we’re shown that blood can splatter on walls- But we also got a hint at a new heavy weapon, seen behind the plasma gun on Proxy’s back.


Theres plenty more at the link above. Check it for newer info, as well.

Comment below with your thoughts, theories and hype.


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[Edit]: Post date updated to keep among new posts, with each update here- Initial posting date, for records, is 9/16/15.


199 thoughts on “Plazma Burst 2.5 Update

    1. Maybe. GSA plans to make a comeback when it releases. Eric is upgrading alot, and it looks pretty amazing.
      And, best of all, he’s trying to eliminate the lag present in PB2.
      Also, the level editor is getting big upgrades. You can be sure that map makers are going to do some amazing things, with 2.5. Maps will be both more advanced, and much more beautiful.

  1. Eric is finally making advanced Ai. They’ll be able to do all sorts of new stuff- And we think that Ai can be fully customized. Everything from dodginess, self boosting, strategy, and trigger happiness.
    Recently, Eric programmed them to use grenades and explosives, and dodge them as well.

    Also, Eric is adding a ‘blaster’ effect for some new weapons, rather than simple shotgun type spread. This effect is being given to the old style alien pistol.

  2. Eric is working on blood. It can now appear properly on all surfaces, can be set to glow, in options can be set to be temporary or permanent, and can also be used as decor in the level editor. Mention has been made of potential custom decals, too.

  3. Melty spots left by guns now have a slight glow. The atmosphere looks beautiful here. Also, the weapon firing is some kind of new ranged weapon.

  4. Breakable doors now take collision damage. Weapons, grenades, and players/corpses can now do collision damage as well.
    Here, a play is ramming what appears to be a low HP door, and destroying it.

  5. Eric has been working on the rendering for decals, meaning we can paint the walls with blood. He finished the basic concrete platform surface. Also, more work on lighting. Reflected light from walls now samples the wall’s color.
    Also, there’s the possibility we might get the option to group movables. Also, adjusting the Z dimensions of objects might be an aesthetic option.

    1. I’m just relaying the news that Eric posts. The release date is unconfirmed, but best estimates place it releasing some time in 2017.

    1. Dude, you wrote like 20 comments. I didn’t approve them. Please, minimize the number of posts you make- You can put all of your thoughts in one comment.

  6. p.s i sent an email bowt the pickaxe.

    a pickaxe a hidden knife and a lazer crosebow

    [Edit by Jonb7: Combined comments to prevent spam.]

    1. I’m not so sure a pickaxe is necessary, nor balanced. We already have breakable walls. And, well- It’s not mine craft. We don’t really need a mining tool.

      As for laser crossbow- It’d just be a precision weapon, except it would be a scientific aberration, and I think Eric likes to keep his stuff at least within reasonable scientific boundaries.

        1. Maybe, but we already have plasma blades that can theoretically retract. And for hiding them- That’d only really be useful on base maps I guess, but I doubt map makers would integrate that.

  7. minecraft!
    just some crose bow come on man the crowse bow it no have tobe lazer crows bow or evon a crows bow i cowd be a bow some bow ane crows bow come on
    the pickaxe man the pickaxe to mine wall to make new etryways
    i mean come on i wona pickaxe
    pls dose not mater wot it looks like its just a pickaxe
    or spade.

    1. What? Your grammar and spelling is kinda hard to understand.
      Sure, cross bows can be cool, but in game the functionality is really nothing special, for Pb2’s style.
      Not really sure what else you said. Pb2 isn’t really mine craft though-

      Also er- You’re making alot of posts again. Please, next time you comment, take a few more minutes before submitting. We don’t mind long comments.

  8. im talkative i know
    and i’ll try to spell better
    i just don’t try 2 hard

    [Edit: Second comment]

    i didn’t right that

    [Edit: Third comment]

    or 5

    [Edit: Fourth comment]

    did halo have a crows bow or 2

    [Edit: Fifth comment]

    i don’t care if it’s a bow or crosbow i don’t care make it a crows bow from half life 2 or 3

    [Edit: Sixth comment]

    a picaxe to make new ways to get in
    and a spade for dirt it will come
    use full if you don’t wont to get kill’d the min you walk in the room

    1. At least put your dozens of comments in the same thread, so it’s not so messy. In the same post would be optimal, especially considering they’re all within a few minutes of eachother.

    2. Alright, to answer these- I’ll skip ahead to the fourth comment you left. Halo has never had bows. I don’t think Half Life did either.

      A “pickaxe” or “spade” function could be easily created in the level editor with triggers, I think. Could be interesting, but it’s really not necessary as it’s own item.

      1. My God Jon! Back it again with map making! I – no, WE appreciate your valiant efforts in communication AND updation. We award you this medal!

        insert medal image here editors pls don’t leave me hanging

    1. But my dear friend, we are not speaking of the great Minecraft! We’re talking about Hitler’s critically acclaimed “mine craft”, his “Nazi’s guide to knitting” book!

  9. ok then:(
    a servivel mode
    were you find parts of guns and you start with a pistol
    and that’s it
    and in multy player the mod guns
    make them in reg
    hadeld by useptorons destryers and faloks

    1. Hello yes! We are GSA! We are here!

      We’ll gladly accept you in the “GSA Chat” Discord server!

      Happy EKAT hunting, soldier!

      [Edited 7/16/17 for reasons.]

  10. ok so i don’t
    put so many comets
    ima put this in 1
    ok here it go

    a plazma shild
    that takes enge prees q wile useing pis

    and i relly like fallout and skrirum

    1. You acknowledge the spam, yet post 6 comments. That’s- Off.

      Anyways, a shield could be cool.

  11. ssry i was looking at he band pepol

    [Edit: second comment]

    and jon i sent you a frind requst a moth ago
    an pb2
    fucking look at it

    1. Haven’t checked Pb2 in a while. I just checked and I don’t see a request from you, though.

      And don’t get snippy with me.

  12. hey level 40
    shoot the pelvis 1 hit kill

    [Edit: Second comment]

    yea the leg still are unarmord
    well at least the pelvis

    [Edit: Third comment]

    hey do you guys know were 2 get it in elery acses

    1. Pretty sure you’re not gonna get early access. Not sure what you meant about the falkoks.

      Anyways, if you post another spamming spree of comments again, I’m gonna have to block you from commenting. Please take more than 30 seconds to think up your comments, so that you can put your thoughts into one comment at a time, instead of spamming every time you post. Alright?

      Last time I’m gonna ask. I don’t feel like cleaning up your spam on a daily basis.

    1. Alright, I see you’re sending mass comments again. I asked you to not spam.

      I’m leaving your comments unapproved until you reduce the spam, put some thought into your posts, and- Be a bit more mindful. And more polite.

    1. Ey, we never died, we just got a little quiet for a while. No one plays Pb2 anymore, but we’re more alive than ever. And while some have retired, we’ve still got some of the best.
      Stop by sometime, check out the discord, if you’re curious.

      1. I’m just visiting, I aint gonna be staying for a long time, but why not I guess… If Rinzel still keeps his hate on me he’ll block me though -_0

    1. well this is my first comment…i just got in here but yeah…so is PB2.5 being made still or is this game just gonna be a dead project that was never completed…i am hoping u do make it fully…otherwise what was that time u already put into this game for…just a idea…sigh discord PB server is thriving with idiots already tho…tbh is anyone actually getting warned or kicked off for being jacka**es…nvm that i just want to show my skills of this game in the next few years to come…keep up the good work…game looks amazing

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