The Plan.

The plan as it stands, is as follows:

1. Go through the site and renovate it. Removing anything that is strictly pb2 roleplay based. Including renovation of the laws and the removal of laws that will no longer apply to us in our new expansion.

2. Attempt to expand into as many gaming communities as possible without over-exerting ourselves. This means we play games together on steam, in-browser, and even on console. Anything and everything.

3. Divide the members list into 3 sub categories, those of us whom play In-browser, the ones who play console, and the ones who play the steam/download games. (Keep in mind that the Administrators have authority over all of these groups, even if they don’t play in that group very often. If you’re in GSA, then you are subject to GSA government.)

Please give feedback. If insufficient complaints are received, then this will become set in stone.


8 thoughts on “The Plan.

  1. I agree with the first two.
    The third point is actually an interesting idea, but idk how well it would work. I think, maybe just denotions in the tag- Although, there’s the problem of people on multiple platforms. I, for one play on browser, steam, AND XBox. So um- Yea. Idk how that would work.

    1. I wouldn’t enforce that large of a tag. That point is only for the members list itself, so that there’s somewhere that people can look for people who share their gaming interests and better coordinate their gaming.

      1. Right. That’d be good.
        Also, on the topic of tags, we may need to work something out. Alot of people to recruit might not like tags. My idea for Discord, at least, was no tag requirement, but use nicknames to force tags in the GSA server. That way, no one can change their tag without being noticed, either. xP

        1. I was considering using nicknames to govern people’s tags, yeah. Since this will be literally changing all the ranks and I assume some people will be Whiney at first

      2. No doubt they will be.
        As for tag solutions in game, we’ll have to figure it out as we go along, due to different circumstances. For Pb2 we have nicknames. For Halo, there’s usually a clan tag you can set. In Halo 5, we actually have a GSA spartan company already.
        As for Planetside 2 and any other games, I’m not sure. We do have the steam group, if nothing else.

        1. Likely to be a case by case basis. If the game has a function that allows tags, then they would do them however possible. But for things like GTA, we can just make a GSA crew

      3. Yea.
        Im wondering, how should we set up colonies on the site? Would we have a page for each colony, with instructions specific to the game and a list of members who play, perhaps?

        1. We could get detailed, or we could leave it more general. If we were to make a list of all colonies, then I would say that we would need a number requirement for how many people must be a part of it in order for it to be considered a colony. But I don’t think that that’s what they were going for. More of a free-roam thing

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