Gaming List

I need everyone on the GSA member’s list to post here what and how many gaming system s they want to be listed as playing. For ex:

I play Console, Browser, and Steam in differing amounts. So I’d probably be under all three categories. 


34 thoughts on “Gaming List

  1. I play browser, but mostly steam. XBox1 as well, including 360 backwards combatible games.
    Although, internet is crap. Upgrading soon.
    Also, PC is crap, but I can probably upgrade by the end of the year.

      1. One: There is a reason Jon and Sniper are called Feg 2 and Feg 1 on my account and I play Planetside and Gmod.

        Two: I played PB2. It should be obvious what I play.

        Three: Inferno for CL.

        1. I know what a pc is sniper, in case you don’t, in browser games and steam games are both played on a freaking PC. Saying pc alone is just you trying to be smart.

          If you really think that no one plays browser games then you obviously haven’t read anything on this post.

          And before you go mocking them, I only somewhat respectfully inquire you to think about the fact that browser games are the only reason GSA is even here today.

          And finally, I’m genuinely freaking curious now. What the heck is up with your attitude the last few months?

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