Yo. (Wow that was weird)

Well, somehow or another I ended up as the Clan Leader. I’m not sure whether or not I deserve such authority, and I’m not entirely sure what to do with it. Heck I’m not entirely sure what to put into this post, but I hope I can be a good leader for everyone. If I’m not, y’all can just overthrow me right? <.<



17 thoughts on “Yo. (Wow that was weird)

  1. Sorry, went inactive a couple days. Busy with stuff.
    I’m certain you’ll do well. Honestly, this should have happened sooner. You’re the obvious right choice. XD

    And, if anyone tries to overthrow Jeep, I will violently lick you.

    1. *Covers my self in sand paper*

      Anyway good luck Jeep, try not to do anything that will get GSA killed…

      Or, do anything that will get GSA into an inactive and immature state that could be known as “The Noob Times” or “The Poor Reign of Jeep”

      Anyway, good luck!

      1. *feels oh so encouraged*
        Aren’t we already in somewhat inactive times? That’s why banana ordered the move to steam lol

  2. Jesus christ is GSA alive even after all these years? XD God damn. I am a former SAS, EKAT, DRNA and NATO member. I stopped playing PB2 in like 2013/14 after SAS died…

      1. Yep, ya’ll new guys, Jeepdino, tho your name seems familiar. I tell you, mate, back in my day we would’ve kicked your asses! Screen glitch abusing, GSA deleting our comments and the never ending EKAT – GSA war. Those were the days I tell you!

        Jonb7, mah boi, who’s name is also familiar. I bet I’v vettier than any of the vets you throw at me!

        1. Still no idea what you’re talking about with “new guys”. But you seem sort of hostile in your comments, if that’s not what you intended I apologize, but I will react accordingly. You just showed up, correct? I may be wrong, but I’ve never heard of you. So then what would you know of our line up? Is there a reason for the baseless insults and taunts or is it just fun? The fact that you bring up comment deletion is funny with how you’re all commenting freely (we even made a law about it)… While ekat was always one to delete comments (as well as the hacking) too. I’m quite curious now, what’s with all the old ekat showing up? Did you guys get bored? Or did EKAT die off wherever it went? I don’t know what point you’re trying to make about kicking our butts when EKAT’s biggest ally was always lag, and regardless of it we’re still here. Anyway, y’all are welcome to comment and hang around, but initiating conflict won’t be tolerated. So please try to keep the bait statements to a minimum, thanks.

          P.S. “Vettier” is not a word, or a comparative adjective. I really have no idea what that sentence was implying.

      2. Oh damn dude lol, I’m just messing around. Sorry if that was hostile. To answer all your questions, I just came across the SAS and GSA sites after like 4 years of not playing the game. So yeah, that’s that.

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